Chapter 28

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What is Kokuryuu?
At the break of dawn, there was a man in one room of the Dinanes Republic’s Royal Palace.
The man was desperately moving his hand and signing documents, but there’s still plenty of the mountain of papers left.


The door opened before the man could answer and an elvish man entered the room.

“Good morning, Evan-sama…… looks like you have not finished yet.”

“You are too loud, Lewis…… I have not slept yet, since you are here help me out.”

“Haa~…… seriously. Since this part is urgent, look at it first.”


The two cooperated and somehow managed to finish just before noon.
After Evan returned to his room and had a light meal, he took a nap on a sofa. Lewis entered after knocking.

“Evan-sama, wake up please. It’s time to see the representatives of the other races.”

“…… Lewis, do you know the meaning behind knocking? I have not answered yet.”

“You are saying that now…… I won’t mind no matter how you look. I have been watching you since you were a baby after all.”

“I do mind it though…… seriously.”

Evan stood up while calling Lewis names and stretched.

“Alright! Let’s go to the lounge.”

There’s a lounge next to his private room where he will meet the representatives.
After a short time, there was a knocking on the door, so when Evan gave the permission, a glasses-wearing, good-looking man with a cold impression entered.

“Excuse me, Your Majesty. Since you are here, it means you have finished your work?”

“I pulled an all-nighter, you know!”

The man narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth after seeing Evan puffing out his chest in pride.

“It’s not something to be proud about. In the first place, you have left your work and went to play around. You weren’t finished by the morning and had Lewis-dono who came to see how things are to help you out, didn’t you? I said it many times, but Lewis-dono is too easy on you.”


Evan choked on words as the man spoke and looked at Lewis in panic.
At that time, a voice resounded from behind the man.

“Hey! Will you quickly enter? It’s getting packed here.”

“Ah, pardon me. Go ahead.”

When the man shifts aside, Meison entered first and many people following after him.
The three representatives of the three races sit on the sofa, and those who came with them sit next to them.
Currently, in this room, there is,
The King of the Dianes Republic Evan,
The man who entered first, the prime minister Claude,
The representative of the Elves Anemos,
The representative of the Dwarves Doruki,
The representative of the Beastmen Braid,
Lewis, Meison, and Blake.

“Everyone, I’m thankful that you have answered to my sudden summons.”

The Elf representative Anemos replied to Evan.

“Since we have gathered in this room, there’s no need to be so formal, right? Is there a need to be so humble? Evan.”

The atmosphere around Evan changed when he heard Anemos’s words, and he began speaking in a casual tone.

“That will help…… hey, stop glaring at me, Claude! Anemos Jii said it’s okay.”

Claude who was glaring at Evan sighed.

“Haa~ I understand…… so, what is it that you want to consult with us?”

“You, you change too quick!”

“Shut up…… unlike you, everyone is properly working, so all of us are busy. Speak at once.”

“Whaa!? Yo―――”

“There, there, calm down Evan. While that might have been true, don’t get so worked up.”

Lewis finished Evan who was stabbed by Claude.

“Then, I will explain in Evan’s stead. We have met them on the way back from the Trust Kingdom. They are―――”

Lewis told Claude and the representatives about Fearfal and Felice.
Once Lewis finished reporting, Claude and the representatives were making difficult faces.
Among them, Anemos was the first one to speak.

“On top of Kokuryuu, a noble’s daughter from the Ambler Empire, huh…… however, of all things a Kokuryuu……”

“Does Anemos Jii know about Fearfal?”

To Evan’s question, he began speaking as if recalling something.

“I don’t know him directly, but I heard about him from my great-grandfather…… about thousand years ago, it was an era of dispute, many races disappeared from the surface, and the number of Black Dragons also decreased. A certain flock of Black Dragons came under attack, leaving only one Black Dragon child behind, both his family and friends were killed. While bearing serious injuries, the Black Dragon’s body changed into Ryuu, and due to the hatred and resentment he bore, the Kokuryuu was born.”

“…… What happened to the Kokuryuu after that?”

“The Kokuryuu who was fueled by stronger negative feelings than the other Ryuu was far stronger than them, he destroyed and caused many victims, but he was apparently stopped by another Ryuu. The name of the Kokuryuu was…… Fearfal.”

Evan who held his breath while listening to Anemos’ story asked.


“!? Fearfal…… however, how was he stopped?.”

“If he was stopped by the force, there would be more victims…… therefore, when stopping him, he resorted to affection.”

“Affection!? …… That stopped him?”

“I have said this before, but Kokuryuu are Ryuu changed by strong negative emotions. That means their feelings for their family and friends are abnormally deep. Therefore, that certain Ryuu told him ‘if you keep on destroying like you are, you will kill your family as well’ However, the Kokuryuu, ‘I don’t have family or any friends anymore, they were stolen from me!’ shouted at him in rage, but he became obedient with the Ryuu’s next words.”

“What did he say?”

“‘Your parents and your friends might be certainly dead…… however, there’s still a mate. If you keep on acting violently like this, you will snatch your future family yourself!’ Is what he said.”

“However, it’s very detailed, isn’t it?”

“The Ryuu who stopped the Kokuryuu was great-grandfather’s friend. He apparently heard it directly from him.”

“Is that so……”

They unexpectedly got to know Fearfal’s past, but Lewis who personally encountered Fearfal opened his mouth.

“I’ve heard from Fearfal that he lived in a human country to kill time, but…… was he perhaps searching for his mate?”

“That might be so…… you are thinking that the girl who’s with him is his mate, don’t you?”

“Well…… the person himself isn’t aware of it, but from that attitude of his.”

Claude who was silent until now spoke to Evan.

“Either way, it’s dangerous for the two to stay within the country, Evan. If that child really is his mate, were something happen to that child, our country will fall to ruins.”

“I have considered that as well, but…… you know……”

“Lewis, Meison, Blake…… how about you guys?”

“To be honest, I have instinctively felt fear from Fearfal, but I haven’t felt anything like that when he’s with Felice. I’m indebted to Felice for saving the members of my race, and she’s an obedient and good girl.”

“I’m of the same opinion. The time we spent together was short, but the people themselves seem to want to live peacefully rather than seeking conflict. I also like their temperament…… to the degrees it makes me want to make weapons for them.”

“I’m do like the two. However, the risk is certainly high…… however, I think countermeasures are possible.”

“Countermeasures? Just what can be done?”

“We will train Felice.”


Claude and others were surprised by Lewis’s statement.

“Felice is only four years old. First, we will teach her knowledge and forge her stamina, then teach her the real thing after she turns six. General knowledge and education will be taught by Angela and me, business knowledge and skills by Robert, smithing knowledge and skills will be taught by Meison, Blake will teach her the skills and knowledge of hunting and scouting, and Austin will teach her swordsmanship, martial arts, and other combat skills…… Of course, everyone has different suitabilities, so I would like to respect Felice’s will.”

Anemos gave words of admiration to Lewis.

“Certainly, if the girl can properly defend herself, the risk will decrease…… have you discussed this before? …… With Evan.”

When Anemos looked at Evan, he saw him staring with his mouth open.

“Evan was busy, so.”

“Fumu…… how is it? Doruki, Braid.”

“If you have thought it through this much, I don’t mind. However, I would like to meet them once.”

“I don’t mind too. I would like to give my thanks.”

The representatives seemed to approve, they looked at Claude, ignoring Evan.
Evan apparently still didn’t recover from the shock.

“Haa~…… then, I will overlook her magic.”

Evan revived with Claude’s words.

“Is that alright! Claude!”

“Hmm…… it seems that the girl has a talent for magic, after all…… I might also learn something new. First of all, it’s necessary to know her true ability.”

“Then, let’s bring them at once! We need to send someo――”

“Ah, if it’s about that, Austin and Angela went to receive them.”

Evan exploded at Lewis’s words.

“Why did the talks advance without me!? I’m the king, you know! Did you forget that, Jijii!”

“How rude! I’m still only 223 years old! I’m still a yougster.”

“You are Jijii from my standpoint~!!”

The sound of Evan’s empty shout resounded.

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