Chapter 34

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Angela’s treatment safely finished, but we have decided that Claude-san and I will regularly check, and that we won’t let the surroundings know.
Everyone split up in order to return to their work and we have decided to return with Austin and others.

“Then, shall we go back? Do you have any plans from now on, Fearfal and Felice?”

“Not really, but…… Do you have something, Feli?”

“I would like to write a letter for Will-kun, but where could I do that?”

“A letter, huh…… I could guide you, but who is this Will-kun?”

“Yes. He’s the son of Chase who has helped me, I have promised to write him letters. I talk with Chase through telepathy, but he told me to keep it secret from Will-kun that I can use it, so I’m going to write letters.”

When I explained, Austin looked at me Poka~n with his mouth wide open.
Also, Evan and co. who were about to leave the room to return to their work stopped in tracks and looked at me dumbfoundedly, there were various reactions going around.

“Umm…… everyone, what’s the matter?”

When I asked, Claude silently reseated on the sofa and started talking.

“First of all, everyone please sit down.”

Everyone sat down in the silence and Claude inquired from me.

“Now then Felice, may I ask a few questions?”

“Yes! …… What is it?”

“You are able to use telepathy?”


“Who is this Chase?”

“Chase is a person from the Trust Kingdom and he came to the rescue the abducted people. He has transformed into a human and infiltrated the Bailey House. He carried food to the basement where I was locked and I have learned of his true identity with my skill that time. Chase has noticed that and made a contract with me to help me escape in return for using my skill to find the abducted people.”

“How could you trust that man? Even if it sounds like a joke, you are the daughter of the Bailey House. Normally, it might not be possible at your age, but you must have understood how those people would feel about you, right?”

“Yes…… resentment, I could become a target of their hatred…… honestly, I thought of immediately escaping with magic if needed. But…… he said that he will use ‘Oath Magic’.”

“”Oath Magic!?””

The two people who raised their voices to my words were Blake and Braid.
And, the Beastmen representative Braid opened his mouth in amazement.

“To use Oath Magic…… it’s something Beastmen won’t use unless they completely trust the other party. May I ask the contents?”

“Yes. Roughly speaking, Chase and his companions wouldn’t hurt me and we would assist each other to escape. There was a condition that the violator would ‘lose the most important to him/her’.”

“The most important…… you could trust them that much in such short period of time?”

“I think that were had a mutual interest at that point. But, because both them and I had no time……”


“The head of the Bailey House would return three days after I’ve talked with Chase. Once the head of the family returned, the Beastmen would be sold as slaves or killed. As for me……”

I got lost for words after recalling that time, so Al grasped my hands and I was able to continue after taking a deep breath.

“In order to experiment with a newly developed magic tool, I was to go to the ‘Magic Forest’.”

While talking about the magic tool, the Dwarven representative Doruki asked with great interest.

“A new magic tool, huh…… what effect did it have?”

“It was a magic tool for summoning monsters.”

“Impossible!? They made something like that!”

While Doruki and Braid were shocked, a light voice of the Elven representative Anemos who was quiet until now resounded.

“Doruki, Braid, it would certainly be troublesome if such magic tool was developed…… but, that’s not all there’s to it.”

“What do you mean?”

When Braid asked, Anemos looked at me sadly.

“Just a little while ago, Felice said that she didn’t have much time because of the magic tool experiment. Do you two not understand?”

“”Surely not!?””

“Magic tools are activated by pouring magical power into them. If they brought Felice for the experiment, it means just that.”

“That magic tool summons monsters, right? To do such thing to his own daughter!”

“That’s right! If she were to do that, she would certainly die!”

While the two raised their voices in disbelief, I have affirmed Anemos’ words.


“No, it’s like Anemos-san said. That’s because to those people, I wasn’t that person’s ‘daughter’ but ‘Taboo Child’…… I was told it would be better if I died.”


While the two were lost for words, Claude calmly asked.

“However, just like Doruki said, you would die if you were to do something like that…… did you save her, Fearfal?”

“I haven’t saved her. I was still a prisoner at the Bailey house at that time.”

“Then, how?”

“Feli used transfer magic.”

“…… Transfer magic this time, huh.”

Claude looked exhausted, but I decided not to mind it.

“I have transferred at the last moment, so those people think that I have died. I also got hold of the magic tool!”

“After that, Feli undid my chains and we left the Empire together. Also, I have destroyed the magic tool laboratory.”

“…… That magic tool you took?”

“It’s in my item box.”

“…… I see…… in your item box, huh……”

Claude loses his spirit as we keep talking.

“By the way, can you show us that magic tool? I would like to analyze it for countermeasures. Of course, I swear not to misuse it, I will also choose the involved people.”

I thought about Claude’s proposal for a bit, but anyhow, the things I can do are limited, I decided that it would be better to entrust it to a specialist.

“Alright…… this is it.”

When he received the magic tool, Claude called to Doruki.

“Doruki, please arrange people with tight mouths to examine this magic tool. I will also send some people of ours.”

“Leave it to me.”

“Also Felice, what were you talking about through the telepathy?”

“That we have safely arrived in the Republic. I haven’t talked about Evan-san and others in detail. We have decided to get in touch again when the place of our stay has been decided.”

“Also, I have judged it safe to tell him that I’m Kokuryuu.”

“Was it fine to speak that much? What will you do if he has a different motive?”

Claude said such words, but Al has denied them.

“I understand your worry. Just in case, we decided not to talk about things concerning the country and Chase is simply worried about Feli.”

“How can you tell?”

“To him――to them, Feli is their benefactor, a girl younger than their children. Feli forgot about her promise of telepathy so she contacted them yesterday. I was also worried at first, but I secretly cut in, but his opening lines were ‘What were you doing until now!’ Hearing that voice, I recalled the time when Austin and Angela got angry at me because they were worried about Feli.”

Al looked at Austin and Angela with gentle eyes.

“In addition, after escaping, Chase and everyone decided that a ‘passing by magician’ have saved them.”

“I see.”

As if thinking about something, Claude has fallen into silence.
At that time, Evan looked at me while grinning.

“Say, say Felice, is Will-kun a ‘friend’? Or perhaps…… a ‘future lover’?”

“Oy, stupid! Evan, be quiet!”

Lewis remonstrated Evan in panic, and other people looked at him with ‘what is he saying, this person’ eyes. Then, a low voice beside me resounded around the room and the atmosphere froze.

“Haah? …… What are you saying, Evan…… he’s a ‘friend.’ What else would he be…… isn’t that right, Feli?”

Al asked while smiling at me, but his eyes were scary so I ended up nodding many times over while answering.

“T, that’s right! He’s a friend! What else besides a friend could he be! I’m saying that he’s a friend!”

“Isn’t that right! Evan…… do you understand?”

When asked by Al, Evan kept on nodding his head like a broken doll.

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