Chapter 29

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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True Ability
The next day after resting in a bed in this world for the first time, I woke with the rising of the morning sun.

(As I thought, sleeping in bed is nice…… it’s slightly hard though…… nevertheless, it’s warm.)

I somehow couldn’t get out of the bed, but when I get up for the sake of my empty stomach, Al was for some reason here.

“……… Morning, Al…… Why are you here?”

“Good morning, Feli…… I got lonely.”

“So it was like that…… I will make breakfast, okay?”

After answering Al with a smile, with no morning willpower, I descended to the first floor to make the breakfast.
I made a simple bread, salad, and corn soup.

(I’d like some eggs…… also, I wonder if they have rice here? Let’s ask Robert-san.)

While silently eating, Al looked at me questioningly.

“Feli, what’s wrong? Are you angry about a little while ago?”

“Eh? …… That’s not it, Al. I was just surprised…… I have low blood pressure, so I’m like this in the mornings.”

After hearing my words, he looked at me strangely.

“Huh? There wasn’t anything like that until now, right?”

“Because I was waking up later when we were traveling.”

“Is that so? By the way…… what is low blood pressure?”

Al who didn’t know about low blood pressure asked.

(Is this perhaps nonexistent concept in this world…… or it might not have been clarified just yet…… he wouldn’t know about arteries too, right…… let’s explain it simply.)

“Umm, low blood pressure is……… to put it simply, it means not being able to get up the mornings, limbs growing cold, and losing concentration, I’m like that. Especially in the mornings, I just feel absentminded.”

“Hee~ you know a lot.”

Al told me in admiration.

“Almost everyone in my previous life knew this much. Besides I…… I wanted to become a doctor.”

“Doctor? What kind of person is that?”

(I didn’t think it would be possible, but he doesn’t even know about doctors, huh. Well, there’s magic, so it’s not strange?)

“As far as I know, there was no magic in my previous world, so science was developed instead. People’s injuries and illnesses were treated with medicines and tools made with science. The people who were healing others were called doctors.”

“Science…… never heard of it.”

“I don’t think I can explain science either…… but, it’s easy to imagine the phenomenon when using magic, right? The power will also change.”

“The power is decided by the included output of magical power, right?”

“I also thought such while practicing magic for the first time, but it was different when putting it into practice. N~ for example, why does fire burn?”

“Fire? …… Because it’s the way it is.”

“Let’s see…… I certainly put it in there.”

In order to explain the structure of fire to Al, I retrieved something from my item box and placed in on the table.

“Feli, what are you going to do with a candle?”

“Take a look Al. First I will ignite the candle…… alright, it isn’t visible, but there’s something called oxygen floating around the candle.”


“We are breathing and taking it in. Without oxygen, humans can’t keep on living…… fire you see, it’s burning while consuming that very oxygen. The fire will get extinguished if there’s no oxygen…… look at this.”

While saying such, I lock the candle in the cup I was using.
Then, the fire gradually grew weaker and finally gone out.

“In other words, you mean that the oxygen in the cup has disappeared, right?”

“Yeah! When started a fire with my magic, I wasn’t imagining the fire itself, but I was imagining using my magical power as live coals to ignite the oxygen in the atmosphere instead. When I did that with the same amount of magical power, I was startled by the difference of the intensity of the fire.”

“…… Feli, if that’s really true, it would be better not to talk about science to anyone…… I have lived for a very long time, but I wasn’t aware of it. If science spreads, there would be those who would misuse it, and they will target you…… it’s dangerous.”

Al was making a serious expression, so I gave him a serious answer.

“Yeah…… I won’t tell anybody.”

Then, Al’s expression became lax and he said gently.

“Of course, talk about anything with me. I want to know everything about Feli after all.”

“……… Okay!”

When answering happily to Al’s words, I heard knocking on the door.


When the two of us looked towards the entrance, we heard a voice.


“O~y, Fearfal, is Felice awake? I’m sorry to disturb you right in the morning, but there’s something to discuss.”

Exchanging glances, Al went towards the entrance and opened the door.
As I thought, it was Austin and next to him stood Angela.

“Good morning Austin, Angela. What do you want to talk about?”

Al has asked, but the two didn’t move while looking at a certain place.

“O~y, what’s up with you two?”

When Al waved his hand in front of Austin’s eyes, Austin grabbed his hand and shouted.

“Fearfal! You are with a child, so what were you thinking by bringing a woman over!!”

“”Eh? …… Woman?””

“Stop playing dumb! The woman over there!”

Saying such, Austin pointed at me.


Right, I have transformed in order to make breakfast, but I have completely forgotten while speaking with Al.
I spoke to Austin in a panic to remove the misunderstanding.

“That’s a misunderstanding, Austin-san!”

“You be quiet…… Fearfal, explain!”

I tried to clear up the misunderstanding, but when Austin pressed for answers while not listening, Angela stopped him.

“Wait Austin, you are having a misunderstanding.”

“What am I misunderstanding!”

“Geez~ calm down! …… You, you are Felice-chan, aren’t you?”

“…… Haa!?”

When Angela said confidently while looking at me, Austin separated his hand from Al and observed me.

“Yes, I’m Felice. Good morning Austin-san, Angela-san.”

“Good morning Felice-chan, Fearfal-sama.”

“…… I beg of you…… please explain.”

I nodded and invited the two inside.
Having calmed down after taking a seat, Austin asked again.

“I’m sorry about that, Fearfal.”

“Don’t worry about it…… you were worried about Feli, right?”

“Yeah…… are you really Felice? Weren’t you four……”

“I’m four. I have transformed in order to make breakfast. I can’t reach in the body of a child.”

“Transform, you say…… well, that’s good for now. In fact, I have a request for the two of you…… I would like you to go to the royal palace with us now.”

While surprised by Austin’s request, Al asked about the reason.

“It’s urgent, huh…… did something happen?”

“No, instead of listening to our explanation, they want to see you two directly. Of course, Lewis and others explained about you two to some degree.”

“There will be a lot of things in the unknown without meeting you, could we ask you to go?”

“Whom are we meeting?”

“The Prime Minister and the representatives of the races.”

When Austin answered, Al looked at me.

“That’s fine with me, but what about Feli?”

“…… I also agree. There might be misunderstandings if we don’t speak directly, I would also dislike being looked at with caution.”

“That being the case, we will go. Are we going immediately?”

“If that’s okay with you two.”

“Then, shall we go?”

When we decided to go to the royal palace and were about to leave the house, Austin looked at me and said with laughter as if plotting something.

“Felice, if possible, could you go like that?”

“I can but…… why?”

“That’s because it’s unfair to surprise only us!”

Angela giggled at Austin’s childish words, and we weren’t able to say anything.
However, it certainly seems fun, so I left the house just as I am.
Just in case, we moved while wearing mantles and hiding our faces under a hood.

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