Chapter 31

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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True Ability 3
I was apologized by the three (I’m still doubtful whether Al was really trying to apologize as usual) while being led to the room where Evan and others are, so my mood recovered and I was looking around the decoration and paintings in the corridor.

“Feli, you are going to trip if you walk while not looking ahead, you know?”

“It’s fine~”

When I give an indifferent reply, Al let out a small sigh and firmly grasped my hand again.
It looks like what I say doesn’t matter.
Austin who was watching asked while laughing.

“Is it that unusual? The First Generation King was an adventurer of common origins, so he disliked showy things. It feels plain, doesn’t it? Well, we dislike showy things as well though.”

“That’s not the case! That mansion looked very cheesy and bad tasting, so I was worried whether that was the standard, but this Royal Palace doesn’t feel uncomfortable, so I just got taken aback.”

“…… Is that so?”


Austin frowned at my response and Angela seemed sad.
When I look at Al about the two’s state, he just softly smiled and wouldn’t say anything, so I asked the two.

“…… What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing…… look! We have arrived.”

When I look forward just as told by Austin, I saw two soldiers standing in front of a door.

“I brought the guests. Please open the door.”

“Ha! Wait a moment please.”

When Austin spoke, one of the soldiers knocked on the door and went inside.
While watching that, Austin turned towards me and spoke to me while grinning.

“Felice, do your best okay?”

“Eh?………… Ah, got it!”

Being told such by Austin, I remember this morning’s conversation and give a reply.

“Feli…… you have forgo――”

“I, I, I didn’t forget!”

I interrupted Al’s words of amazement and denied them.

“…… Hmm.”

When I couldn’t endure Al’s gaze anymore, the soldier has returned.

“You may go inside.”

When we entered the room with Austin in the lead, it was a room of eight tatamis with a sofa and another door in the back.
When Austin opened that room, I heard Evan’s voice from inside.

“You’re late Austin! I got tired of waiting…… you have properly brought them with you, right?”

“I’m sorry for being late. I’ve brought them.”

Angela entered before us, when I peeked inside from the back, she was lowering her head.

“Everyone, I’m sorry for being late. It’s because of me that we are late.”

“Did something happen?”

Evan asked worriedly, but because Angela wasn’t answering, Austin spoke up.

“…… Christina.”

Because of Austin’s one word, Evan let a sigh out and everyone’s face warped unpleasantly.

“Haa~ˇAgain, huh…… Angela, I already said it many times, but that matter is not yours nor Austin’s fault. Everything was caused by my decision. I will definitely find a way.”

“Elder Brother.”

“Brother-in-law-sama…… thank you very much. I also won’t give up.”

When Angela said so strongly, Lewis spoke with a gentle face.

“However, it would be better to do something about that woman, wouldn’t it…… so she can never be impolite to Angela ever again――”

Correction, Lewis’ face looked gentle, but his eyes were oozing with bloodthirst.
Then, I heard a voice I haven’t heard before.

“Calm down Lewis, let’s change the subject. Now then Austin, will you introduce the two behind to us?”

“Yeah…… you two, please enter.”

When we enter as told by Austin, Evan looked at us suspiciously.
He thought that Al and I would come, but instead, two hooded people appeared, so it’s probably only a matter of course.

“Oy Austin, who are those two?”

“You two, please introduce yourselves.”

As told by Austin, Al took down his hood first and introduced himself.

“Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Kokuryuu Fearfal, best regards.”

“So it was Fearfal…… what happened to Felice? You didn’t bring her along?”

“Fufu…… I wonder? Rather than that, I’m going to introduce my special someone to you.”

Saying such, Al lightly pushed me forward.

“Special someone?”

When I took off my hood and smiled, Evan stared at me with his mouth wide open.
Lewis tilted his head, but he nodded in consent and smiled, Meison and Blake were surprised at first too, but they seem to have noticed and smiled similarly.
Because the people I don’t know were also looking at me curiously, I opened my mouth in order to introduce myself.

“How do you do, I’m Felice. Please treat me well.”

When I introduced myself, the Elven man beside Lewis-san introduced himself too and the others followed after him.

“Nice to meet you, I’m the representative of Elves, Anemos. I’m Lewis’ father.”

“I’m the Dwarf representative Doruki. I’m Meison’s newphew.”

“I represent the Beastmen, Braid is my name, I’m also Blake’s older brother.”

“I’m Prime Minister Claude…… by the way, I’ve heard that Felice is a child, though?”

When Claude said so and looked at Evan, he still was blanking out with his mouth open wide, so he kicked his leg.


“That hurt!”

“How long do you plan on spacing out! Seriously.”

“Even so, don’t kick me! Oh, right. Are you really Felice!? What’s going on! I’m certain you were just a child yesterday!”

We look at the panicked Evan and the four of us started laughing.

“Haha! It’s a success Fearfal, Felice.”

“Kusukusu, but it appears that Lewis and others noticed.”

“That’s right, isn’t it~ I wonder why? Well, Evan-san is surprised, so oh well?”

“That’s right, you are making a funny face, Evan.”



After I high five with Al, I return to my original body.
Evan who saw that could only shout out.

“Wha, wha, wha…… explain so I can understand~!!”

As he became really pitiful, Lewis told us to sit and gently spoke to Evan.

“First of all, let’s sit. Here, Evan-sama. Drink a tea and calm down.”

Evan obediently drank the tea, took a deep breath to calm down and inquired the answer from Al.

“So? Explain.”

“Yes, yes. First, Felice really is four years old. She has used a skill to grow her body just now.”

“Skill, huh…… however, why did she come like that?”

“Feli only transformed in order to make the meal. It would be inconvenient in her child’s body after all. She was still transformed when Austin came. Looking at the transformed Feli, Austin wanted to surprise you guys, so she came like that.”

“…… Austin…… you.”

“I mean, it would be unfair if only I got surprised, right?”


Lewis reacted to Austin’s not at all timid words.

“‘If only I got’ means that Angela has noticed?”

“Yes, I was surprised at first, but I immediately knew it was Felice…… because her honest eyes were exactly the same.”

“Right, right, if Angela didn’t stop Austin, he would punch me in the face. ‘You are with a child, so what were you thinking by bringing a woman over!’ he said.”

“…… Sorry about that.”

“What! You shouldn’t be laughing at others then!”

Evan made fun of Austin, but both of them fell silent with Lewis’s words.

“My goodness…… siblings resemble each other after all…… I’m deeply concerned..”


I raised my hand with the opportunity and asked Lewis.

“Yes, here~! Why did Lewis-san, Meison-san, and Blake-san know?”

“I understood from you magical power.”

“I knew in the same way Angela did, you have good, honest eyes.”

“I knew from the scent.”

“Hee~ I see.”

When I admire while bashful because of Meison’s words, Claude asked to advance the talk.

“Well then, let’s advance the talk. The reason we wanted you to come is to confirm a few things.”

“What is it?”

Claude brought up the subject while watching Al steadily.

“Speaking frankly…… I think it’s dangerous for this country to keep you here. You understand the reason, right?”

“Yeah, I know.”

Al answered, and I nodded.

“Therefore, Lewis came up with a proposal. If you guys comply with that proposal, we plan on welcoming you.”

“…… Proposal? Say Lewis, is that proposal based on what I said?”

Al looks at Lewis with a sharp gaze, and the atmosphere in the room began feeling strained.

“Of course…… our proposal is to train Felice.”

“Train Feli?”

“You are strong, however, although Felice has talent in magic, she’s still a child. There are many dangers in the world, not just the Empire. It would be better for her to learn how to protect herself.”

“I will protect Feli. There’s no need for that.”

“I’m saying that such thinking is dangerous. Do you plan on being by her side day and night? If she’s to live in the country, she will make friends, she will also have to go to school. Of course, you will have to work. What if she gets injured while you are separated? At worst, what will you do if she happens to die?…… You will destroy the country, the world…… just like in the past.”

“Shut up! You bastard…………”

Al’s eyes opened wide and he immediately got angry at Lewis.
Al stood up, his whole body shaking in anger as he glared at Lewis.

“If you get like this with just words, it will be impossible as I thought.”

A dark aura appears around Al and his eyes turned into dragon’s.
Because Al tried to catch Lewis with his hand, so I pulled on his clothes, but he said while looking at Lewis.

“Felice…… release me…… that guy has mocked me. I will repay him.”


When I put my strength into it, he finally looked at me.
Anger and hatred were mixed in those eyes which reminded me of the Head Maid, but I endured crying and persuaded Al.

“Lewis-san and others are concerned about us! They are not mocking you! I also always thought that doing something like that would be for better…… I can’t keep on always receiving protection from Al…… I don’t want to be reliant on Al, I want us to live together…… I have to get stronger for that…… sniff…… together forever…… fue……”

Seeing me who couldn’t endure and broke in tears, Al dispersed his ominous aura and returned to the usual Al.
Al silently reseated, lifted me up and hugged me.

“I’m sorry Feli…… I let you remember something scary. I also like to live with you forever.”

Al hugged me even tighter and looked at Lewis.

“Lewis too, I apologize…… you know about me, don’t you?”

“Yes, although I know, I heard it just today from my father.”

When Al looked at Anemos, he answered after nodding.

“My great-grandfather is friend of the Ryuu who stopped you.”

“I see…… Lewis, we will accept that proposal.”


“It’s as you said. I will go mad if something happens to Feli…… more than that time. Therefore, we have to make Feli stronger and reduce the danger.”

When Al said while laughing, the tension in the room relaxed.

“Thank you very much. Then, let’s talk about the rough plan at once. Felice, are you all right?”

“…… Sniff…… yeah.”

“Felice, have tea. It cooled a little bit, so it’s just right.”

When I take a sip of the cup Angela handed me, Lewis begun talking.

“First, until you turn six, we will educate you and build up your stamina. Although I say building up stamina, it will work to a degree if you play as children do. Fearfal, you stop carrying her in your arms on every occasion and let her walk please. Angela and I will be in charge of education.”


“Eh~ I can’t carry her?…… I got it.”

“Once you become six, Austin will teach you martial arts and swordsmanship, archery will be taught by me, smithing by Meison, scouting skills by Blake, healing magic by Angela, business by Robert, and magic…… will be taught by Claude. Of course, you are cut out for certain things, so we will adapt accordingly.”


“Hee~ You will teach her that much…… aren’t you glad, Feli?”

“…… Yeah.”

When I was losing words for my wonderful teachers, Al carefreely asked for approval, so I answered just in case.

“And then, would you show us your power, Felice? We will make changes depending on that.”

“Then, a place as wide as possible would be better. Feli’s magic is amazing after all.”

“In that case, let’s move to the nearby practice hall. That place has a special barrier, so it will be alright no matter how much magic you use. It’s open today, isn’t it Claude?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. I’ll check first just in case.”

Saying such, Claude left the room and we decided to wait. There was something on my mind, so I asked.

“Evan-san…… what’s the matter?”

“Nothing…… I’m just a king with no presence. Wouldn’t it be better if Lewis became a king in my stead? Hmph.”

It appears he’s sulky because Lewis was talking instead of him, Lewis, Austin, and others sighed because they found that troublesome.
Then, Austin spoke to me in a low voice.

“Felice, I’m relying on you.”

Being told by Austin, I intended to speak the lines I have practiced to cheer Evan up, but some strange lines left from my mouth for some reason.

“Wow~ Evan-san as a king, huh~ that’s amazing~ it fits perfectly for the majestic Evan-san~”


I was looked at by Al with ‘that’s why I told you so’ eyes and the faces of Austin and others have cramped…… they were trying to endure laughing.
As for Evan, he vigorously stood up, puffed out his chest and opened his mouth.

“Isn’t that right! It’s perfect for the majestic me! As expected of Felice! Ha. Ha. Ha.”

What everyone thought at this moment was ‘I’m glad he’s simple.’
While Evan was laughing out loud, Claude returned.

“You are noisy, Evan…… the practice hall was all right, so let’s move. I’m sorry Felice, but please transform again and put your hoods back on.”



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