Chapter 30

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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True Ability 2
Al and I were guided by Austin and Angela to the Royal Palace.
I’m curious about the people I’m going to meet with, so I inquire about them.

“Umm~ what kind of people are the people we are going to meet?”

“Let’s see…… Firstly, Prime Minister Claude looks like a cold, good at his work fellow, but in fact, he’s good at his work magic fool. He’s like Elder Brother’s stepbrother, he doesn’t know restraint, and his mouth is foul…… Well, both he and Elder Brother can’t go against Lewis.”

“Why Lewis-san?”

“Because Lewis was in charge of Elder Brother’s and Claude’s education.”

“Hee~ how about others?”

“Next is Lewis’ father and the representative of the Elves Anemos. He’s the oldest one in the group, if I’m not mistaken, he should be 452 years old. He’s a person who formed the country together with our geezer――the First Generation King. His thoughts are quite flexible considering that he’s an elf, so he’s cooperative if convinced.”

“425!?…… Then, Lewis-san is?”

“Well, although Lewis looks like that, he’s 223.”

“!?…… He, hee~”

(As expected, Elves are long-lived! …… They are younger than Al though.)

“Also, Meison’s nephew and the representative of Dwarves Doruki. By all rights considering age and experience, Meison or his younger brother should have been the representative, but the two ‘I don’t want to do something so bothersome’ forced it upon Doruki. Of course, Doruki is excellent. His own stubborn thoughts can’t be fundamentally bent, but he doesn’t press them on anyone, and he loves interesting and new things.”

“Bothersome, huh…… Meison-san.”

(He must have thought that Doruki-san is better suited for that and handed the position over…… surely…… probably.)

“The last one is Blake’s older brother. The Beastmen representative Braid has the special characteristics of Beastmen, but he’s highly conscious of taking care of his companions, and in addition, if he recognizes you as his friend, he will treat you the same as he treats his brethren…… but, once you become his enemy, he won’t show mercy, it normally doesn’t show, but he’s quite violent.”

“Which reminds me, the Beastmen I’ve met before said that ‘Beastmen bonds run deep and won’t betray friends’.”

“I see, you met them in the Empire.”


(I have to write a letter once the talk ends.)

While I was talking with Austin, Al spoke with Angela.

“Say Angela, what do girls like? We bought clothes and shoes yesterday, but Feli said she wants something easy to move in.”

“Is that so…… Girls of her age will dirty their clothes one way or another, and they will move around a lot. Because Felice is mature, getting what she wants, she might think that it’s better to get what’s necessary.”

“I see…… then, although she’s not saying it, it’s not like she’s not interested in hair ornaments and things like that?”

“Felice surely has her own preferences, how about taking her to a general store as a test?”

“General store, huh…… currently, she’s worried about the money we have received, so I should earn some income first.”

“That’s a good way of thinking. Felice will be surely happy.”

“Thank you for listening, Angela.”

“No, if you are fine with me, ask me any time.”

While talking to each other, a large building came in sight.

“Look, you can see it now! That is our country’s Royal Palace.”

“So big~! Look, look Al!”

“I can see it properly, Feli.”

Al cheerfully laughed at me who tugged on his hand in excitement from seeing a palace for the first time.
After walking for a while, a gate came in sight where two soldiers stood. The soldiers noticed Austin and called out to him.

“Austin-sama…… Angela-sama too, what’s the matter?”

“We were summoned by Elder Brother, it seems to be urgent.”

“Is that so…… umm, those two are?”

“Our friends. They entered the country just yesterday, but Elder Brother was making a fuss that he wants to see them quickly, so I have brought them along. Confirm it with Lewis.”

“Yes! Wait a moment please.”

One of the soldiers ran off and returned about ten minutes later. He got the confirmation, so we set foot in the royal palace through the gate.
When following after Austin, we arrived at a place with many plants and flowers where we were told to sit.

“I will confirm Elder Brother’s and other’s situation, so wait for a moment. Angela, I leave them to you.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

While waiting for Austin and having a silly talk, a woman with heavy make-up and a flashy dress approached and spoke to Angela while looking down on her.

“Oh my, I thought who this might be, isn’t this the commoner failure of a woman who can’t give birth and forcibly married the prince Austin-sama, Angela-sama.”

“…… It has been a long time, Christina-sama.”

Angela stood up and performed a noble courtesy by bending her knees while holding her skirt.

“I don’t want to see your face! How impudent of you to be relaxing in the Royal Palace…… won’t you already separate from Austin-sama? I pity Austin-sama for being with a woman who can’t give birth.”


When an unpleasant smile floated on Christina’s face, and she tried to talk some more to Angela who couldn’t answer, a voice interrupted her.

“What’s this ruckus about!”


“You again…… Christina-dono.”

When Austin appeared, she began speaking with a soft smile.

“What a cruel way to speak with your fiancee」

“I don’t remember being your fiancee, I have a wife.”

“I will correct myself…… please stop talking so cruelly to your future wife.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You understand, right? There’s no way you want this failure of a woman as your wife…… royalty has the duty of leaving descendants behind. And I’m suitable to be the wife…… I will excuse myself for today.”

When Christina passed by Austin, he opened his mouth.

“My wife is only Angela.”

However, Christina walked without stopping.
Austin sighed and spoke to Angela.

“Sorry for being late…… are you all right?”

“I’m fine…… it can’t be helped. Besides, no matter what she says, I want to be your wife.”

“Thank you, Angela………… by the way, what are you guys doing?”

When Angela followed Austin’s gaze, she saw Al with a bitter smile and me with Al’s hands on my mouth.

“Felice? Fearfal-sama, what’s going on?”


“That’s…… at the same time that woman shouted at you, I stopped Feli from trying to use magic, but…… because Feli loves you, it appears she can’t forgive her.”

The two opened their eyes widely at Al’s words.

“Mun, nnnnー!”

“Eh? ‘Al release me!’ You say? You won’t act violently?”


“‘I won’t’ huh…… alright.”

Because Al released his hands, I breathed in with all my strength.

“Su~haa…… ah~ that was agonizing…… Space-time Barrier.”

I formed Space-time Barrier and shouted.

“What’s with that woman! Playing innocent with such gaudy dress and that heavy make-up, rather than someone like you, Angela is way prettier, gentle, and warm, she matches with Austin-san, there’s no way you have a turn!! …… ze~ha~ze~ha~…… dispel.”

When I finish shouting and dispel Space-time Barrier, Al timidly asked.

“A, are you okay, Feli?”

“I’m okay…… that was refreshing~”

When I wipe my forehead even though I’m not sweating, Angela thanked me.

“You have gotten angry for my sake, didn’t you? Thank you, Felice.”

“Let me thank as well…… Thanks.”

“No! I detest people like that.”

“By the way, you can’t give birth to children by nature, Angela?”

“Hey, Al you are so insensible!”

“It’s fine, Felice…… it’s not by nature that I can’t give birth to children. I once was pregnant with Austin’s child.”

“It’s my fault…… I was careless and left Angela alone!”

Austin grimaced and strongly clenched his hands.

“What happened?”

When I asked, Angela answered.

“When I was with a child and entered a stable period, Brother-in-law-sama arranged a Royalty exclusive midwife, but I was told that the child is lacking in nourishment and was made to drink some boiled herbs. But that was………… an abortion medicine.”


I could not say anything, and Al narrowed his eyes.

“I who took the abortion medicine lost the child, and my body can never give birth to any more children as a side effect of the medicine.”

“I was on a request, and when I rushed back when I learned about it, it was already too late.”

“What happened to that midwife?”

“She was immediately arrested, and a name of a certain noble came out…… the midwife was executed, and the noble’s entire family was made slaves until death. No matter what, they have killed a child of royalty after all.”

“You can’t be cured with medical treatment?”

“I have seen many healing masters, but I was told that my body is completely destroyed, so treatment is impossible.”

At that time, Al who was silent until now asked the two.

“You guys have not given up, have you?”

“Of course. If possible, I would like to give birth to Austin’s child and raise it together……”

“Angela…… I feel the same.”

After hearing the two’s answers, Al spoke to me.

(If it’s you, you will be able to cure her, won’t you…… Feli.)

(Eh? …… I see! Restoration! Quickly to the two――)

(Wait! I understand your feelings, but you can’t yet!)

When I said that I want to cure her, Al stopped me with a strong tone.

(Why! She might get healed!)

(Calm down, Feli…… I told you that I understand your feelings…… I’m not telling you that you can’t cure her.)

(Ah…… I’m sorry, Al.)

(It’s fine…… but, listen well…… this world has healing magic, but there’s no magic that doesn’t take something back in compensation…… except your magic.)

(Is that so? …… But.)

(It’s okay…… let’s hear Evan’s answer first…… if you heal her before hearing it, you wouldn’t like it if that magic would become the reason for not being able to live in this country, right? No matter what their answer is, I won’t stop you from healing her.)

(Got it.)

While we are having a discussion, Austin who was watching us in wonder spoke up.

“I’m sorry you two. Because Elder Brother won’t be able to endure anymore, let’s get moving.”

I recall what that Christina woman said and asked Austin.

“Now that I think of it, Austin-san is royalty, huh…… since you were called a prince, is Evan-san possibly the King?”

“……… Ah~…… Felice, could you pretend that you are surprised? It will be troublesome if he starts sulking.”

“I will do my best!”

“That’s impossible for Feli.”

When I fired myself up, Al said with a serious look.

“I can do itmon!”

When I said so in all seriousness, he affectionally stroked my head.
Because I felt that his face was saying ‘yes, yes, I know. You can do it, can’t you? How admirable~’. I avoided his hand and briskly walked off…… even before Austin.

“O~y! Feli~ you don’t know the way, right~”

I instantly stopped in my tracks because of Al’s words and returned to my original place as if nothing happened.

“Ku…… hahahaha…… cough…… then, I will guide you so follow after me…… kuku.”

“Kusukusu…… Austin, you shouldn’t laugh.”

Austin and Angela who couldn’t endure laughing,
Al who was holding his stomach and shaking.
While glaring at the three, I pouted my red cheeks like an octopus.

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