Chapter 2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Different World? Reincarnation?

After that, I sat down on the chair, and read the books, relying on the lamp.

“Fuu~ let’s take a break for little. There’s a lamp, but my eyes are too tired because there’s not enough light.”

I rubbed my eyes and stood up.
What I understood by reading the books is that this is not the world I’m used to――I might have reincarnated in a different world.

――Why, you ask?
There are proper reasons!

Regarding the different world,
Firstly, these letters are not Japanese nor English, they are letters I have not seen in my previous world.

――You are saying I just might not know about it?
I have considered that too…… but, I have read a few books already…… right…… they should have been unknown letters to me.

Secondly, the books have names of the countries and history that I’m not aware of, there’s nothing about the countries I know.
There are also other races in this world, in addition, to “Humans” there are “Demi-humans” such as Beastmen, Elves, Dwarves. And also hostile races called “Demons” and monsters and there also seem to be several dragons.

Thirdly, in the book called “First Magic”, it said that all people of this world possess “Magical Power”, and the use of “Magic” is indispensable in life.
I have lost to curiosity and tried the “Magical Power Circulation” it was talking about first, and it came out.
As far as I know, there shouldn’t be magic in my original world.

Then, regarding the reincarnation…… above all, my body has shrunk.
From the above mentioned, I have come to the conclusion.

(This is not a dream, but reality. If I have reincarnated into a different world…… Did I, Tsukino Sayo, really die?)

Thinking about that, my body lost all strength.


“Sniff…… I’m sorry, Foster Father…… Foster Mother…… sniff…… the promise…… I’m sorry I couldn’t protect the promise… Akari-chan……”

My tears didn’t stop for a while.


After a short while,
――Suu~ Suu~

“N~ Huh? Have I fallen asleep…… Ugh~ I cried so much my head hurts.”


It appears I have fallen asleep just like that.

(I still don’t properly understand the situation, I have to keep it together.)

I reseat myself on the chair, and started thinking about the “Me” I have reincarnated into.

(I have no memory of me “Me” before reincarnating. I think that “I am” currently around three to five years old, so I was living until now, but it’s strange that there’s no memory, right? And why did I “Sayo” has awoken at this point? The room too, the door is locked, there are no windows, there’s only a lamp on the table as the source of light, and because there are no toys for a child to play with, I think this is not a child’s room. That reminds me, it was written in the “First Magic” book that every person in this world has a thing called “Status” and information about people are recorded in their “Status”…… alright! Let’s try it right away! I’m certain I just have to say “Status”, right?)

I decided to look at my “Status” at once.



At that time, I heard a noise coming from the door.

“Eh? That sound?”

While I was perplexed about the sound I heard, the sound was gradually approaching me.

――Kacha, kacha

This time, it sounded like metals colliding against each other.

“This sound, is it perhaps the sound of the door unlocking?”


(Is it a key as I thought!? Who is coming!? What to do! What should I do!!)

The action I took in the state of panic is,
――I put the cloth around me and collapsed on the floor.

Well, simply put, I’m “Pretending to be asleep”.

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