Chapter 46

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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First Present
Entering the lounge, we decided to speak about the future.
Before that, Al and I have to go to pick up Evan, Andria, and Lewis first.
We wanted to come in carriage first, but because we, unfortunately, can’t trust everyone in the royal palace, Al and I decided to teleport there to prevent the information from leaking.

“Then, we are going to pick up Evan-san and others.”

“It won’t take much time.”


We instantly move to Evan’s office where he, Andria, and Lewis were waiting.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“Can you go immediately?”

“Yes, there’s no problem. Please.”

We take the three and transfer to the Faust House.
Evan asked after transferring.

“As I thought, the transfer is so convenient. Say, could I learn it too?”

“I think you could.”

“Where do you plan on going after learning it?”

“Everyone would be troubled if Evan-san disappeared in the middle of things.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. If you want to learn it, do it after getting everyone’s permission.”

“Wha!? I didn’t really think of s, slipping out from work to play or anything!”

“”……… He was thinking about it.””

“Ha! Y, you’re wrong! I wasn’t!”


Lewis and others were looking at Evan with judging eyes, but Andria who was the only one with the same thoughts as Evan looked a bit disappointed.

“Now then, let’s leave teasing Evan at that and get down to the business.”

As Claude said, the discussion started.
The subjects were,

1. Angela mustn’t leave our grounds as much as possible until the stable period. When going to the garden, Angela mustn’t go alone.

2. When outing while Austin isn’t around, must be together with Albert and Felice. It won’t be strange for bodyguards to be around when with them.

3. While in the mansion, educate Albert and Felice.

4. Order everything necessary for childbirth directly from Robert.

We decided on these four for the time being.

“I think it will be suffocating for a while, but are you all right with it?”

“No Claude-sama, I don’t think it will be suffocating at all. I’m grateful for your concern.”

“What are you saying, Angela. Childbirth is a great task. You must prevent accumulating too much stress. If it’s difficult to talk with us, make sure to talk with Austin.”

“That’s right, Angela. However, it’s impossible for men to know how difficult the childbirth really is. If you are anxious, don’t hold it back and talk with us.”

“Yes, thank you both.”

Angela cheerfully thanked Andria and Samantha after hearing their words of experience.

I was asked whether there are any other opinions, so I told them of a certain worry I have.

“Umm, there’s one thing on my mind. But, I might be overthinking it.”

“What is it?”

“Before that Otousama, is there anything besides my magic such as recovery methods, magic, witchcraft, or item in this world that could cure Angela-san? Even if it’s a legend.”

(‘This world’ huh…… as I thought Felice is…… no, rather than that.)

Suppressing the thoughts that came to his mind, Claude who was trying to stay concentrated didn’t notice Al who was looking at him.

“Let’s see…… there’s nothing in methods, magic or witchcraft. As for items, there’s the “Drop of Star” that’s supposed to be able to cure any injury or illness, but I haven’t seen the thing myself, so it’s kind of a fairy tale.”

(There’s nothing as I thought~…… then, it’s dangerous, but I have to do it.)

“In that case, I think it would be better to officially announce Angela-san’s recovery first, and officially announce her pregnancy to the nobles once she enters the stable period. And then, we have to think about how to explain the recovery of Angela-san’s body.”

“Wait Felice, is that…… perhaps related to what you said a little while ago?”

“Yes, Otousama…… If we don’t make it known that Angela-san’s body recovered and announce the child’s birth, the people who didn’t see her pregnant would say that it’s an adopted child. There’s a high possibility that they won’t believe that Angela-san gave birth.”

“Indeed. And if they find out she recovered, they would inquire about the method.”

“Yes, if we don’t give a clear answer, they would say we lied.”

“In that case isn’t it enough for us to give testimony. They can’t simply deny the royalty’s words, can they?”

“That wouldn’t have a meaning. There’s no meaning in Angela-san’s allies who are gathered here to give testimony. They may say “we are being deceived by the King and his retainers” instead.”

Everyone except Al was at loss for words.

“We wouldn’t do such a thing!”


“Calm down Andria! It’s just an assumption.”

“Evan…… I’m sorry. However…… such a thing.”

It wasn’t just Andria as other were shaking too, but Evan, Lewis, and Claude seem to understand.
Meanwhile, Al showed agreement in my concern.

“The truth doesn’t matter to those guys. If we don’t demonstrate the method used to cure Angela, even if they understand with some doubts left, it would become a problem in the future again.”

“That’s why we have to take advantage of the gaps no matter how small they are.”

“However, how? Develop a magic spell?”

“No Otousama, we need to prepare a person with similar circumstances to Angela-san’s.”

“What do you mean?”

While everyone was perplexed, I asked Angela.

“Angela-san, do you know a woman who is ill or has an injury that prevents her from having children form the town or the surroundings?”

“Yes, I got to know people with similar circumstances to mine when searching for a way to heal myself.”

“Are you close with any of those people?”

“Hmm…… two adventurers and one noble.”

“One noble? Incidentally, that person’s status is?”

“She’s the wife of Earl Smith, she was the same way as me……”

Angela hung her head down sorrowfully.
When Al asked about the Earl, Austin replied.

“That Earl didn’t divorce, did he?”

“His wife is his childhood friend whom he cherishes very much. His wife once suggested him to divorce her, but Earl didn’t want to separate from her.”

“Are you close with Earl?”

“Well I’m, but Claude would probably be closest to him.”

“Otousama is?”

When Al and I looked at Claude, he told us about the Earl.

“His name is Garett Smith. He’s my junior and excellent magician. He’s good-looking, but because he has no interest in others, he won’t accompany you when you try to court him. His interest toward us is normal, so he will talk to us, but his wife Rebecca comes first in the end. I have my doubts, but Felice. Are you planning to heal Rebecca?”

“I’m not planning to heal Rebecca-san only, but also some other people as well. I think of initially healing injuries and illnesses and incorporating the people.”

Lewis nodded in consent to my words.

“I see, if there are several cases, there would be no doubts about Angela’s recovery.”


“However, that would expose Felice.”

“There’s no problem with that. I will transform.”

“Transform…… you are able to do that now that I think of it.”

“The problem is whether the target group would believe me or not.”

“That will be our job. Claude, please negotiate with Earl Smith and Austin with the adventurers.”

“”Got it.””

It has been decided that we will treat the commoners while Claude and Austin are negotiating.

(Would the setting of “passing by magician” be alright?)

The discussion has finished, so we decided to hand out the presents.
Incidentally, we handed them to Samantha and Claude yesterday. Being crushed in Samantha’s deeply moved embrace and being rescued by Claude is still fresh in my memory.
Such Samantha was currently waiting with sparkles in her eyes.

“Everyone, Al and I have presents for you.”

“What? What is it?”

Evan asked while excited like a child.
I retrieved the bestowed items from my item box.

“This is…… bestowed accessory…… magic tools? It’s my first time seeing such a design. It’s well made.”

When I got embarrassed by Lewis’ praise, Samantha said happily.

“Feli came up with that. Al and Feli did everything from manufacturing to the bestowal!”

“It wasn’t just us, Okaasama. Otousama, Meison, Riley, and Olivia helped us with the experimenting too.”

“Right, right, we wouldn’t be able to make it just by ourselves.”

“It’s still amazing, so it’s fine!”

Samantha was greatly joyful, her tension high.

“The effects are divided for each kind, so choose whichever is to your liking, okay? If you’d like to change the design, say and we will re-do it.”

When I explained about the effects, everyone’s face was gradually cramping.
After that, an exchange that went like “I can’t receive something so precious” countered with “we made it so it would be used so please use it” followed by “at least a suitable compensation” then “I told you it’s a present!” went on, so they calmed down after Al “we can make this much at any time, and the materials didn’t cost us anything, so accept it…… you will accept it, right?” said a threat-like sounding sentence.
After that, we sent Evan and Andria off with transfer and dissolved for the day.

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