Chapter 43

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s try Using it
It became afternoon and Meison came over and he was guided to Al’s room.
Samantha is absent because of a tea party.

“So, how was it? Were you able to process the mithril?”

“We were! We intended to make only one at first, but it was so fun we made lots.”

“It was certainly fun making things.”

“Isn’t that right? Let me see what you made. I have an appraisal as well, so let me take a look at the bestowals.”

“Yes! Here.”

I retrieved what we made yesterday from the item box and lined it up on the table.

“You made quite a lot. However, I have never seen a design like that. Did you guys come up with it?”

“Feli came up with the design. I just helped to make it.”

“I see, I see…… it looks good. There’s light coming out from the gem, so the bestowal should be…… n? Did I misappraise?”

Light appears to be dwelling inside the gems.
Meison who looked at the bestowals looked at it with appraisal again.

“………… The hell is this~!”

Meison who confirmed the bestowals shouted and Riley and Olivia who were preparing the tea barged in.

“”What happened!””

“You guys! Were you not with these two yesterday!”

“Eh!? Yes, both Riley and I were tidying up and putting things in order.”

“Just what has happened?”

“What happened you ask…… I can’t handle this alone. We are going to the royal palace. Send a messenger to Claude.”

“Yes, right away.”

Instructed by Meison, Riley and Olivia left the room.

“Umm…… Meison-san. D, did I do something wrong?”

“Sorry, Meison. It looks like we overdid it again.”

When Al and I were feeling down, Meison patted our heads.

“Sorry for shouting. I’m not really angry or anything. What you made came out really good. To the extent that I can say I saw something like that for the first time.”

“Is that the truth?”

“We unintentionally became absorbed in making it.”

“Don’t worry about it, when our young one swung a sword for the first time, he got so absorbed he was swinging it for five days straight until he collapsed.”

“Five days!?”

“That’s incredible isn’t it……”

While listening to Meison’s story, Riley returned.

“I sent a messenger. The carriage is prepared, please use it.”

We met Henry on the way when we were going outside in order to go to the royal palace.

“Sorry, please inform Samantha-dono.”

“Certainly. Albert-sama, Felice-sama, please have a safe trip.”

“”See you later.””

We have departed towards the royal palace together with Meison, Riley, and Olivia.
When we arrived at the royal palace, Claude who was waiting at the gate inquired from Meison.

“Meison, what happened?”

“Calm down, Claude. It’s nothing bad, I just thought it would be better to let you know right away. Rather, you should rejoice.”

“I should rejoice? …… Oh well.”

While feeling doubtful, Claude lifted me who was next to Meison up in his arms.

“Waa!? Otousama?”

“It will take time until we get to the room in that form. Here, Al too.”

Saying such, he lifted Al too.
Al who wasn’t expecting that solidified in surprise.

“…… Erm, am I not heavy? I could transfo――”

“You are my son, Albert. From here on out, you will be surely coming to the royal palace, so it’s better if others memorized your face. Besides, I’m trained so there’s no problem.”

“…… Then, please.”

Saying such, he grasped Claude’s clothes and said a bit shyly.
After that, while walking within the palace, the people who happened to pass by gave Claude who was holding two young children looks of surprise.
We went to the first room where Claude seated us on the sofa and he sat opposite of us.
Meison sat next to us and Riley and Olivia prepared tea with the room’s utensils.
While I was looking around, Claude spoke up with a wry smile.

“This is my office. So, what happened?”

“Actually, while we were talking about Angela yesterday, these two consulted with me.”

“Yeah, they were acting sneaky.”

“They wanted to be helpful to Angela, but they thought that if they were to act openly, they would cause troubles instead, so they consulted with me about charms.”

“Is that so?”

“That being the case, I taught them about bestowal.”

“Hm~m…… then, what you wanted to talk about is what these two made?”

“Yeah, well Lewis, Blake, and I had certain expectations since yesterday, but I didn’t think it would like this.”

Because not just Meison’s, but Lewis’ and Blake’s names came out, I found it curious so I asked.


“Lewis-san and Blake-san?”


“Elves and Beastmen have good ears.”


“Come to think of it, Henry and Megan moved so we wouldn’t be able to see what’s going on there in the middle of our conversation.”

“”…… Eh?””

While Al and I were dumbfounded, Riley who was pouring tea explained.

“I have told you so before, but there are many skilled servants among us, and among them are those with good hearing and those who can read lips.”

Olivia next to Riley nodded too.
It appears that we were the only ones who thought that we were sneaky.

“Hey Al…… let’s be careful not to get too absorbed in the future.”

“Yep…… let’s do that.”

We hung our heads in disappointment.

“Felice, show one of everything you guys made.”


I did as Meison said, retrieved the items from my item box and lined them up on a table.

“It’s my first time seeing a design like that. This is…… mithril? Did you prepare this, Meison?”

“No, both the mithril and the gems used are theirs. They also processed it themselves. I didn’t do anything.”

“What!? …… That’s something. However, where did you get it?”

I gave the same answer I gave to Meison yesterday.
Claude was surprised but he didn’t say anything.

“It’s too early to be surprised, take a look at the bestowals.”

“Bestowals? …………… This is!?”

Claude who checked the bestowals opened his eyes wide in surprise and looked at the accessories with intense concentration.

“I see…… so that’s why you came. Al, Feli, can you explain the effects?”

“That’s fine, but……”

“You aren’t angry?”

“Why? Different from praising, there’s no reason to be angry. Well, it would be better to restrain yourself in front of strangers.”

“”We will be careful.””

“Then, please explain.”

Looking at Claude whose eyes were seemingly sparkling, Al and I were thinking the same thing.

((Ah…… so that’s why he’s called a magic fool.))

“First, the necklace has poison immunity, it would check the current status of the user and disable that which it determines to be a poison.”

“The ring will automatically activate an invisible barrier three meters in diameter when it perceives hostile or malicious actions. It stretches even into the ground, so it will defend even against attacks from underground.”

“Bracelet is GP…… it will grasp the location of the user confinement in the case of kidnapping. A map with an indication will be displayed on this plate.”

“Brooch is a recovery. It will automatically activate in the case of an injury or when the user’s stamina declines.”

“Hair ornament is concealment. We come up with this so that Angela-san’s growing belly won’t be exposed. The user’s appearances will match the user’s imagination.”

“Earrings and ear piercings are similar to telepathy. It allows communication between the wearers of the pair. You don’t have to speak out loud to communicate either.”

“Cuffs is for recording. When infused with magical power, the cuffs will record sounds within a five-meter radius. The recording can be played again by infusing the magical power again and mentioning ‘playback’.”

When we were explaining, the four were surprised at first, but their expressions gradually changed into those of giving up.

“What to say…… you’ve made something incredible. To make so much just from yesterday’s afternoon.”

Claude was saying with admiration, but although difficult to say, I told him honestly.

“Umm you see, Otousama…… that’s not all of it.”


“See, if something happened to Austin and others, both Angela-san and the baby would be pitiful.”

“Well, that’s true.”

“We also wanted to give Otousama and Okaasama a present, Riley and Olivia would be also in danger as our guards.”

“”So we made lots!””

Saying such, I retrieved everything from my item box and everyone fell silent with their bodies shaking.
As I thought, we really did overdo it.

“To think that you wouldn’t make it only for Angela, but for us too!”

“To concerned even for Olivia and me!”

“Albert-sama, Felice-sama! You made it even for us who were so rude to you at our first meeting!”

“A present from my children, huh…… how many years has it been? Those two became too good at talking and all their lovable charm disappeared. Samantha will be surely delighted.”

They are apparently shaken with emotions.
Feeling relieved, Al decided to ask a certain request.

“You see, we made it, but we haven’t tried to properly put it into operation yet, so we would like to try it out.”

“Is that so? Then, let’s use the practice hall. Let’s go immediately.”

Hurried by Claude, we went towards the practice hall.

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