Chapter 49

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Treatment~ Commoners~
The next day, we left the house in time and went to Eric’s house.
Katie opened when we knocked and let us inside.

“Good morning.”



“Good morning. Umm, we have talked with everyone, but they are all people who can’t move because of the injuries or illnesses.”

“Then, we should go over to them.”

“That’s true now that I think about it. Don’t worry about it, we didn’t consider the situation well enough.”

“No! There’s not such a thing.”

“Want to go right away?”

“Let’s do that. Could you please guide us?”


We have departed to the first home at once.
We were guided to a slightly older house and a woman with a big belly opened when we knocked on the door.

“Miya, we have brought the healer.”

“John…… we don’t really have the money……”

“It’s fine. Dante was healed too, but they didn’t want money from us.”

She showed a little hesitant behavior, but she showed us inside.
When we entered inside, a man laying on the bed was looking towards us.

“Dear, the healer John was talking about has arrived.”

“Sorry to greet you like this. I can’t move my lower part of the body. I’m Mike, my wife is Miya. Please take care of us.”

“I’m called Sayo.”

“I’m Al.”

“I will take a look at once, alright?”

I move to Mike’s side, take his hand and activate The Mind’s Eye.

(Nerve damage…… no brain damage…… the muscles must be recovered too since they have deteriorated…… the bones in his arms are also strange.)


When I activate the magic, Mike’s body faintly shined and settled down.

“It’s finished. Mike-san, please try moving your legs slowly.”

“Is it already over? My legs………… it’s a lie, right?”

“Dear! What’s the matter!?”

“Miya…… they move…… my legs are moving!”

Mike stood on his feet and begun to jump to show to Miya.

“Look! I can stand, I can even jump, Miya!”

“Mike! I’m glad…… I’m glad!”

The two embrace each other in tears.

“Even though I said slowly.”

“Well, isn’t it fine? He’s healed after all.”

“Un…… eh, you are crying, John-san!?”

“I, I’m not! Just some dust got in my eyes…… sniff.”

Everyone laughed at John who was pretending to be tough.
Mike and Miya calmed down and gave their thanks. But because they told me it’s impossible because they had no money when I suggested eating nutritious food, I retrieved food, vegetables, and fruit and handed it over.

“We can’t accept that much!”

“It’s fine, just accept it. Miya-san is also in an important period, you have to be nourished!”

“If you are concerned no matter what then introduce us to your acquaintances who are injured or ill.”

“Eh? …… I understand. I will talk to them.”

“Then where do we go next? Katie, you are staying behind?”

“I will help out Miya.”

We split with Katie and go to the next house.
The next one appears to be a mother of Dante’s friend who is sick.
A young boy opened the door when we knocked.

“Dante! You really came.”

“Naturally, Kevin.”

Entering inside, we introduced ourselves.

“How do you do, I’m Sayo.”

“I’m Al, best regards.”

“I’m Kevin. Umm, mother…… please take care of my mother.”

“Leave it to us.”

When we are guided to the bedroom, a worn-out looking woman was sleeping in the bed.
While painfully looking at his mother, Kevin spoke up.

“Mother’s name is Risa. Mother’s body has been weak since a long time ago, she overworked herself to sickness for my sake after Tousan died…… I became an adventurer so I could buy the medicine, but she hasn’t improved at all. Her sleeping time has also prolonged recently. I worry so much I can’t leave for work.”

“I understand. I will take a look.”

When I took Risa’s hand and looked with The Mind’s Eye, I found cancer spreading throughout her entire body.

(This is horrible…… to the extent it’s strange that she’s still alive…… she’s surely doing her best for Kevin’s sake.)


Risa’s body faintly shined, but it took a moment this time.
A few minutes later, the light settled but she hadn’t opened her eyes yet.

“Umm, is Mother all right?”

“She’s safe. I cured the sickness, but she was in a considerably dangerous state. I think that the existence of Kevin-kun has kept her alive.”


“Let her eat only easy to digest food at first, she needs a lot of nutrition.”


I retrieve fruit, vegetables, and meat from the item box and hand it to Kevin.
When I offered to cook, Kevin ‘Thank you very much for even giving me the ingredients. I will cook it myself’ modestly declined.
By the way, I ignored Al’s gaze at that time.
After a short while, Risa woke up and burst into tears after finding out that she was cured. Kevin was comforting her.

“Truly, thank you very much.”

“No, please don’t mind it.”

“Right, right, please talk with the injured or ill acquaintances of yours, okay?”


After leaving Kevin’s house and healing a few more people, it was time for lunch, and while the five of us were eating, a man rushed into the store.
He was restlessly looking for someone.

“There you are, Eric!”

“Sam? What is it, you are so panicked.”

“Eric! Please introduce the healer who healed Dante to me! Dyson-san is!”

It appears that he was searching for Eric as he approached once he found him.

“Calm down, Sam! What happened to Dyson-san?”

“I can’t talk here.”

“Alright. Sayo, Al, can you?”

“We don’t mind.”

“Sorry. John, go to the houses we were supposed to go and explain the situation.”

“If there are people with serious conditions, be sure to inform us, okay?”

“Got it.”

Splitting with John, the situation was explained to us while running.
We were told that the monsters who attacked Dante appeared in the forest, and capable people gathered and headed towards it.
Dyson apparently protected a person who was hurt in the battle and got seriously injured.
The battle is still ongoing and it’s not possible to carry him, so they came calling for us.

“I’m really saved that you were with Eric. However, this young lady is a healer?”

“Yes. I’m called Sayo.”

“Sorry about that, I’m Sam. That fella is?”

“I’m Al. Sayo’s assistant.”

“Thank you for accepting this sudden proposal. We will keep you safe by any means.”

“Don’t worry about us, we are pretty strong.”

“Is that so? But, the opponents are a flock of wyverns, so we can’t be careless.”


“Yeah, it’s nothing serious when alone, but the number this time is abnormal. There might be more than 100. S-class Austin-sama and others were informed, but whether they will make it in time…”

(Al…… will we perhaps bump into each other?)

(Depends on the timing. I will contact them just in case.)


While talking, the battlefield came to sight.
The sky was covered in black.

“There it is!”

Increasing our speed, we approached the wounded and felt bloodthirst.

“Dyson-san! It’s me, Sam! I’ve brought the healer.”

“Sam…… huh.”

When I confirm with The Mind’s Eye in a hurry, he was in a considerably terrible state.

(Fractured bones and internal rupture…… the nerves are ruined too, the bleeding is quite horrible…… it will take too much time with Heal.)



“!? Sayo!”

Al noticed what I intended to do and raised his voice in surprise, but I devoted myself to the healing.
The magic activated and Dyson’s injuries quickly healed.

“…… I’m…… what is the meaning of this? My body is……”


“It’s fine now. Do your body feel strange anywhere?”

“No…… I’m alright. You are the healer? I’m Dyson.”

“I’m Sayo.”

“I was saved. Thanks. However, how amazing for Heal magic to heal to this extent.”

“Eh!? …… I’ve used a lot of magical power, so.”

“Is that so? …… By the way, that man is?”

“…… I’m Al.”

When Al answered in displeasure, people besides me were looking in wonder, but cold sweat was running down my back.
At that time, five wyverns were going towards us, so the adventurers prepared for an attack, but that came to nothing.


“…… Shut up…… you inferior species! …… Disappear, Inferno.”

Al invoked magic and not only the five wyverns who were going towards us, but he also reduced all of the remaining wyverns to ashes.
Silence wrapped the surroundings and I nearly started crying.

(He’s angry as I thought! But, I wouldn’t be able to help him without using it, it couldn’t be helped! In the first place, what was with that magic!? It was far worse than mine, Al! Everyone is so surprised their brains stopped working! Someone, help me~)

Not sure whether my wish was received, but I heard the voice of heaven.

“What, is it already over?”

“It seems we came for nothing, Austin.”

“Don’t say that, Blake. Isn’t it good that our turn didn’t come?”

“It’s as Meison said. Now then, won’t someone explain please?”

“Lewis…… did these fellows faint? They are just standing there.”

Austin and others appeared.
I thought I was saved, but life isn’t that sweet.
I was taken in the silence by Al and ‘What were you going to do if you failed manipulating the magical power! Don’t do something so dangerous again’ got scolded.

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