Chapter 33

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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We have decided to move to Evan’s private room in order to treat Angela.
When returning, I moved while transformed and I returned back after entering the room.

“Umm, I would like Angela-san to lie down if possible.”

“In that case, use my bed.”

When I asked, Evan guided us to the bedroom and urged Angela to lie down, but was stopped by Claude.

“Angela, it’s mine but please use it.”

“No, thank you very much, Brother-in-law-sama.”

“Wait, Angela.”

“What is it, Claude?”

“Clean…… alright, it’s fine now Angela.”

“Yes…… erm, thank you very much?”

Claude made the bed clean with magic and urged Angela.
Although bewildered, Angela lied down on the bed, but at the side of the bed, Lewis and Austin were stopping Evan who was ready to jump at Claude.
Claude looked at me while not paying attention to that.

“Felice, please start at once.”

“…… Yes. Angela-san, I will begin, so please make yourself relaxed.”

“Yeah, I will be in your care.”

I saw Angela’s body relaxing and decided to confirm the status of her body with The Mind’s Eye first.

(I have to confirm the state…… The Mind’s Eye……!?)

“What…… is this.”

I got startled when I used The Mind’s Eye and unconsciously let out a voice, so Angela looked at me worriedly.
Austin also looked at me in panic.

“What’s wrong! Did something happen? Is it impossible after all?”

I couldn’t answer while looking at the affected part.

(This is too cruel…… the womb is tattered…… how can anyone do this? Even though a child was there!)

When I grit my teeth, Al placed his hand on my head.

“Felice…… think just about Angela for now.”

“…… Yes…… I’m sorry, Austin-san, Angela-san, it will be fine so……. fuu~”

As Al told me, I took a deep breath and concentrated.

(An image of a healthy womb…… collect the magic element.)

I held my hands over Angela’s belly and gathered the magic element.
Angela held her breath and seemed uneasy because of that amount of magic element, but I didn’t call out to her because I was concentrating.
At such time, Al promptly followed up.

“Angela, everything is fine, so try and relax. Austin, hold Angela’s hand.”

“Yeah! Angela……”

“Austin, I’m fine. Thank you.”

Angela was smiling in relief, so I concentrated on the image even further and used the gathered magic.

“Here I go. Restoration.”

At that moment, a warm light spread from Angela’s center around the room.
Austin who was startled by the light asked Angela about her state.

“Angela, are you in pain?”


“No, not at all. Far from that, it’s very warm.”

The light has settled about three minutes later and the treatment finished, so I confirmed with The Mind’s Eye.

(Ah! …… I’m glad…… it’s a success!)

I looked at the healed womb and my tears unconsciously flowed out.
Austin who saw that looked at me worriedly.

“Felice!? What’s wrong? Perhaps……”

“No…… sniff…… it’s all right! It’s healed!”

When I wiped my tears and answered Austin, he and Angela opened their eyes wide and stiffened.
Al immediately checked himself and Claude confirmed it too.

“Yes…… it’s done. It’s properly healed. Claude should confirm it too.”

“…… Yeah…… Angela, may I?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

“Then, I will have a look.”

Claude sunk into silence for a while, but he opened his eyes wide and stiffened.

“To think that it’s really…… Angela, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere in your body?”

“No, I feel fine. Rather, my body feels light.”

As Angela answered, Anemos approached the bed, saying that he wants to take a look as well.

“Sorry, but can you let me see as well?”


“Hmm…… hoo…… this is…… certainly healed, isn’t it?”

“Is that true!? Angela……”

“Yeah…… Austin.”

Austin and Angela embraced each other in silence while shedding tears for a while and the people around watched over them with warm gazes.
Amidst that, I was hugged and my head was patted by Al.

(Al…… I…… I saw it for a moment…… the negative feelings directed towards Angela-san…… that color…… that color was the same as Christina’s color.)

(Feli, you have done your best, didn’t you…… the last criminal has been judged, do you think something is going to happen?)

(I don’t know…… but, now that Angela-san is treated, someone may come again…… I think that the same thing may happen again……)

(Everyone won’t be careless this time. Besides, there’s Feli and me this time.)


While conversing via telepathy, Austin and others who have calmed down called out to me.

“Felice, thank you very, very much for healing Angela!”

“Felice, thank you very much. Meeting you was a miracle from the god…… I thank you for saving us.”

“I’m thanking you as well. Austin and Angela were blaming themselves since that day. Thank you for saving my Little Brother and Sister-in-law.”

Saying such, everyone lowered their heads, making me quite panicked.

“Umm! Please raise your heads! I only did what I wanted to do! Rather, I would like to thank you for trusting in my magic.”

When I lowered my head, laughter spread from everywhere and a gentle, calm time passed.

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