Chapter 5

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Meal, and Escape Plan
After I had finished looking at the status, I decided to have a meal because I was too hungry.
When I sat down on the chair and looked at the prepared meal on the table, there was a piece of bread, soup with no utensils, and a cup, so I tried to eat the bread……


――Paku…… mogyu…… mogyu……

(What is this bread!? It’s so hard, dried, and so difficult to eat, the inside of my mouth is……)

Because the bread was so hard and dry, the inside of my mouth got dried out, so I took the cup in my hand and drank it.

――Goku, goku

“Ueh!? This is water? It reeks of mud, I can’t drink this.”

The water was no good as well. I somewhat couldn’t reach my hands towards the remaining soup, but I couldn’t win against hunger and decided to drink it.


“…… It has no…… taste”


I innocently ate while soaking the hard bread in the tasteless soup.

A few minutes later――

It took time, but I somehow was able to eat it.

(Well, my stomach has calmed down…… I have to pull myself together and think about the strategy.)



(I have not learned any magic suitable for the strategy, and the Presence Detection, Magical Power Detection and Night Vision seem usable…… I also have to think about after when I have escaped…… I’m a four years old child, after all…… I should use the Item Box and the unique skills…… but……)

While looking at the status, I thought about the strategy and wrote it down on paper.


Escape Plan

1. After escaping, put necessary items in the Item Box.

2. Using Life Absorption, I’m going to absorb the life force of the person who will come to the basement.

3. I will use Ability Reproduction when possible and acquire skills.

4. I will look at the books and learn as much magic as possible.

5. I will raise the level of Sign Detection, Magical Power Detection, Night Vision.

6. I will look for a map

Because I wrote what came to my mind, I re-examined the plan.

(Even if I successfully escape from here, I might get caught if I escape blindly, so I should investigate where this is and also look for a map…… there also seem to be monsters and such, and I will have to learn necessary magic or skills to defend myself even against normal animals……. also, food and water…… let’s look for a map before that.)

I decided to look up a book to find a map.

(I have a feeling that there was something in the first book I’ve read, but…… there it is! I’m and eldest daughter of the Margrave House affiliated to the Ambler Empire, aren’t I? Since this is a Margrave, it should be near borders with other countries…… The Dianes Republic at the center, from there, the Trust Kingdom to the south, the Radius Empire to the west, and the Ambler Empire to the north…… the only place I can escape to is the Dianes Republic. In the first place, I don’t know where in the Empire I am…… as I thought, I have to grasp the specific location.)

By the way, this world has four large countries and several smaller ones, to simply explain the large countries――

“Dianes Republic” is a country where diverse races coexist, the founder is a human King. It’s a country developed with the cooperation of Beastmen, Elves, Dwarves representatives.

“Trust Kingdom” is a country with beastmen in the center. It’s ruled by a beastmen King.

“Radius Empire” believes in the Chief God Grielma, and has churches in every nation. It’s governed by a Pope.

“Ambler Empire” is a country of human supremacy. It’s not friendly to other countries. It’s ruled by a King.

Looking at it like that, the Dianes Republic is a good place to escape to.
I decided to put the magic practice on hold for the time being in order to identify my current location.

But, before that――

(I have to make sure this plan is not seen…… I can stay at peace by putting it in the Item Box, right? How to use it……)

――Storing items is done by touching the target while conscious of the skill. Retrieving items is done by thinking about the specific item.

(Fumu, fumu…… I see~)

While conscious of the Item Box, I grasped the paper in my hand.
Then――the escape plan paper disappeared.

“Haa!? It disappeared…… was it stored? Let’s try taking it out.”

Because I was using a skill for the first time, I decided to retrieve it just in case.

(Alright, escape plan come ou~t……)

This time, the escape plan appeared in my hand.

(Ohh~ a success. What a convenient skill.)

I put the escape plan into the item box once again and started the magic practice.

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