Chapter 42

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The discussion finished and everyone started their respective preparations.
Evan’s back was full of sorrow when he was going back, but I decided not to mind it.
Al and I decided to work in my room.
Riley and Olivia aren’t here to help with the preparations.

“Would a chain be good for a necklace? Or would be a string better?”

“How about processing a few gems first and matching them up?”

“That’s a good idea. Let’s give it a go right away.”

We both process the gemstones just like before.
After a while, we lined up what we made.
The gems are in circle, square and cylinder shapes with various sizes and different kinds.

“Fuu~ is this much all right?”

“I think so. What about the decoration?”

“Hmm…… can I try something?”


I tried making it while recalling accessories from my previous life.

(If it’s Angela-san, then emerald would be good…… I will make the frame from mithril.)

I let magical power flow throughout the mithril just like Meison taught me.

(Erm, through the gem, softly, softly…… stretch it thinly, match the shape…… done! Next, I will prepare an emerald and two diamonds in the same way, and then the frame…… let’s make it into a heart.)

The finished product is a pendant with a round emerald in a mithril frame in the shape of a heart, one small emerald on the upper part of the heart and one small diamond on both sides.

“How is it? Al.”

“Hee~ it’s my first time seeing such a design. Is it perhaps from your previous life?”

“Hm? Is that bad?”

“Of course not! Feli, you come up with the designs and let’s make it.”

“Is that okay? Then, I will think about it.”

After that, we made one after another and decided to try various bestowals.

“Bestowal is a type of magic, right?”

“That’s right. What shall we do? They have used an abortion medicine the last time, so we should probably do poison immunity, right?”

“I would like to put in some kind of recovery or defense when directly harmed.”

“Also…… concealment, or something that could hide the belly growth?”

“That might be good! Ah, a communication so we can immediately know if something happened.”

“They make a pair, the other party has to have it as well.”

“Ah~ I see.”

I used bestowal while saying this might be good, that might be good and paying attention to not to exceed the tolerance using The Mind’s Eye.
After the sealing, I was curious about the star-like light dwelling in the gem, but I decided to ask Meison about it later.
In order to ascertain the effects, I decided to make accessories and divided them by their effects.

Necklace…… poison immunity.
Ring…… defense.
Bracelet…… position grasp.
Brooch…… restoration.
Hair ornament…… concealment.
Earrings…… communication.
Cuffs…… recording.

“We have to let Meison take a look for us.”

“He will apparently come tomorrow.”

“Since we are at it, I would like to make something for everyone too. It would be terrible if something happened to Austin and others, and I would like to give something to Otousama and Okaasama too.”

“You’re right. Let’s work hard for a little longer then?”


I made designs that wouldn’t be strange for men to wear.
Al and I forgot.
That everyone tells us that we ‘have no common sense’…… if we remembered or there were other people here, we might not be doing such thing.

After a few hours, Riley and Olivia came to call us for dinner.
We had dinner with the family, and I immediately fell asleep when I returned to my room because I was tired, but when I woke up in the morning, Al was there as usual.

“Morning, Feli.”

“…… Morning, Al.”

When greeting him while rubbing my eyes, Olivia just came to my room.


“Good morning. Felice-sa…… ma!?”

“Good morning.”


“Albert-sama!? Why are you here?”

“Because I slept here.”

Al answered Olivia’s question with a smile.

“…… Is that so?”

When Olivia seemed to give up, Riley arrived next.

“Olivia, do you know where Albert-sama is? He doesn’t seem to be in his room. There are no traces of sleeping too.”

“Riley…… if it’s Albert-sama then he’s here.”


“Riley~ morning~”

“Good morning.”

Riley who was greeted upon entering the room greeted us back while staring in wonder.

“…… Good morning. Albert-sama, Felice-sama.”

Al returned to his room so we could fix our appearances, and then we headed to have breakfast.
Samantha and Claude were already seated and we began eating after we sat down.

“Which reminds me, what were you doing yesterday? I sensed magical power.”

“Eh!? Nothing in particular.”

“Is that so?”

When my eyes were swimming around from being stared at, Al gave me a lifeboat.

“We were practicing magical power manipulation. It’s very important after all.”

“It certainly is important.”

“How admirable. But, you mustn’t force yourselves until you get accustomed to your new lives.”

“”Ye~s. Okaasama.””

“Now then, it’s time to go to the royal palace. Samantha, don’t accompany these two in frolicking around too much. Meison should come over in the afternoon.”

“Hmph! I know already.”

Claude is going to work, so we moved to the entrance to see him off.

“I’m off.”

“Please take care.”

“”Have a good day.””

Claude kissed Samantha’s cheek, stroked Al’s and my heads, boarded a carriage and left to the royal palace.

“Fufufu…… now then, Al, Feli, let’s go shopping!”

“”…… Ye~s.””

A carriage immediately arrived and we left to go shopping.
After that, we visited clothing stores, general stores, even stores with things for children and it was already noon when we returned.

“Ah~! That was fun!”

“”So tired~.””

After a short break, we had a lunch and waited for Meison to arrive.

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