Chapter 35

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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While Evan who said something unnecessary was being scolded by Lewis, Claude who was pondering in silence spoke to Al.

“Fearfal, what will you do about work?”

“Let’s see~ I thought of doing some adventuring at first.”

“An adventurer, huh……”

Austin spoke next after Claude went pondering again.

“What’s the matter, Claude? Even if you are worried, somebody among us will accompany him and properly teach him about adventurers, so it should be fine, you know?”

“Yeah…… Fearfal, I’m sorry but could you wait before registering as an adventurer for a while?”

“Is there a reason? I plan on properly controlling my power in the human form, though.”

“I’m not worried about that, but…… Felice, you see.”

“What’s wrong with Feli?”

Even when Al repeatedly asked, Claude wasn’t talking.
The people around were also paying attention to Claude.
Then, Claude began speaking about his worries.

“First, Felice’s magic or even its concept is, speaking frankly, different. Her behavior is unlike a child’s too.”


When I was about to hang my head down, Claude interrupted me.

“Wait Felice, let me finish talking. If you are to live in our country, no matter how much we hide you from the surroundings, there would be those who notice you and try to use you. Among them will be nobles and those of high social standing.”

“Such fellows, I won’t forgive them.”

“If it’s you, you will surely not lose, but as Ryuu have laws, human society also has laws of its own. No matter what the reason is, commoners who raise their hands against nobles will be judged.”


“‘Irrelevant’…… huh? …… If you do that, you won’t be able to remain in the country and if you continue doing that, you will lose your place in the human society. It might be fine for you who is Ryuu, but Felice is a human. Are you possibly going to crush Felice’s future?”

“That is……”

Al lost his words after Claude pointed that out, he looked at me then turned his sight back at Claude.

“I don’t desire that.”

“…… Right now, I’m thinking in various ways, but I still am unable to come up with something…… that’s why, could you wait for a bit?”


It has been decided that Claude will contact us in the near future and the meeting dissolved. Evan and others returned to their work and we have left the royal palace with Austin and Angela.
By the way, I have deiced to return home while still transformed.

“Austin-san, do I give the letter to a post office?”

“What is ‘post office’?”

“Eh? The place which delivers letters?”

“Why is that a question…… letters and baggage is fundamentally submitted to the Merchant’s Guild.”

“Is that different from the Adventurer’s Guild?”

This has never come up in the games I have played in my previous life and I couldn’t understand well, so I asked.

“Guilds are different depending on the type of occupation you are registering with. There are various guilds, Adventurer’s Guild mediates work and management for adventurers, Merchant’s Guild supports the trade and management, Magician’s Guild supports the magic development and research. Well, there are still some little things though.”

“Hee~ is that so? That reminds me, can anyone become an adventurer?”

“Criminals and such are out of the question though. It’s possible to register at the age of ten. Do you want to be an adventurer, Felice?”

“I still don’t know yet, but…… I think I would like to go on adventures with Al.”

“It would be fun with Feli.”

“Felice is four, so six years later.”

“You have to wait until then!”

“I will do my best!”

We have arrived at the Merchant’s Guild while talking and when we entered inside, a woman has called out to us.

“Welcome! To the Merchant’s Guild. May I inquire about your business?”

“We would like to send a letter to the Trust Kingdom.”

“A letter is it? Then, please fill out the sender’s name and recipient’s address please.”

Austin asked while looking at the paper he received from the woman.


“Felice, can you write? I can write it for you if you don’t.”

“It’s okay.”

“I see. Then, we will be there so come to us when you are done.”

Saying such, they went to a sofa near the entrance.
When I watched because I found it strange, Al taught me.

“The place you are sending the letter to is Chase’s house in the Trust Kingdom, right? Austin and Angela who are from the Dianes Kingdom judged it would be better not to know the contents.”

“Ah…… I see.”

“Look, it would be bad to keep them waiting, so let’s quickly write it.”


Urged by Al, I filled out the paper and handed it over to the woman.

“I have received it. The fee is eight copper coins.”

“Yes, 8 copper coins.”

“Yes, I’ve received them. Wait a moment please.”

When she inserted the letter inside a white box, a thin card-like thing came out from the box.

“Thank you for waiting. This is a ‘confirmation plate’ so please take it and wait.”


(Al…… what is this? What am I supposed to do with this?)

(Beats me? But, this child handed it over as if it was given, so she might think we are strange if we ask, right?)

(Eh~…… shall we ask Austin-san later?)

(Let’s do that.)

“Thank you very much.”

We finished our telepathy, thanked the woman and went to Austin and Angela in a hurry.

“Thank you for waiting.”

“Don’t worry about it. Were you able to properly send it?”

“Yes. Umm…… there’s something I want to ask.”

They noticed that I found it difficult to ask, so we went outside first.
We have moved to a place slightly farther away from the guild and I told the truth in a low voice.

“So, what’s the matter?”

“Umm~ it’s about this, but……”

“N? What about this confirmation plate?”

“Rather than what’s about it…… what is this used for?”

“What is it used for……”

“Both Feli and I have never sent letters before and we utilized a guild for the first time too, so we don’t know.”

“Ah, that reminds me that was the case.”

“The confirmation plate is a magic tool that is able to confirm whether the letter safely arrived to the recipient.”

“”Hee~ how?””

“The confirmation plate contains information on the type of baggage, the sender, the recipient, and when the package passes over to the recipient, the confirmation board will indicate the completion of delivery.”

“That’s very convenient, isn’t it~”

“Everything changed while not looking for a while, huh.”

“Say…… wouldn’t it perhaps be better to teach common sense not only to Felice, but to Fearfal as well?”

“It looks like it.”

Because Austin said so exhaustedly, I have exchanged a glance with Al and gave a few words.

“”Please treat us well~””



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