Chapter 37

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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New Home
The pretty black-haired boy in front of me was smiling from ear to ear.
His height is slightly higher than mine.

“…… Al?”

“That’s right!”

A cheerful reply followed with a hug.
Being satisfied after a while, Al turned towards Claude.

“This much should be fine, right?”

“Yeah…… that’s fine…… these two, the countermeasure against people……”

I didn’t understand his last words, but when Al changed back because he got a positive reply, Anemos spoke to him.

“Fearfal, I think it would be better if you change your name too.”


“Because there are people who know of Kokuryuu Fearfal. We should do as much as possible so your identity won’t get exposed, right?”

“I see…… but, how should I call myself?”

Al started pondering.
Then, Angela asked while looking at me.

“Because Felice is calling you ‘Al,’ won’t a name similar to that which doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable be better?”

“Certainly…… isn’t Al good enough?”

“That would be dull, wouldn’t it?”

When Al looked at Evan’s statement in displeasure, Blake spoke out.

“Then, how about letting Felice decide? Fearfal gave Felice her name, right?”

“That’s a good idea.”

Meison agreed and Al looked at me with sparkling eyes, so I decided to think about it seriously.

“Hmm…… Al…… Albert…… yeah! How about Albert?”

“Albert? Does it have any meaning?”

“If I remember correctly, the meaning was noble? I thought it perfectly suits Al, but…… no good?”

“There’s no such thing! Thank you, Feli.”

“Then, since your name was decided, starting today, you are Albert Faust and Felice Faust.”


“Faust is my family name. I will prepare the necessary documents for adoption, so you guys prepare to move.”

“We are moving?”

“That’s right. I will have you guys live in my mansion. Also, shall I explain the situation to a certain extent to my family? Of course, it won’t leak outside.”

“That’s fine with us. When are we moving?”

“About three days. I will contact you when the preparations are complete.”

“Got it.”


We are apparently going to live at Claude’s house.
Because we were told that today’s talk is finished, I asked Angela about the orphanage.

“Angela-san, would it be possible to see the orphanage?”

“The orphanage? Did something happen?”

“Because Feli has no acquaintances of the same age, we thought it might be just right.”

“That’s so, isn’t it…… those children entered the orphanage just recently and there are still some instable children. They also easily lose their temper and it would become trouble if you get injured, so I don’t think it’s possible right now.”

“Moreover, because you will become a noble, if you get injured even though you are a child, it would become a big issue.”

“Is that so……”

Being told that by Angela and Claude I felt very downhearted, but Blake gave a proposal to cheer me up.

“If you like, how about coming to play at our house? We got quite a handful of pipsqueaks?”

“Is that alright!? …… Little mofumofus.”

“If that’s the case, you can come to our place too. If I’m not mistaken, we should have children about your age.”

“We…… the appearances are of similar age, but…… well, Felice would be fine. Please come whenever you like.”

Meison and Lewis invited me as well, so I gave them my thanks with a smile on my whole face.

“Thank you very much!”

“Good for you, Feli.”

At that time, Evan almost called out himself, but he lost to Claude’s pressure and kept silent.
Because we have dispersed, Austin and others took us to a recommended store for a meal. I felt the gazes from surroundings when I took off my hood, so I told Austin and others ‘S-class party is popular as I thought’, Blake patted my head with a lukewarm gaze.
Al said something incomprehensible like ‘she’s not self-conscious, isn’t she?’ but Austin replied with ‘Same goes for you.’
Finishing the meal, we have returned to the house to prepare for moving.


“First of all, let’s put the things we normally use in the item box?”

“Yeah. Also, let’s make the rooms we don’t use clean with magic?”

“It would be better to talk with Robert-san and tell him that we are moving, right?”

“It seems that Austin and others will handle that. But, it would be better to speak with him.”

“Let’s go today and clean up tomorrow.”

We left towards Robert’s company at once.
We entered the company, told the receptionist ‘we want to meet Robert’ and we were guided inside.
A short time later, Robert came out and guided us to a private room.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it? What’s the matter?”


“We came regarding the matter of moving, have you heard about it from Austin?”

“Yes, I heard about it.”

“At the time of moving, do we have to sign some documents or anything?”

“Let’s see…… you have to make sure not to leave anything behind, we will do the cleaning ourselves, and there are no problems with the documents. We will contact you on the day of moving to receive the key.”


“It was a short time, but you helped us. Next time we meet, my appearances will be different, but best regards. My name will also be Albert.”

“Albert-sama, is it? Understood.”

“Then, excuse us.”

“Thank you very much.”

Seen off by Robert, we left the company.
The next day, Angela who was cleaning up spoke up.

“Tomorrow, Claude-sama will send someone to pick you up, Fearfal-sama, make sure to transform okay?”

“Got it…… Feli, what’s the matter?”

“…… Yeah……”

Because I was silent while staring at Angela, I didn’t answer Al who transformed and even caused Angela to worry.

“Felice? Are you not feeling well?”

“Eh? …… Ah! It’s nothing! I was just thinking a bit…… I’m fine!”

“Is that so? …… Don’t push yourself okay?”

“Yes! …… Umm, Angela-san too, make sure not to run and don’t fall down, okay!”

“? …… Yeah, I will be careful. Thank you.”

When Angela returned home, Al fixedly looked at me.

“Feli? Is there something wrong with Angela?”



“Uh…… I have no conclusive proof…… but.”

“N? …… Perhaps?”

“Can you take a look too, Al? I’m not confident……”


I felt tired that day and fell asleep early.
It became morning, we had breakfast and when our last cleaning up was about to finish, we heard a knocking on the door. When we opened the door, Claude and Robert were standing there.

“Good morning.”


“Yeah, morning…… you have properly transformed.”


“Then, I will take the key. Fea…… Albert-sama and Felice-sama as well, please call for me anytime.”

“Thank you very much.”


“Well then, please get in the carriage.”

We left as soon as we got into the carriage.
After moving for about fifteen minutes, I saw a large mansion.

“Claude-san, is it that building?”

“Yeah, that is your new home.”

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