Chapter 40

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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To Protect
After the two who cried when they found out about the pregnancy calmed down, we talked about the future.
Claude explained to Samantha and others who didn’t know the situation.
When she learned of Angela’s situation, she was so happy as if it happened to her.

“There’s the last time so I would like to conceal it for as long as possible. Evan, do you have any ideas?”

“It’s like Claude said, but we won’t be able to hide it once the baby grows and the belly gets bigger. First of all, you should take a break from adventuring. Austin, did you accept any requests?”

“No, I have none at the moment so it’s fine. But, I will be away from home if I accept any and I’m worried to leave her alone.”

“I will talk to her, won’t you take shelter in the palace?”

“With the Queen? I’m sure she would take the initiative to cooperate, but there are many people coming in and out, so it’s dangerous.”

“Lewis…… then, do you have any other good plans?”

“How about the three races take turns in sheltering her?”

“We wouldn’t mind.”

“Yeah, we will cooperate as well.”

The representatives of the three races suggested cooperation, but the unfamiliar environment would cause a burden on the pregnant Angela, so the decision wasn’t made.
At that time, Samantha who was close to Angela made a suggestion.

“Then, the Faust House will look after her. Right, Dear?”

“Samantha? I don’t mind, but……”

“Let’s do that, Angela. Austin is fine with that too, right?”

“…… Is it all right with you? Sister-in-law-sama.”

“Aneue, I’m thankful for the offer.”

Surprisingly, Samantha is apparently Austin’s older sister.

(Since she’s older sister, that means that Okaasama is royalty right? …… Nevertheless.)

(Looks like it. Nevertheless.)

((They don’t look alike.))

The discussion advanced while we were surprised.

“It’s decided then. Everyone, I think you forgot, but I think that this house is currently the safest place for Angela and the baby. Angela has stayed over several times before and no matter what you say, this is the house of the country’s strongest magician.”

“Stop praising him, Samantha. But you are correct.”

“It’s the truth after all. Which reminds me, Oniisama, you didn’t say anything to Sister-in-law-sama?”

“Yeah…… that…… I was too busy.”

Claude spoke while Evan was lost for words.

“I told you to properly explain things to her, didn’t I? That person is worried for Angela. At the time of that incident too, she got ahead of the soldiers and nearly caused extermination.”

“Well…… look, I can’t speak with her…… before speaking to Angela first, right?”

“Oy…… don’t tell me that…… you didn’t tell her about Al and Feli too!”

“That’s because I was busy in the signature hell since I returned! It can’t be helped!”

“Properly speak with her when we return today. I won’t be covering for you.”


This country’s king seems to be kept on a short leash by his wife.
Samantha advanced the discussion without minding the disheartened Evan.

“Rather than that, we have decided on our house then, right?”

“I would like to ask if it’s okay with Aneue and Claude.”

“Don’t be so reserved, Austin. We will protect you properly, so leave it to us.”

It seems that it has been decided for Faust House to shelter Angela.

(Al…… I want to be helpful to Angela-san too.)

(I thought Feli would say that. You just should move as you desire. I will help out too. But, it seems that moving openly would bring trouble, so stealthily, okay?)



Al and I called Riley and Olivia and moved to a place away from everyone.

“Say, Riley~”

“Yes, what is it, Albert-sama?”

“Are the people of this mansion trustworthy?”

“…… Yes, you can trust them all.”

“I see…… I apologize if I offended you.”

“There’s no need. It’s only natural thing to ask when it concerns Angela-sama.”

“Are there other magicians beside Otousama? Also, what about other forces?”

“I wouldn’t call them equal magicians to Dannasama, but there are five. About the other forces, the people of the mansion are stronger than Olivia and I. In adventurer’s terms, there are B-ranks and some A-ranks as well.”

“…… Are the servants of other nobles like that too?”

“No, the Faust House is a special case. The Faust House has a family lineage of superior magicians for generations now and were targeted in many meanings. I heard that Dannasama was particularly excellent as magician when he was young.”

“I see…… so that’s why they picked up people to hire.”

“It’s somehow incredible, isn’t it? I might have understood Okaasama’s meaning. Say Al, you see, I thought a bit, but even if we want to protect her, it’s not like we can constantly cling to her side, I was wondering whether there was something…… like a talisman for example. Olivia-san, do you know of something?”

“You don’t have to use honorifics with me, Felice-sama. If it’s talisman, how about using bestowal on something you usually wear?”

“Bestowal…… I haven’t done that before. How about Al?”

“I’m the same. It wasn’t necessary after all.”

“If that’s the case, how about asking Meison-sama?”


“Bestowal is applied on weapons and armor too, so asking a dwarf might be a good idea.”

“I’m of the same opinion as Olivia.”

“Since the two are saying that, how about asking? Feli.”


I immediately walked over to Meison and when I pulled on the hem of his clothes, Meison noticed and looked at me.

“What’s the matter? Felice.”

“You see, I have something to ask you. If you don’t mind, could you come over there?”

“I don’t mind.”

Meison agreed so we returned together to where Al was.

“So, what did you want to ask?”

“Actually, we would like to be of help to Angela-san too.”

“We would stand out if we moved openly and it would be troublesome if we got entangled in something.”

“That’s why we want to do it stealthily. That’s why we thought of making a talisman.”

“And, we heard that dwarves are knowledgeable about bestowal.”

“I see…… since it’s like that, I will help you out.”

“Thank you very much!”


Meison agreed to help and we decided to choose what to make.

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