Chapter 4

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s Check the Status!


A semi-transparent plate-like thing appeared before me.

“Ha!? That startled me…… So this is Status, huh. What is written on it, I wonder?”

I decided to look at the Status right away.


Name: ———

“Wait a moment! I don’t even have a name!?”

I was overwhelmed by the unexpected Status and ended up tsukkoming, but I decided to see it until the end.

InformationStatsMagic AptitudeMagicSkillsInnate SkillsUnique SkillsDivine ProtectionsTitles
Name: ———
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Occupation: ———
HP: 15/15
MP: 1000/1000
Attack: 3
Defense: 5
Agility: 3
Intellect: 150
Dexterity: 125
Luck: 60
All Attributes

Abnormal Status Resistance Lv.3
Pain Tolerance Lv.3
Presence Detection Lv.2
Night Vision Lv.5
Magical Power Detection Lv. 1 (New)
Magical Power Manipulation Lv. 1 (New)
The Mind’s Eye
Item Box
All Languages Comprehension
Ability Duplication (Skill Copy)
Ability Synthesis (Skill Composition)
Life Absorption (Life Assimilation)

Reincarnated from Different World
Margrave’s Eldest Daughter
Child of Taboo


(Hmm, if I’m not mistaken, the book said that the Ambler Empire is country reigning with human supremacy and is unfriendly to other countries…… was Margrave a noble? Also…… what is HP? Is there no help function?)

While thinking so and tracing the letters, the letters flickered, and a new, small plate appeared.

(Ah, this has an explanation written on it. Lemme see……)

HP: Health Points, recovers over time. Death when reaching 0 points.
MP: Magical Power, consumed when using magic. Consciousness lost when reaching 0 points. Recovers over time.
Attack: Offensive ability, offensive power increases with a higher numerical value.
Defense: Defensive ability, defensive power increases with a higher numerical value.
Agility: Swiftness, evasion, and initiative offensive power increase with a higher numerical value.
Intellect: Magic offensive power increases with a higher numerical value.
Dexterity: Accuracy of attacks increases with a higher numerical value.
Luck: The number of acquired items increases with a higher numerical value. Helped by various good fortunes.
Magic Aptitude: Usable attributes of magic. The attributes are, Fire・Water・Wind・Earth・Lightning・Light・Darkness・Space-time・Gravity.
Magic: Usable magic.

(Hee~ I understand their meaning now, but I still don’t know whether my numerical values are high or low. I’m happy that I have all magic attributes, I will have to learn a lot.)

Skills: Abilities, Lv.10 is maximum.
Abnormal Status Resistance: Reduction of all abnormal states.
Pain Tolerance: Reduction of all pain.
Sign Detection: Detects presences in the surroundings. Scope differs by level.
Night Vision: Allows seeing in dark places without using light.
Magical Power Detection: Detects magical power in the surroundings. Scope differs by level.
Magical Power Manipulation: Allows moving the magical power at will.

(The skills…… I might have survived the experiments thanks to this “Abnormal Status Resistance” and “Pain Tolerance” huh…… And then, there’s ‘New’ next to the “Magical Power Detection” and “Magical Power Operation”, have I perhaps acquired this when circulating the magical power?)

Innate Skills: Abilities, have no levels.


The Mind’s Eye: Allows seeing detailed information about target and target’s emotions are seen as an aura. The color of aura changes depending on the mood.

Item Box: Items can be stored in a different dimension, doesn’t work with living beings. Infinite capacity. Storing items is done by touching the target while conscious of the skill. Retrieving items is done by thinking about the specific item.

All Languages Comprehension: You can understand and speak the languages of all races.

Unique Skills: Abilities unique to the user, have no levels.

Ability Duplication: Allows duplicating target’s skills and making them your own.

Ability Synthesis: Allows the synthesis of skills to create new skills. Once synthesized, it can’t be restored to the original.

Life Absorption: Allows absorption and accumulation of the target’s life force. The absorbed amount is at the user’s discretion. When the user’s HP and MP decrease, it’s automatically replenished. Being in contact with the target is necessary.

(…… Yeah! It’s somewhat wonderful in a way. “Innate Skills” are convenient. “Unique Skills” are amazing too, but I have to be touching the target for the “Life Absorption” and the absorbed amount is arbitrary…… by life force, doesn’t it mean the target will die if I absorb too much? …… I have to be careful.)

Divine Protections: A God gives you divine protection and watches over you.

Reincarnated from Different World: A person who has reincarnated from a different world.
Margrave’s Eldest Daughter: The first-born daughter of Margrave’s family.
Child of Taboo: Born as a twin of taboo.

(Watched over by a God, huh…… too bad I don’t have one. The titles are as written, aren’t they~ Now then, I should start considering the strategy of escape)

After finishing looking at the status and trying to consider the strategy of escape,


A loud sound resounded around the room.

“Ahaha…… I’m too hungry. If I’m not mistaken, the servant guy brought food, didn’t he?”

Looking around, there was a meal placed on top of the desk, so I decided to eat first.

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