Chapter 41

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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In order to create a talisman, we must first decide what to bestow it on.

“What other things can be bestowed besides weapons and armor?”

“Anything that conducts magical power like metal and gems. Hair ornaments, necklaces, rings or brooches, many accessories can be bestowed.”

“Something that wouldn’t look like a talisman at first glance would be better, wouldn’t it? Feli, why not make it from that thing you ‘picked up’ before?”

“What I picked up? …… Ah, that thing?”

“Meison, can you take a look whether it can be used?”

“Alright. I will take a look…… I have a bad feeling though.”

I retrieve what I ‘picked up’ from the item box.

“”Item box……””

Riley and Olivia were surprised by the item box while Meison was surprised by something else.

“…… You have ‘picked up’ this? …… Where?”

“If I recall correctly, that was when we left the Empire and went traveling..”

“Right, right, I was practicing my search skill and there was a reaction I haven’t seen before, so we went to check it out.”

“But there wasn’t anything special, this came out after pulling the rocks aside.”

“We brought half of it with us just in case.”

“We have returned the place back to normal, so I can fetch more if necessary.”

While Al and I were casually talking, Meison was at the wits’ end.

“No, no, no, no, this much is plenty. However, you ‘picked up’ something outrageous.”

“That much?”

“Metals are copper, iron, gold and mithril, gem ores are ruby, sapphire, agate, amethyst, and others……”

“Riley…… can this be called being ‘picked up’?”

“No, it was obviously ‘excavated’.”

“”…… As expected of Albert-sama and Felice-sama.””

“That’s not something to be admiring! …… Seriously, it’s best to use mithril for the metal. Any gem is fine. What about the shape?”

“Hmm…… if it’s about not standing out then a necklace would be good. You wouldn’t know about while it’s hidden under the clothes.”

“You’re right. Can the bestowed things be distinguished?”

“Let’s see…… they certainly can, but you wouldn’t know their effect without appraising them first.”

“Appraisal, huh…… then, how about trying several kinds? It would serve as camouflage each time a different one is used..”

“That might work. But, what to do about the necklace? Meison, are you able to make accessories?”

“Weapons and armor are my specialties. I have the knowledge, but I’m not good at such delicate work.”

“”I thought so~””

“Then, how about asking an expert?”

“Olivia, think about it. Taking such amount of mithril to make accessories would stand out and the nobles with good ears would disturb us.”

“Indeed…… it’s as Riley said. However, what else can we do?”


“Hrm…… I have a method, but it’s quite troublesome.”

We got stuck at the first stage so Meison told us about a certain method.

“We are using mithril this time, so how about making it with the magical power?”

“”With magical power?””

“Mithril has good conductivity, so it’s possible to change its shape little by little with magical power…… or at least it should.”

“Or at least it should, you say…… Meison-san.”

“I’m not able to manipulate magical power you see, but it’s said that a dwarf who lost his hand was able to make weapons using that method. It’s a story of quite a long time ago and I have never seen it myself.”

“Well, it might be worth trying. It would also serve as practicing magical power manipulation. Feli, let’s try it together.”

“Yes! It looks fun.”

“What are you going to do about the gems?”

“Hmm~…… there’s something I would like to try..”


When I said such, all except Al looked at me in bewilderment.

“Well, there’s a lot, so give it a try.”


I got Al’s permission, so I started at once.
The process of magic I thought of.

(First, little…… about 5cm? And cut it.)


The gemstones were cut in an instant.

(Alright! Next is polishing, right? Burnising~)


This also finished instantly and a round ruby was sparkling in my palm.

“I did it~!”

“You did it nicely, Feli.”

“”…………… Meison-sama.””

“Don’t say anything…… don’t ask anything.”


While I was delighted without being able to read the mood, Meison taught me about the bestowal.

“That’s great. All that’s left is to insert bestowal magic inside. The effect is decided by the amount of magical power, but you have to be careful not to exceed the medium’s tolerance, so you don’t destroy it, okay?”


“Can you look at it when I make it?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind.”

While we were absorbed in the discussion, I had no way of knowing that Lewis and Blake who were farther away were thinking ‘I thought what they were doing, but isn’t it just a talisman?’ and that Henry and Megan were blocking Evan’s and co.’s field of vision.
As a result of the discussion, Austin and Angela will be staying here after three days with the pretext of being the stay-in private tutors of the Faust House’s adopted children.
Al and I decided to work in order to be in time for that day.

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