Chapter 3

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Child of Taboo
――Kii~――Gashan, gashan

I heard the door opening, and someone came in.

“Oi, it’s food! …… What, is she sleeping? Ha, what a nice social status she has for a Child of Taboo!”

(The one who entered appears to be a man. Why is he so angry? What does he mean by “Child of Taboo”?)

I was startled by his angry voice and desperately suppressed the movement of my body.

――Katsun, katsun

“You are loud. What are you doing?”

Another person entered through the opened door and called to the man.

(A woman’s voice this time…… I should pretend to be asleep a little bit more.)

“I’m sorry…… even though I have gone my way and brought food to the basement, this fellow is asleep, so I got angry”

“Is she sleeping? She should be awake at this time of the day…… which reminds me, there was some experimenting done with a new poison yesterday, wasn’t there? I heard its effect was rather strong, so it’s probably because of that?”

(So this place was a basement, I see. That’s why there’s no window…… but, poison experimenting!?)

I was startled by the subject of their conversation and nearly stood up, but because I might find more by listening to the two’s conversation, I decided to concentrate on hearing)

“Hmph, even though it should be fine if she stayed like that. It’s already four years, you know? Seriously, how long does Lord plan on keeping this fellow alive?”

“Keep your mouth shut. It’s not good for a servant to interfere. It’s something Dannasama has decided.”

“I understand that. But in fact, it’s strange, isn’t it~ Even though they are twins who are Children of Taboo, why does he keep both of them alive~? Normally, wouldn’t you kill off one of them?”

“Dannasama said to dispose of one of them when they were born as well, but he changed his mind after seeing the results of their ability measurement and decided to raise both of them.”

(Raise, you say…… keeping someone in the basement is not raising, right!? In the first place, why are twins the『Childen of Taboo』? Moreover, disposing of one at birth――killing them!?)

“Raise, huh…… does it mean both have high magical power?”

“Yes. The elder sister had more magical power than common babies, but she didn’t have the family’s Innate Skill. The little sister’s magical power was normal, but she had the Innate Skill, so it was decided that the little sister would live as the daughter. The elder sister doesn’t have the Innate Skill, but high magical power is precious, so…… However, it’s not like it can be made known about both Children of Taboo being alive. Therefore,……”


“That’s why the elder one is kept in the basement, huh. As expected of the head maid! You are well-informed. But, rather than being precious, isn’t she recently used for experiments?”

(This is a basement…… that means “I” am the older one of the twins, and I have a little sister.)

“That’s because a little brother was born. The little brother has high magical power and also possesses the『Innate Skill』, so he will surely become a splendid Lord one day.”

“That’s good to hear. Then, has this fellow served her purpose?”

“That’s why I’m telling you it’s something for Dannasama to decide. Besides, she still has a purpose…… it’s almost time. Let’s return.”



It appears the two left from the room. I wait and see while laying.


I sit up after the two’s footsteps get farther away, but I stay dumbstruck for a while.


A few minutes later――

I decided to sort out the information while recalling the two’s conversation.

“Somehow… beyond my imagination…… let’s sort out the information…”

What I understood from their conversation――

*”I” am the elder twin of the “Children of Taboo”, most likely four years old.
*”My” magical power is high, and I was thrown into the basement because I don’t have the family’s Innate Skill.
*Recently, a little brother with high ability was born.
*Because a little brother was born, it appears “I” have been left for human experiments.
*This house seems to be employing servants and maids.

(Wouldn’t it be dangerous for me to remain here? In the first place, being experimented on for the development of poison and drugs…… it’s something that happened just recently, but “I” am just four years old, right? …… Experiments on a child like that? That’s not normal! Because they said they experimented on me with a new poison yesterday, did “I” perhaps fell to the poison, and woke up as Sayo? But, when Sayo woke up, there was nothing wrong with the body, right? I don’t think it will be like that if they keep on experimenting on me like that, though……… Anyhow, because it’s not like I will survive if I stay here, I have to think of a way to escape…… for that reason, let’s confirm Status first!)

In order to figure out a way to escape from here, I decided to investigate my own power.

“All right! Status!”

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