Chapter 39

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Settling in
When I check Riley and Olivia while being stared at Al, the two were huddled close together and shaking enough to make rattling noises.

(Poor children…… what were done to them I wonder? But, it can’t be helped. Al looks to be in high spirits, does he unexpectedly like things like this? He seems to be quite S-ish.)

Noticing my eyes of pity, Al called out to me.

“Hey Feli, weren’t you thinking something rude just now?”

“!?…… S, stop joking Al, I wasn’t thinking anything rude! Not even this tiny bit!”

My voice was hollow because he hit the bullseye.

“Hmm~…… your eyes are swimming Feli…… oh well. Claude, I will have you to let me call you Otousama as well.”

“Yeah, of course. May I also call you Al?”

“Yes, I don’t mind if it’s you. By the way, what about them?”

“Could you wait for a little?”

Saying such, Claude approached the two.

“Are you two all right?”

“Claude-sama, just what is that fellow!?”

“That guy is dangerous! Moreover, I also wasn’t able to appraise the little girl I’m supposed to be in charge of! That little girl is dangerous too!”

Al and I didn’t know whether to admire or be amazed by the two people who said what was on their minds while trembling with pale complexions, but Claude clearly denied the two’s words.

“The two certainly possess large powers, but they are not dangerous…… if you don’t antagonize them, that is. I judged so after listening to their circumstances and getting to know their personalities. I understand your worries about me, my wife and people working in the mansion, but I would like to believe my judgment now. If you can do that, I will tell you about their circumstances.”

“Claude-sama…… understood. I will believe in Claude-sama.”

“…… Me too.”

“Then, let’s talk. What I’m about to tell you is known by His Majesty, representatives of every race, and Austin’s party. First, Felice is――――”

The two still didn’t have any strength, so Claude-sama talked about our circumstances while the two were still sitting.

(It seems that those two aren’t bad people.)

(That’s right…… they were worried about Claude and wanted to protect those important to them, didn’t they? But, their way of going about things was bad.)

(Indeed, I wonder if they didn’t realize that Claude-sama and others would be in danger if they fought here.)

(I guess they weren’t thinking straight after being hit by my bloodthirst.)

(Ah~…… that could have happened.)

(I was holding back quite a lot too though.)

While we were talking via telepathy, the sitting two stood up, moved before us and dropped on their knees. That startled me.

“”I’m truly sorry!””


“I have selfishly caused you discomfort without even listening to your circumstances first. With your permission, I would like to serve Albert-sama with all my sincerity.”

“Me too! I have done something so rude. If you allow me, would you please let me serve you with all my heart, Felice-sama?”


The two lowered their heads, but I’m honestly a bit confused by their desperation.
We were puzzled and unable to give a reply, so Claude stopped the two.

“Calm down you two…… sorry about that Al, Feli. Both of them grew up in an environment similar to Feli’s so……”

“Similar to mine?”

When I asked, Riley and Olivia spoke about themselves.

“I’m a child of a certain noble’s mistress, my mother died when I was ten and my father sold me to a man as a slave because he didn’t want me anymore. Because I had fighting strength, I fought on front lines of war as a battle slave, but I was saved by Claude-sama after losing a battle, and I’m now treated as a person by everyone in the mansion.”

“I was a merchant’s daughter. I was kidnapped by a certain organization when I was six and was trained to be an assassin. A few years later, the organization was crushed and I went to search for my family. However, in the process, I learned that the ones who guided the kidnappers to me…… were my parents. Just when I became desperate and thought of killing myself, I met Okusama and got rescued by Claude-sama and the people of the mansion.”

“The two had troubles at first not only with work but with normal life as well. I think they will be able to support you guys because they have experience.”

“I don’t really mind, you know? I understand those feelings of wanting to protect your important people.”

“I’m good too. But, grasp the situation properly next time before acting. The one who will be troubled is your employer after all. Also, unlike me, Feli is a genuine four-year-old. She might seem mature, but don’t get it wrong. In the guard related things, Riley should give priority to Feli as well.”

“”Eh? …… Then.””

“”Let’s get along.””


While thinking that the issue is settled, Claude gave Riley and Olivia instructions just in case.

“Listen, just as Al said, perform your guarding duties with Feli in the center. Also, always be vigilant of kidnappings. And then, this is the most important thing, but……」

“”Most important……””

“Be sure to teach them common sense. If they try to do something that is out of common sense, stop them. If you won’t be able to stop them, be sure to report without a fail! Don’t pamper them!”

“”Haa? …… Yes.””

“You may not understand now, but you will eventually understand.”

Claude looked at the two again and said with a serious expression.

“That was rude, Otousama. No matter how you put it, we have common sense at least.”

“That’s right, Otousama. We can properly hold back, we are not so heartless.”


“I don’t want to hear that from you! Where was the common sense in your actions until now!”


“Seriously…… listen here Riley, Olivia, I can’t really tell whether these two really understand or not. Don’t take your eyes off of them.”


Because the answer was far better than before, Claude nodded in satisfaction, but there was knocking on the door.
Claude gave his permission to enter the room and Henry came in.

“Excuse me. The preparations are complete.”

“Ah, the time is just right. Well then, let’s move.”

We followed Henry and arrived in a large hall.
Dishes were lined up on a table and many people were waiting for us with smiles on their faces.
I was surprised that Evan and the representatives of the races were there among them.

“This is?”

“Evan and you guys are here too.”


“Today is an important day of you becoming members of a family after all. It’s a welcome party.”

While surprised by Evan’s words, Samantha approached us.

“Dear, did it go smoothly?”


“Albert, Felice, you are our children starting today. Let’s get along.”

The eyes of Samantha looked at us with nervousness, she was trembling a bit with anxiety.
Her eyes were the same as Claude’s when I called him father, so I answered cheerfully.

“”Please treat me well. Okaasama!””

“!? …… Yeah!”

After Samantha opened her eyes wide, she embraced us with a smile floating on her face.

“Then, shall we start?”

The party began with Claude’s words.
Evan immediately started finding faults.

“You are quite childlike, aren’t you Fearfal?”

“It’s Albert. Have you already forgotten? Your Majesty.”

“Stop it! I got chills. We are currently not in public so isn’t normal fine?”

“That’s unthinkable, Your Majesty.”

“That’s why I told you to stop! Felice, tell him something.”

“What do you mean? Your Majesty.”

“…… Even Felice…… ugh……”

Evan burst into tears because of our cold attitudes so we decided to stop.

“Don’t cry, Evan. We were just joking.”

“I’m sorry, Evan-san.”

“What, do it more Al, Feli.”

“He’s pitiable, so will we end it here today, Otousama.”

“That’s right, Evan-san is crying after all, Otousama.”

While we were talking, Evan looked at us in surprise.

“Otousama!?…… Rather, what do you mean by today Felice, Albert!”

“Who knows.”

Austin and Angela came over during the ruckus, so I asked Al to take a look at Angela.

(Al, how is it?)

(Un, it’s considerably small, but it’s definitely there. I can feel the magical power.)

(It would be better to tell them, right? Angela-san is taking on requests and we have to come up with countermeasures.)

(You’re right. But, let’s enjoy the party now.)


We ate tasty food and had an enjoyable time.
While talking with everyone, it came up that this house has two sons who couldn’t be here now because they live in the school’s dormitory.
They are still keeping quiet about us for now, planning to surprise their sons.
Because Samantha wished for a daughter, her eyes are glittering…… and sparkling in excitement.
Before the party ended and Angela left, I decided to ask Claude to prepare a room.

“Otousama, I have something I want to say about Angela-san’s situation, could you please prepare a room?”

“I don’t mind but what happened?”

“U~mm…… lend me an ear for a moment.”


Claude crouched down, so I whispered into his ear.

“In fact―――and―――that’s it.”


Claude stood up in shock after hearing what I have to say, so I nodded in affirmation.

“Yes, I had Al confirm it just a little while ago.”

When Claude sunk into silence with a serious expression, Evan came asking in a worry.

“Claude, what’s the matter?”

“No…… I’m sorry but we have something important to talk about, won’t you stay for longer? Evan, Austin, Angela…… everyone if possible.”

“Is it that serious?”

“Yeah…… in a sense.”

Because everyone decided to stay, we have moved to the prepared room.
Members are everyone we have talked with in the palace with the addition of Samantha, Henry, Megan, Riley, and Olivia.
When we entered the room, I immediately cast the Space-time Barrier.
Everyone except Austin and Angela who have seen it before were looking at me with surprised faces.
Austin spoke up first.

“This is that barrier? Just what has happened?”

“Umm…… there’s something we have to say about Angela-san.”

“Me? Which reminds me, you told me to ‘don’t run’ and ‘don’t fall’ this morning, didn’t you?”

“Is that so?”

When Angela said what I said, the quick people moved their gazes towards Angela’s stomach.
However, the concerned party was looking uneasy without understanding, so Al instantly dispelled that uneasiness.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. Angela…… congratulations, you’re pregnant.”

“”……………… Eh?””

“I don’t think you can understand yet because it’s in the earliest of the early stages, but I can definitely feel the magical power from a baby!”


“I have looked as well, so there’s no doubt. Otousama and Anemos, take a look too.”

When the two approached Angela as told by Al, both Anemos and Claude nodded happily.

“I certainly feel a magical power. Austin, Angela congratulations.”

“It’s tiny, but I definitely can feel it. Congratulations you two.”

Finally caught up in understanding the situation, Austin and Angela quietly shed tears.

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