Chapter 48

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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While drinking tea prepared by Eric, John returned.

“I’ve returned! How is Dante?”

“He’s still asleep. Katie is by his side.”

“Is that so? Then, what about the meal? I can’t cook.”

“Ah~ that’s right. It’s impossible for me as well and Katie won’t move.”

Unable to just watch the troubled two, I proposed to make it.

“In that case, shall I make it?” (Feli)

“Is that alright?” (John)

“However, to let our benefactor cook.” (Eric)

“Please don’t worry about it. It wouldn’t be good to make after Dante-san wakes up. But, please ask Katie-san as well.” (Feli)

“Is that so? Then, we will leave it to you. I’m going to ask Katie.” (Eric)

Eric went to ask Katie who requested me to make it, so I decided to make it at once.
When I went to the kitchen, Al followed me.

“Al, what’s the matter?”

“…… Nothing.”

“Are you angry about something? I won’t understand unless you say it.”

“…… Then, I will say it but…… why is Feli cooking? Even though only I am supposed to eat Feli’s cooking.”

To think that the real reason was about cooking.

“Eh? Such a thing?”

“Such a thing!? You said such a thing!”

“Ah~ sorry.”

“You have no sincerity!”

“Eh~ then…… I will make sweets just for Al the next time! It’s the first time for the sweets, right!”

“Sweets…… alright. I will forgive you this time.”

(Forgive me, he says…… Al is occasionally such a child, isn’t he?)

Recovering the mood, I start cooking.
First, I make a warm stew full of ingredients.
I make it efficiently with magic not to waste time.
Next, I make a dressing for finely chopped vegetables.
Lastly, the main meat dish made with the Big Horn meat served between two slices of bread like a tonkatsu sandwich instead of rice as there wasn’t anything like that.

(Mustard depends on the preferences, so let’s keep it separate)

For some reason, this world has flavorings similar to my previous world, so rice does actually exist, but it’s unfortunate as there is none in this house.

“Finished! Is this much enough I wonder?”

“It smells nice. Looks tasty.”

“Want to taste the stew for me? Here, say ahh~”

“Yeah! Ahh~…… it’s delicious Sayo!”

“Ehehe, thank you Al.”

When I had the stew tasted, an embarrassed voice called out to us.

“Ah~ sorry for disturbing. Dante has woken up.” (Eric)

“Eric-san! That’s good. The meal is done, but does it seem like he could eat?” (Feli)

“Yeah, I will call him over.” (Eric)

“Then, I will make the preparations.” (Feli)

Al and John who came earlier helped to prepare the table.
Eric and others came and we started eating after Dante introduced himself.

“Are you okay with us eating as well?” (Feli)

“Of course. You have made it in my stead, so please eat up.” (Katie)

“Nevertheless, it looks good. What is this thing with the bread?” (John)

John asked me, so I explained to him how to eat the tonkatsu sandwich.

“You eat it with hands. If it’s too difficult to eat, you dip it in the mustard like this, it’s very tasty. It depends on your preferences though, so it would be better not to paint it all over.” (Feli)

“Hee~…… mugumugu…… tasty!” (John)

“John! Seriously, you. But, it really is delicious.” (Katie)

“It is. This tonkatsu sandwich also seems easy to carry around.” (Eric)

“The stew is also delicious. Also, this thing poured over the salad. It’s refreshing and easy to eat. Kaasan should make it too.” (Dante)

“You think so? Sayo, excuse me but would you please teach me how to make it?” (Katie)

“Yes, of course.” (Feli)

After the meal, we clean up and get down to the business.

“Umm, I’m truly thankful for saving me. I heard from Kaasan and Tousan that I would be dead without your help.”(Dante)

“Please don’t mind it. It’s something we have done with a purpose after all.” (Feli)

“What is that purpose? You said you don’t need money.” (Eric)

“Come to think of it, you said you have a request?” (John)

“Yes, the request we have for you is to introduce those wounded or ill who can’t afford the medical treatment at the clinic to us.” (Feli)


“Adventurers like you are fine as well. Of course, we won’t take any money.” (Al)


“Eh? You will treat them without taking any money? I, who received the treatment as well can’t say anything, but why?”

“I’m sorry but we can’t tell you that. In order to complete our purpose, we have to help as many wounded and ill as possible.”

“That’s why we won’t accept money. We are giving treatment because of our self-interest.”

Hearing our words, Eric and others got lost in thoughts.
It’s understandable, they must be bewildered about the purpose of healing the wounded and ill.
After a while, Eric spoke up.

“You can’t talk about that purpose no matter what?”

“Yes.” (Feli))

“If we refuse?” (Eric)

“We won’t do anything. We will just keep a lookout at the clinic again.” (Al)

After staring at us for a while, Eric accepted to cooperate.

“Alright. We will cooperate.” (Eric)

“Dear…… is that fine?” (Katie)

“Most of the adventurers can’t afford to get treatment at the clinic. In addition, their families too. I think that even if it’s just for a temporary improvement, I should cooperate.” (Eric)

“Certainly, there was an adventurer who resigned because he couldn’t go to the clinic. That fellow, he said that he has to earn money somehow because his child will be born soon.” (John)

“John…… indeed. I also have someone in mind, so I will try talking with them.” (Katie)

“I also have a classmate with a sick person in the family. I speak with him.” (Dante)

“Thank you in advance.” (Feli)

“Then, we will excuse ourselves today. We think of coming here tomorrow around ten o’clock.” (Al)

“Got it. We will talk with them by then.” (Eric)

We began walking home.
I began talking after walking for a while.

“We don’t seem to be followed.” (Feli)

“Are they good people, I wonder? But, we won’t know whether they will cooperate until tomorrow, so we can’t be negligent.” (Al)

“Un. Would it be better to inform home that we are returning?” (Feli)

“I think so. Okaasama must be worried.” (Al)

I decided to use the earring at once.
It’s a good practice to get accustomed to using it just like the telepathy.

(Olivia, can you hear me? We are returning now.)

(Felice-sama, I will inform Okusama.)

(Alright. We will transfer to my room in ten minutes.)

(Understood. Take care.)

Ending the communication, I conveyed it to Al.

“We will transfer to my room in ten minutes, okay?”


When we transfer to my room right on time, Samantha was waiting for us.

“Al, Feli, I’m glad you are safe! Did something happen? Are you not injured?”

“We are fine, Okaasama.” (Feli)

“We treated only one person today. That person’s family will help us out.” (Al)

“Is that so? But, there might be dangerous people around, so you have to be careful, okay?”


The very same day, Al pestered me to make sweets, so I borrowed a little space from the Head Chef and made a pudding.
While I was making it, not only Al but the Head Chef was watching me too, so I was a bit uncomfortable, but I somehow safely made it.
I couldn’t wait for the hardening time, so he was quite surprised when I used magic, but that’s a trivial thing.
The problem was during the mealtime.

“Let me eat a mouthful?”

“No way! This is something Feli made just for me!”

“But, it’s my first time seeing this pudding? you know? It’s a request from your Okaasama!”

“It’s no use even if it’s Okaasama.”

“Don’t be narrow-minded, Al! Men with no generosity are not popular! Feli also doesn’t like narrow-minded men, right~”

“Eh? …… Well, I prefer wide over narrow.”

(Don’t get me involved~! Okaasama is so immature too.)

“Feli! …… Alright, one mouthful…… I will give you one.”

“Thank you, Al! One mouthful…… n~ it’s so sweet and delicious! Feli can cook as well, huh.”

“Only a bit though. Is it tasty, Al?”

“It’s delicious. The sweetness is just right too.”

“Thank you. I will make something again next time, please cheer up.”

“…… I’m not angry or anything.”

Samantha who was satisfied with the pudding talked about it with Claude and in the end, everyone including the servants ate it.
Well, I made lots in anticipation of something like that happening, the amount was enough and I put the remaining amount in the item box.

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