Chapter 44

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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We moved to the practice hall in Claude’s arms again, but this time, we were watched by the soldiers training outside.
I wonder if children are unusual over here?
When we entered the practice hall, we decided to experiment right away.

“What shall we try first?”

“Let’s see…… how about the communication?”

“Then, it would be easier to understand if people who can’t use telepathy try it.”

“Then, would it be alright for Olivia and me to try?”

“Yeah, Feli hand it over to the two.”

“Yes, do you two know ear piercings?”


“Then, chose the pair you like the most, okay?”

When I showed them the ear piercings, Riley chose the amethyst and Olivia the ruby one.
After pairing it, the two attached it to their ears.

“Then, make a proper distance.”

“Understood. Riley, go over there please.”

“Got it.”

The two took around 10m distance between them and communicated in low voices first.

“This is Riley, can you hear me?”

“This is Olivia, I can hear you without a problem.”

“Looks like there’s no problem. Try speaking in your minds next.”

Al gave the next instructions.

(Olivia, can you hear me?)

(Yes, I hear you Riley~)

After a little while, the two reported while facing us.

“I heard Olivia’s voice in both pieces.”

“We were able to converse without a problem.”

“Hmm…… Felice, this pairing you spoke of, can it connect only two people?”

“No, it can pair several pieces. But, all members would hear the contents you would want to keep secret.”

“I see…… I thought it may be usable in a party.”

“In that case, won’t it be alright if one side is for the personal use and the other for the party use?”

“Hoo, something like that is possible? Meison, would your party try it once?”

“Of course.”

After that, we tested the bracelet’s location grasping, the hair ornament’s concealment, cuffs’ recording, and ring’s defense without problems.
When checking the cuffs, I heard Claude whisper ‘I can record that fellow’s promises now,’ but I pretended I didn’t hear that.
The problem is the necklace’s poison immunity.

“Hmm, what to do about this? It’s not like we can let anyone drink posion」

“In that case, I will do-”


“What are you saying, Riley.”

“However, if we don’t test it, it might not work when needed.”

“That’s true, but. Ah, Feli can use magic to paralyze the target, can you not?”

“I can. But, Al can use it too, right?”

“I can, but I don’t understand the extent, so I might make a mistake and kill! Haha.”

“…… Is that so~”


I draw away from Al while laughing because I didn’t know whether he was serious or not.

“Then…… I will use numbing magic. Is that really alright with you? Riley.”

“O, of course. I, I have trust…… in Felice-sama!”

I can tell that he’s considerably trembling, but there’s no one to substitute him, so I decided to respect his intentions.

“Paralysis, weakest.”


Riley fell to his knees, the necklace shined and Riley stood up again.

“Are you all right? Riley.”

“Yes, I felt numbness, but it immediately went away.”

“It’s a success then!”

While feeling relieved by the success, Al dropped a bomb.

“Come to think of it, we made it on the hypothesis of the poison being consumed, isn’t it wonderful that it works for magic too! I’m glad we found out.”

“Huh!? That reminds me……”


“…… I, I’m glad I could be of use.”

I was dumbfounded, Claude’s, Meison’s and Olivia’s mouth were cramped and Riley was shaking, but I’m sure our thoughts about the grinning Al were the same.

(((((He definitely doesn’t understand!)))))

Various things happened and when we finished the experiments and were about to return to the office, that person appeared.


The one who appeared after breaking the door of the training hall was a suspicious person wearing full armor who immediately drew the sword and charged at Al.


A cloud of dust whirled up and the view worsened.





Then, in the cloud of dust, Al was taking a distance, but the assailant pursued without holding back.
It was a one-sided attack, but Al kept on dodging easily without a change in his complexion.
Riley and Olivia wanted to jump in, but Claude stopped them.

“Don’t get involved, you two!”

“”Why! Claude-sama.””

“It’s not an opponent you can take on.”


“Felice, you are quite calm, aren’t you?” (Meison)

“N~ That person is not serious after all. Well, the same goes for Al though. But, if we don’t stop them soon, his Ryuu switch will turn on.” (Felice)

“Ryuu switch? What’s that?” (Meison)

“His consciousness will be replaced with that of a Ryuu, his way of speaking will change, and he will lose all mercy. Although I say that, he will stop if I tell him to. It’s fine if it’s half a game, but he might kill his opponent if he gets serious.”

After hearing my words, Claude and Meison panicked while Riley and Olivia started trembling.
It appears they have been traumatized.

“Wha!? How are you going to stop them!” (Meison)

“Feli, stop them if you can. It would be troublesome if something happened to that person.” (Claude)

“Troublesome you say, Otousama…… Then, Halt.”

When I used magic, the assailant’s movements stopped.
Then, Al spoke in dissatisfaction.

“Why have you stopped us. Even though it was about to get fun~”

“Seriously~ You know who that person is, right? You mustn’t be unreasonable!”

“She’s the one who attacked me though? She should have made a resolve. She attacked me after all. Well, I guess she didn’t go after Feli. The moment she did…… I would kill her.”

Saying such, Al sent heavy bloodthirst towards his assailant.


“Yes, yes, I will stop.”

Al retracted his bloodthirst, so when I canceled my magic, the assailant sat down and breathed heavily.
While watching the assailant, Al coldly spoke to her.

“Be grateful to Feli. I don’t know what your purpose was, but I’m merciless towards those who show hostility towards me. Even if the opponent is the Queen.”


While Riley and Olivia were startled, Claude and Meison sighed, and when I approached Al to calm him down, I got my cheeks rubbed against his instead.
Calming down, the assailant――the Queen took off her helmet.

“Sorry about that. I heard there’s Kokuryuu here, so I couldn’t stand still and attacked without hearing about the circumstances.”

“Why again…… did I do something to you?”

“No! You didn’t do anything. I just love fighting against strong opponents!”

When Al asked if he perhaps has done something to her, she gave an unexpected reply.

(This person is the Queen, right? Her way of speaking is boyish, somehow, the image…… which reminds me, she rushed in during Angela-san’s incident, they said she was such person, didn’t they? A musclehead…… a battle maniac?)

“That logic…… can’t you differentiate between good and bad things?”

“That’s…… there’s no excuse.”

At Al’s calm tsukkomi, she ended up feeling awkward and despondent.

“…… Well, I will forgive you this time, but there’s no next time.”


“Since it’s settled, how about introductions?”

Startled by Claude’s words, the Queen introduced herself.

“Forgive my impoliteness. I’m the Dianes Republic’s Queen, Andria.”

“I’m Kokuryuu Fearfal. But, I’m Albert Faust now.”

“I’m Felice Faust. Please treat me well.”

When I introduced myself, Andria nodded in admiration.

“So you are Felice. Likewise, let’s get along. I’ve heard from Evan, but you really are a child, aren’t you? That reminds me, what were you doing here?”

“A little bit of experimenting.”

“Experimenting? Have I disturbed you?”

“No! We have just finished.”

“Seriously, how many times do I have to say it until you understand? Stop looking for strong opponents and trying to face them without thinking about consequences. In the first place, as the Queen――”

“I got it! I got it, okay? Leave it at that please!”

It appears that this wasn’t the first time.

“Haa~ Even though I want you to support Angela, I’m getting uneasy about it.”

“N? What happened to Angela? …… Was she perhaps harrassed again!?”


After hearing Andria’s words, Claude and Meison leaked ‘perhaps’ from their mouths.

“I don’t think that should be it, but didn’t you hear from Evan-dono?”

“What? If it’s Evan, we were talking just until a little bit ago?”

“I hope you didn’t hear about Kokuryuu and rushed off in the middle of the conversation?”

“That’s…… umm……”

Claude drew near Andria while glaring at her.
His tone became rougher too.
Judging by Andria’s reaction, it seems that it’s just as Claude and Meison thought.
At that time, footsteps approached from outside.

“Oy! Is Andria here?”

It was Evan and Lewis.

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