Chapter 32

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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True Ability 4
When we went out of the royal palace and arrived at the practice hall, the soldiers who saw Evan and co. were noisy, wondering what’s going on.
Well that’s only given, the most important people in the country are walking together after all.
However, Evan and others walk without minding that at all.
After walking while paying attention to the surroundings, we have arrived in a building where I returned to my original size.
When everyone entered, Claude turned around and spoke.

“This will be your practice ground. Can you show us at once?”

“Yes, alright. But what should I show?”

“Let’s see…… just show us what you can do.”

“What I can do…… hmm~…… then.”

I hold my hands over my head and deployed Bullet, Arrow, Lance, and Wall of each attribute.


When I looked back, no one was saying anything, so I thought it wasn’t enough yet and continued.

(Next…… right! Since I have the opportunity, let’s try various things.)

Magic depends on the imagination of the phenomenon.
Therefore, because I have finally gotten the opportunity, I decided to try it out.

(U~mm, decide on the scope…… explode just that……)

After I imagined, a circle of light, 1m diameter appeared on the ground.



(It takes time for the activation, huh…… the shining ground will make others suspecting, so there’s a need for improvements…… next is, a rock…… we are indoors, so let’s use slightly less magical power.)


When I chant, rocks fall one after another in succession.


(If we were outside, it might be fine to use a bigger one…… that rock…… focus the light……)


A line of light pierced the rock.


(N? …… Ah, there’s a small hole and it’s melting…… this can also be empowered with more magical power, can’t it? The rock is in the way, so let’s tidy it up…… U~n…… let’s use sand…… scope decided.)


The designated rock shined and crumbled into sand.


(Let’s try something with ice as well~ an icicle? Or perhaps…… A wind type storm……)

While troubled about what to do next, Al gave me a stop.

“Feli~ I understand that you are having fun, but if you don’t stop soon, the eyes of Evan and others will come off, you know?”

“Eh? What are you saying Al, there’s no way eyes can――”

When I look back with those words, Evan and others were looking at me with their eyes wide open.

(Huh? …… Have I done it?)

When I glance at Al, he began speaking while smiling.

“Feli, you used the last ones for the first time, didn’t you? Have you come up with them just now?”

“Yea! They still can be improved, but I have grasped the image.”

“I see…… but you were caught up in your imagination and your magical power manipulation was slightly disordered, wasn’t it? If you make a mistake in the manipulation…… you know what will happen, right?”

Although his smile was deepening, Al’s eyes weren’t smiling.

“…… Of course, I know. I’m sorry.”

When I obediently apologized, Al put his hand on my head while sighing and went on his knees to match my eyes.

“Feli, I have said so before, but…… if something happens to you, I won’t be able to stay sane. Therefore……”

“Yes…… I will do the magical power manipulation more properly.”


When I hugged Al, Evan shouted.

“What’s going on! What was that magic just now~!!”


When we tilted our heads, Claude approached.

“Oy! Claude!”

“Too close! …… What I understand is that she use magic without chants, she’s able to use many attributes, her magical power is high, and she can think up and use original magic on the spot…… It most likely means that there are even more things she’s able to do.”

Claude indifferently answered while pushing Evan’s face away.

“Why are you so calm then! We are speaking about originals, you know!? Is it something that can be used so casually!?”

“Of course it’s not…… but, Fearfal said that it’s amazing. I was mentally prepared to a degree.”


“Fearfal the Kokuryuu.”

“Ah…… indeed. Then, Lewis and others too?”

When Evan looked at Lewis, he answered him while wryly smiling.


“No, no, as expected this has surprised me. To think it would be this much…… Wouldn’t it be better for Claude to teach her the circumstances of the surroundings rather than magic?”

“Umm! I’m self-taught in magic, so I would like to learn basics too.”

When I raised my hand, Claude looked at me and asked wonderingly.

“Self-taught? Weren’t you taught by Fearfal?”

“I was taught about magical power manipulation by Al, but I learned magic from reading books in the basement.”

“Basement…… however, practicing indoors wouldn’t be possible, right?”

“Yes, that’s why I learned after casting Space-time Barrier.”

“What kind of magic is that?”

“Erm, since the sounds of using magic could expose me and I also couldn’t destroy the room, I would spread an isolating barrier, make sure that sounds and magic are not leaking outside and when dispelling the barrier, I made sure that the broken items return back to normal.”

“…… I see.”

“But, since sounds and other’s people conversation can’t be heard from inside, and magic and telepathy won’t also reach, I would like to improve it.”

“Indeed…… it’s both convenient and inconvenient.”

While explaining to Claude, Austin joined the conversation.

“Say, when you shouted in the garden, were you using this magic?”

“That’s right.”


Claude has looked at me after hearing Austin’s words.

“I couldn’t forgive that gaudy woman, so I just had to.”

“Ah, Christina?”

“That person said such cruel things to Angela-san…… ah! Al!”

I recalled something essential and because he nodded back at me when I looked at him, I made a proposal to Angela.

“Angela-san! Please let me cure you!”

“Eh? Felice?”

“I might be able to heal you with my magic!”

Because of my statement, the people’s eyes gathered at me, Angela also couldn’t avert her gaze.
While the silence continued, Claude remembered something and begun speaking first.

“Felice, is that magic healing magic that can cure deficits? If so, stop here…… that magic has a defect. Those healed with such magic grow too skinny, their life span shrink, and at worst times die immediately after getting healed. Even if you use such magic, there’s no guarantee that Angela will be safe.”

“No, the magic which I’m going to use is not healing magic that can cure deficits, but restoration magic that restores the deficits.”

“Restoration!? …… I haven’t heard of that magic before. Lewis and Anemos-dono, do you know of it?”

“I haven’t heard of it.”

“I live for more than 400 years, but I also never heard of it. Is that also an original magic?”


After nodding to Anemos and thinking how to properly explain, Al started explaining in my stead.

“I will explain from now on. I will let you first now that what I’m going to say is what I heard from Feli, just made easier to understand. It’s not something I have thought off.”


As Claude nodded, Al began to talk.

“There’s a reason why deficit curing healing magic is imperfect. There are roughly two ways to use healing magic, the first one gathers the cells from the body and cures it. As this method starts gathering the cells, the number of cells in other places decreases. And in the case of a severe injury, you will start losing weight rapidly. The result also changes depending on the user’s magical power.”

“Wha!? That’s――”

“Wait! Listen till the end. The second method is to divide the cells of the deficit and heal it. The number of times the cells of the living organism can divide is apparently set in stone and it’s not possible to go over limit. Therefore, in the case of a severe injury, the dividing limit will be exceeded which will cause the shortening of the life span, and even cause death on the spot. This is unrelated to the magical power of the user, age or degree of the injury. That’s why the results of the healed people are various.”

“…… If the cells do exist, then it’s indeed logical, but isn’t the restoration magic the same?”

“The restoration magic Feli created is different. The restoration magic uses the magical power of the targeted person and the magic element as the medium and literally reconstructs the cells. There’s no risk because only a small portion of the magical power of the targeted person is used and the cells are not gathered nor divided. It’s an entirely new concept of magic.”

“That’s truly unthinkable.”

“In fact, Feli has already restored legs of three Beastmen, but there were no problems.”

“…… I want to ask something. Why are you speaking about it with this timing?”

Claude has――no, everyone except us looked at us with slightly doubting eyes.

“To be honest, I didn’t want you to know about this magic. This magic is something that everyone would want to get their hands at after all. But, Feli couldn’t keep silent because of Angela’s circumstances, and I’m also concerned about Feli, so the two of us couldn’t leave it alone. I would like to say that this is not a calculation, but goodwill. We planned to do this no matter what today’s results were.”

“…… I understand. Evan, what do you want to do?”

“The time we spent together is short, but I trust the two. Austin, Angela. How about you two?”

“Yeah…… I feel the same…… but.”

“Austin…… if there’s a possibility, I would like to grasp it.”


After thinking for a while and having decided, Austin looked at me and lowered his head.

“Felice, I leave Angela in your care!”

“Please take care of me.”


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