Chapter 45

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The time goes back a little, and on the next day after the Faust House party, the King of the Dianes Republic, Evan, was greatly perplexed.

“Evan-sama…… give up already and please speak with the Queen. The more you delay, the bigger the problem it will likely become.”

“…… I understand that, but.”

“After being worried like this, you weren’t able to talk with her yesterday as well.”

“Alright, I got it! I will speak to her now!”

Being nagged by Lewis, Evan got off his backside and went to the Queen’s place.
The Queen welcomed Evan who visited early in the morning in wonder.

“Evan, what is it, so early in the morning?”

“No…… I have something to tell you.”

“Tell me?”


Evan talked about leaving the Trust Kingdom and about Felice and Fearfal in order.

“Kidnapping…… magic tool…… child of taboo, huh…… what is the Empire thinking! Moreover, they captured a Kokuryuu! Are they planning to wage war!”

“Who knows…… but, it’s not like we could just stand and watch without doing anything. We are secretly cooperating with the Trust Kingdom. Fearfal…… he’s Albert now. I haven’t even talked about this with Albert and Felice yet.”

“Is that so…… however, that girl Felice did really well to accomplish all of that. She rescued the beastmen, stole the magic tool and above all freed the Kokuryuu…… when our sons were four all they did was to stick to us, they absolutely wouldn’t be able to do something like that. Is she really just a child?”

Andria asked while frowning.

“To be honest…… all who came in contact with Felice probably thought that. Most likely, she’s hiding something…… or there’s something that she can’t talk about.”

“Still, she’s now living in this country and Claude has adopted her. Why…… if you still have doubts, why the King of an entire country and his close aides are supporting her? Because of the Kokuryuu?”

Andria looked at Evan with strict eyes.
While wryly smiling, Evan spoke his thoughts while casting down his eyes.

“Kokuryuu….. huh, that certainly is a reason.”

“Are you planning to utilize the power of the Kokuryuu? Wouldn’t that makes us the same as the Empire!”

Evan calmly answered Andria who was drawing near.

“It’s not like that. The reason is not the Kokuryuu’s ‘power’ but ‘thoughts’.”


“Kokuryuu possesses enormous power, if it’s to protect a human girl, he has many means. For example, taking her to live in his place of residence, living together without meeting anyone…… and such.”

“But, the Kokuryuu didn’t do that.”

“Correct, Fearfal understood what Felice needs and desires. That’s why he came in contact with us, the humans.”

“You mean that he’s giving priority to the human girl rather than the Ryuu himself?”

“Fearfal prefers Felice over everything. While he said, ‘I won’t forgive you if you try to utilize our powers,’ he would lend a hand if Felice desired so.”

“Then, as I thought, it could be dangerous depending on that girl?”

“Fearfal said this. ‘Felice cleared the road that led only to death by herself. However, no matter how strong she is, she’s still just a child. Experiencing no feelings of affection and being exposed only to hatred and anger…… while exposed only to such negative emotions, she was never stained with them and instead became sensitive to them. Such Felice, although unconsciously, wasn’t wary of you guys. That’s why I spoke to you.'”

“I understand why she wasn’t wary.”

“After slipping out of the Empire, the two were apparently on a journey for several days and Fearfal separated from her for a little bit when she fell asleep. When he returned…… she was crying while sleeping. The person herself doesn’t realize, but Fearfal who tried it several times figured out that she unconsciously cries when he separates from her. When they were with us, Fearfal once separated from us, but Felice didn’t cry at all. I didn’t know until I heard about it from Fearfal.”

“I see. That girl unconsciously felt the true nature of Evan and others. However, I would like to confirm just how much power the Kokuryuu possesses.”

Hearing Andria’s words, Evan sighed as if giving up.

“Haa~ You just want to fight, don’t you? Stop it, it would be impossible even for you who is S-class.”

“The more you say, the more――”

Before Andria could finish, there was knocking on the door and Lewis entered.

“Excuse me. Have you finished talking?”

“No, were are still talking, but did something happen?”

When Evan asked for the reason, Lewis spoke while laughing.

“Kusukusu…… actually, there’s a certain rumor floating around the royal palace. I thought of reporting it.”

“What, is it an interesting rumor?”

“Yeah…… I’m told that the always calm and collected, hard to approach Prime Minister Claude-dono is walking around with two unfamiliar children in his arms.”

Hearing the contents of the rumor, Evan got surprised.

“What, the two came? Claude that fellow, why didn’t he inform me!”

“So you wouldn’t skip your work, right?”

“Nugu…… if he’s like――”


When he looked towards the source of the sudden sound, he saw Andria hitting the table with her body trembling.

“Now…… the Kokuryuu is here right now? To think that the opportunity would come so fast!”

Saying such, Andria sprang out of the room.
Lewis who couldn’t grasp the situation yet and the troubled Evan who left because he knew the future development.

(I’m begging you, please don’t hurt Felice.)


And currently, Andria was sitting in seiza while being scolded by Lewis who on occasion explained what Evan was supposed to explain before.
In the meanwhile, Evan apologized to Al and me.

“Sorry. Her head is not bad, but she dislikes doing things in a roundabout way and runs wild when it comes to fighting strong opponents.”

“The person herself said the same thing, but is the country’s Queen supposed to be doing that?”

“She understands that, but she quite can’t get cured. I would like her to learn from this a little, but…… haa~”

“Nevertheless, Queen is a strong person, isn’t she?”

“Well, she has good movements for a human. About the same as Austin.”


“Even though I may look like this, I’m an S-class adventurer after all.”

It appears that Lewis’ scolding finished, so Andria entered the conversation.

“You are an adventurer!?”

“Former one. I had no plans to succeed the house as the Count’s 3rd daughter and I liked fighting, so I left my home to become an adventurer. Before I noticed, I became S-class.”

“Why did you become Queen? Speaking bluntly, you are not that type, right? Why did you marry Evan?”

“Al, you don’t have any delicacy, huh.”


When I reproach Al, Andria spoke while laughing.

“It’s as Albert said, Felice. My way of speaking turned out like this after adventuring for so long. I do my best in formal places, but it’s quite difficult. The reason we married…… is because I was deceived.”


When Al and I looked at Evan, he awkwardly averted his eyes.

“While living as an adventurer, I came across Austin’s party. Evan was there as well. We were drawn to each other, but I was just a temporary member so the time to say goodbye arrived. At that time, Evan said ‘I don’t want to part with you. We might need to throw everything away, but please marry me.’ to which I agreed and the place I was brought to was the royal palace.”

“Then, you didn’t know Evan was a King!?”

“He was just a prince at that time though.”

“You married well. For being a deceiver.”

“Hey! Don’t say such a disrespectful thing. I was the 3rd Prince, so I intended to leave the royal palace and even though I may look like this, I’m still an A-class adventurer! It’s just I wanted to inform my family before getting married…… and yet.”

“”A-class? …… Really?””

“What’s with that reaction!”

“Rather than that, what happened next?”

“Rather than that!?”

Although receiving a shock, Evan continued with the story.

“…… Oh well, everyone was delighted about the marriage and we were told we could hold the marriage in the palace. But, that was a trap.”

“Trap…… what did they do?”

“Once the marriage ceremony began, I gradually began finding it strange. I thought it would be just my family, but nobles and people from friendly nations participated as well.”

“My family came too. I found it strange since we weren’t in contact after I left home.”

“And then, I understood everything with Father’s last remark. Father said ‘Our country’s Crown Prince has tied the knot of marriage. Please, watch over these two from now on’ to his subjects.”

“Both Evan and I were dumbfounded and when we came to, all of the subjects have already left.”

“That’s…… but, why did he do this to you even though Evan-san has older brothers.”

“That I will tell you about.”

Saying such, Lewis spoke about those days.

“‘Evan for the Crown Prince,’ such opinion was there since a long time ago. Above all, both of his elder brothers desired such as well. However, as Evan-sama had vagrant habits and desired to be an adventurer, it wasn’t possible to speak with him. As it was unreasonable to advance, Evan-sama didn’t have any allies in the royal palace except his family. While thinking that if there was at least someone who would walk the same path with him, Andria’s existence was a godsend.”

“Indeed, Andria wouldn’t betray him.”

“Yeah, because we knew that the two were attracted to each other, we immediately investigated about Andria. About the person herself, her family and her circumstances. If not suitable, let them live as they wanted, if suitable let them live in the royal palace for the country’s and its citizen’s sake.”

“When I heard about it for the first time, I thought I was betrayed by my family and friends and shouted: ‘I married Andria to live a peaceful life, to lead a happy family life, not to live the confined life of royalty!'”

“We also couldn’t refute his words because we deceived them, but……”


Evan answered instead of Lewis.

“I was hit.”

“You were hit!?”

“By your Father?”

“No, by Andria who was sitting next to me. ‘Stop selfishly deciding on what will make me happy!’ she hit me quite hard while saying that. I nearly died.”

Looking at Andria since I found it unexpected, she told me the reason behind hitting him.

“Naturally! I would resist if the predecessors were thinking only about us, but their actions put a priority on the country and the citizens rather than us. Besides, they properly thought about Evan. And yet, Evan could think only about us, blaming his family and friends. Sure, I won’t be able to adventure anymore and the freedom I had until then would disappear, but I thought that I would be happy just by being by Evan’s side.”

“I calmed down after being hit by Andria. If they indeed planned to disregard my will, all that needed to be done was to tell “become the king.” But, Father didn’t do so. Besides, I would have Andria, Lewis would stay by my side and Claude would help me out, so I made a resolve.”

“It was a resolve made from me hitting the Crown Prince, but everyone was happy for some reason.”

“They were surely happy because “Evan won’t be able to escape from his reins” you know?”

“Yeah, but it was really terrible after that. Evan had to undergo the King training and I the Queen training. Because I’m like this, I also got harassed by the noble ladies. But to me, I thought it was pretty cute of them. However, I wasn’t displeased. That’s why Felice…… I’m really thankful for Angela’s case. I who can only fight wasn’t able to heal Angela’s anguish. Thank you.”

To Andria, Angela’s case wasn’t somebody else’s problem.
Andria was also regretful about not being able to protect the little life within Angela.

“No. I think the reason Angela-san didn’t give up is thanks to Andria-san’s and everyone else’s support.”

“You think so? That would be good then.”

“Besides, we have just started. This time, your power would be necessary to protect Angela’s baby too.”

“That’s right! Once the baby is born, you can advise her on parenting and stuff like that too.”

“I see…… that’s right. It has just begun.”

After that, we were asked by Evan “just what were you doing in the practice hall,” but after lazily deceiving him, we split up with Meison and returned to the mansion.
Several days later, Austin and Angela moved to the Faust House.
Blake and Meison helped them with the baggage.

“Please treat us well from now on.”

“Best regards.”

“Yes, yes, this much is enough for greetings, let’s carry the baggage in. Your room is next to Felice’s.”

The servants carried the baggage inside and we moved to the lounge.

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