Chapter 36

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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After sending the letter and when I reported to Chase that we can live in the country via telepathy, he replied with ‘I’m glad’.
It seems that Chase’s and other’s side is still bustling.
It has been five days since we discussed at the royal palace, there has been no contact from Claude yet, so Al and I spend our time by taking strolls and shopping.
During that, we have passed by the church many times and we saw the girl from before and other children, so I was curious and asked Angela about it. She told me that the church is taking care of orphans.

“Orhpans, is it?”

“Yes, the children from the orphanage the church is managing.”

“I see…… Angela-san, how is your body’s condition?”

“I’m fine. I feel more lively than before.”

“That’s good. By the way, what did you come for today?” (Al)

“I got a word from Claude-sama. He wants you to come to the palace at ten o’clock tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow, huh…… alright.”

“Then, I will come with Austin to pick you up tomorrow.”

“Yes, I understand. Thank you in advance.”

When we see Angela off, Al lifted me up.

“Fe~li, what’s the matter? Are you concerned about the orphans?”

“Al…… it’s not like I’m concerned, it’s just that I recalled my previous life.”

“I see, you were an orphan in your previous life, weren’t you…… want to go to the church?”


“N~ just because? Feli doesn’t have any acquaintances of the same age, right? You might be able to make some friends?”

“Friends, huh…… I’m fine for today. But, I would like to visit the church, so let’s think about it tomorrow after hearing what Claude-san has to say.”


The next day, I transformed into identical appearances from the last time and went with Angela to the royal palace.
When we arrived at Evan’s private room, the members from the last time were already gathered.

“Sorry for making you wait. Let’s get to the main point at once.”



“What we have to think about from now on is the interference of nobles and influential people with you guys, of course, both domestic and foreign.”

“Me too?”

“Naturally. The power of Kokuryuu is too attractive after all. Moreover, a little child is by your side…… this is the option those fellows will choose.”

Al’s eyes sharply narrowed at Claude’s words.


“The most effective countermeasure at the current stage is…… to make you guys a nobility. Furthermore, from a Duke house or similarly influential house.”


“But, how would we do that?”

“Well, the simplest way would be adoption.”


“Uhh, me too?”

While Al and I were puzzled by the talk about adoption, Evan entered the conversation.

“It would be nice if you could be adopted into our family, but I got refused.”

“That’s a given! No matter how you look at it, adoption to the royal family is impossible! Austin is no good for the same reason…… oy, what’s with those eyes! These siblings seriously resemble each other too much…… that being the case, I have several candidates.”

“Wait a moment. Is the adoption a settled matter?”

“Adoption is the minimal line.”

Because the others nodded at Claude’s assertive words, I exchanged glances with Al and nodded.

“Alright…… I didn’t indeed think that I would become a human’s adopted child.”

“Well, of course. The first choice is a Nerda House located in a remote region which is close to the royal family, the Garnes House also located in a remote region which is the house of my blood relatives, and the last one is the Ducal House of mine.”

“Oy! Why is your house included! That’s not fair!”

“Fumu…… if it’s influential houses, why are our houses not included?”

“That’s right.”


When speaking about the candidates, Evan, Anemos, Braid, and Doruki objected in dissatisfaction to Claude.

“Evan…… don’t make me say it again. Anemos-dono and others, aren’t your races different to begin with?”

“If you are talking about races, isn’t Fearfal a Kokuryuu!”

The three nodded in agreement with Evan, but Claude ignored that and shifted his attention towards Al and me.

“By the way, I recommend my house. Our family lineage is that of magicians, so we have a place for training magic and we also have many books, so you can study whatever you want. If possible, I would like to learn the magic you guys use too.”

“……… So that was your purpose!? Isn’t that just a self-interest!”

“What a rude fellow. I have properly thought it through, Austin and others will become a good camouflage when training. If it’s my house then it won’t be suspicious when Austin and others come to visit, right?”


“Gu…… that’s true, but…… I’m somehow not satisfied!”

“That being the case, what do you think?”

Claude looked at us and asked.

“Eh… um, didn’t it somehow turn into an only possible option?”


“That’s not true, so? What do you think?”

I was overwhelmed by Claude’s vigor and unconsciously answered.

“Claude’s House.”

“Claude-san’s House.”


A smile floated on Claude’s entire face.
Our smiles cramped while thinking ‘he’s somewhat different from his image’.

“Alright…… not! This magic fool!”

He ignored Evan again and talked about Al next.

“Also Fearfal, can you appearances be only like this?”

“Appearances? No, I can turn into animals too.”

“Ah, my question was poor. Can you turn into a child?”

“Of course, I turn into a child or even an elderly, why?”

“You look about twenty at the moment, right? Adoption at that age would stand out and you will also stand out as an adventurer. Your actions together with Felice will be limited.”

“Eh? Why?”

When Al asked in discontent, Lewis and Austin answered.

“That’s so, isn’t it? Adoption is generally done before adulthood. The similar reason applies to adventures. Even if Fearfal has the ability, you will become a target of doubts.”

“Besides, if you register as an adventurer, even at the point where Felice can register too, the age difference and rank will stand out when you form a party. If you join together, it would be full power Fearfal and the new face Felice.”

“There’s also the problem of school. School is a system where adults can’t follow.”

“…… Then, how old should I become?”

“Let’s see…… well, one-two years older than Felice or the same age?”

“Well, from my standpoint, I think it would advise you to get experience before Felice, but the time you spend together will be limited. If you are the same age, you can study relatively the same things and spend the time together.”

“Eh? Wait a moment…… experience before…… advice, huh…… but the time……”

Al was muttering on my side, so I asked what I was curious about.

“How old does one need to be to attend school?”

“13 years old. Until then, you study with a private tutor. Junior high school is for three years, senior high school another three. Well, only nobles and the rich send their children to the senior high school.”

“Why is that?”

“Simply put, it’s because of monetary reasons. Schools are not free and the poor families need every able person.”

“We have discussed improvements regarding that, but…… well, if Jiisama didn’t work so hard, the school system probably wouldn’t be even the current state.”

“The first generation king?”

“Yes, I was told that everyone attended the school from the age of six until fifteen in the country Jiisama was born in. Also, it appears that the children were able to choose what school to attend at the age of sixteen.”

“Eh? …… That’s.”

“It seems that his concept was considerably hard in that period.”

(Was the first generation king possibly a reincarnated person? Or……)

While lost in thoughts, Claude has spoken to me.

“By the way Felice, do you want to become an adventurer?”

“Yes. Is that perhaps no good?”

“No, there’s no problem. I don’t plan on restricting you even after you become an adopted child and nobles can become adventurers too. They are here too, right?”

“Come to think of it, that’s true.”

“We just have to teach you how to control your power properly.”

“Yes, I will be in your care.”

“By the way, have you already decided, Fearfal?”

“Eh? I haven’t decided yet, Claude. I mean, I want to throw away both…… Feli, which one do you like better?”

“Eh~? Lemme see…… I would prefer being together!”


Saying such, Al’s body got wrapped in light.
When the light subsided, what I saw was a black-haired, pretty little boy.

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