Chapter 47

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Start of Actions
A few days passed since Austin and Angela moved in and I’m currently walking with Al around the town.
Our purpose is to look for wounded and sick people, so I changed my appearance.
Al returned to his young man’s appearances and is wearing glasses and robes.
I have transformed into my previous life’s――Sayo’s appearances while wearing robes.
In this form, no one would connect me with Felice.

“That is Sayo, huh. What are you going to do about your name?”

“Yeah. I may not be able to respond to a different name as I thought. What about Al?”

“I’m fine just like that. Al is pretty common after all.”

“Got it. Would it be better to return earlier today? Okaasama seemed worried.”

“Sure. Feli aside, I didn’t think she would be like that to me as well.”

This time, there was a slight problem because we are outing without guards.
That’s because we are not just outing, but we are outing with the premise of causing trouble.
They were worried when it was decided too, but because my feelings to go out were strong, Okaasama embraced us without letting go.
We somehow managed to depart after cheering up Claude and the other three.

“You being Kokuryuu is irrelevant to Okaasama, you know?”

“You think so?”

Al seemed to be bewildered about that, but I thought that he has to get used to at least that much, so I didn’t say anything.

“Nevertheless, how do we search for injured people?”

“Austin-san said that people normally go to the clinic, but because the fees are high, there are people who don’t receive treatment and pass away, didn’t he?”

“The clinics are in the jurisdiction of the church, so Evan was vexed that the country can’t intervene. When the government tried to construct a clinic, the church apparently forced them to stop saying something like it’s a blasphemy against the god which will bring calamity upon the country.”

“The hell is that!”

“Using the name of God, they only think of gaining profit.”

“That’s ridiculous…… even though there are people dying, even though they could be saved.”

“Right…… Feli just has to help them a little this time.”

“Yes…… I will do my best!”

We decided to take a look at the clinic first.
We arrived at a clean, 3-story building.
There was a cafe right on the opposite side, so we decided to sit on the terrace seats and observe for a while.

“There has been a lot of people coming in and out by a carriage since a while ago.”

“Moreover, they don’t seem particularly ill. Lemme see…… u~mm, hangover and heavy stomach? And then, a cut on the fingertip from an insect bite…… uwaa~ to use magical power so excessively…… eh!? That right now cost one gold coin, is he stupid?”

Al started grumbling while watching the clinic.

“Say Al, what are you talking about since a while ago?”

“Eh? I was curious about the inside so I looked through.”

“Looked through!?”

“Feli can do it too, you know? Give it a try.”

I was thought the know-how by Al and fell in silence after seeing the symptoms of patients, the methods of treatments and its cost.

“Feli…… I understand how you feel, but you must not yell, okay?”

“I know.”

While I was trying to calm down my feelings, the clinic became noisier.
When I looked there, I saw a man in his twenties hitting the door of the clinic and man and woman in their thirties carrying a teenage boy.

“I beg you, help us! My friend was injured by a monster and lost consciousness!”

“What is this ruckus about.”

A bald man in his forties walked out of the clinic and frowned as soon as he saw the visitors.

“Please! Save our friend!”

“That child over there? Let’s see…… then, I will save him for 10 gold.”

“10 gold coins!? That’s impossible! Such a large sum of money……”

“Then I can’t treat him, leave.”

Hearing the man’s words, the man carrying the wounded boy and the woman beside him opened their mouths.

“Wait a moment, please! We can’t get the money immediately, but we will definitely pay, so please save our son!”

“We are A-rank party, Red Bonds. We will make money right away, so please help us!”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Who is going to pay if you die during the request? Leave if you can’t pay right away…… well, with a wound like that, he can’t be saved anyways.”

Saying such, the man went back into the clinic.
Although people were looking at the adventurers with pity, there wasn’t anyone that called out to them.

“Shit! Is there nothing we can do!”

“…… Let’s return home. I don’t want my son to die in a place like this.”

“Dear…… ugh, I’m sorry. Mother can’t do anything for you…… I’m sorry.”

The adventurers stood up and begun walking home.
After a short while, when they returned to their 1-story home and laid their son on the bed, there was knocking on their door.
When the man in his twenties opened the door instead of the parents, he saw two people clad in robes.

“Sorry, but we are busy right now. What do you want?”

“We are travelers. Actually, we saw what happened at the clinic a little while ago and it was on our minds, so we followed you.”


“What?…… What is your purpose!”

Hearing my words, the man glared at us while being cautious.
The father who noticed the ruckus came.

“What is the ruckus about, John.”

“Eric! These fellows were following us!”

“…… Your business? If it’s not urgent, leave it for later. Right now……”

“Because your son is on the verge of death now?”


Because of Al’s words, John got angry and bloodthirst started oozing from Eric.

“Al, your way of speaking! Excuse me, won’t you let me take a look at your son if you’d like? I can use healing magic.”

“Really! Eric, let’s have her take a look!”

“Wait…… what is your goal? If you were at that place, you must understand that we don’t have money.”

When Eric pointed out, John who was delighted started glaring at us again.

“We don’t want money. We just want you to hear our request.”

“Request? Just what……”

“Rather than that, quickly let us in. Or it will really be too late.”

“…… Got it.”

“Eric!? …… You bastards, if you try something funny, I will cut you down.”

“You will? …… Well, do as you please.”


“Al! I’m really sorry.”

“No, follow me.”

We are led inside and when we enter the bedroom, the woman was cautiously watching us.

“Katie, they are healers. She will look at Dante.”

“Healers? …… Can we trust them?”

“Don’t know. But, he will die if we don’t do anything.”

“…… I understand.”

Katie moved aside and I came to Dante’s side and used The Mind’s Eye on him.

(The laceration is horrible…… he even has internal injuries and the bones are broken in several places…… poison too, huh…… but, if it’s like this.)

I take Dante’s hand in mine, concentrate on the magical power and activate the magic.


Dante’s body emitted a faint light and when the light subsided a few minutes after. Thanks to Dante’s injuries getting healed, his breathing calmed down.

“It’s finished. All of his wounds are healed.”

When I turn around, the three people were dumbfounded.

“Is he really…… healed?”

“They said that he couldn’t be saved.”

“…… Dante~! I’m glad…… sniff, thank you! Thank you very much!”

Katie embraced Dante and gave her thanks while crying.

“I think his consciousness will return soon, so if you have something nutritious let him eat it, okay?”

“Got it! I will go buy something!”

Saying such, John vigorously jumped out.

“Oy, John! …… Seriously that guy…… let me thank you again, thank you very much for saving our son. I’m the leader of the A-rank party, Red Bonds, Eric. That’s my wife Katie and son Dante. The one who rushed out is Katie’s younger brother John.”

“Best regards.”

“I’m Sayo. Please to make your acquaintance.”

“I’m Al. Best regards.”

“Let’s not stand while talking and move to the living room.”

“I’m sorry but I will stay by Dante’s side until he wakes up.”

Guided by Eric, we moved to the living room.

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