Chapter 27

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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While startled by Chase’s angry voice, he got even angrier.

(Are you listening! We wait and wait and still no contact, and we got blocked off from our side…… just what were you doing! Are you all right!)

(I’m sorry for making you worry…… a lot has happened, so I couldn’t contact you. I think you couldn’t contact me because of the time with the barrier. I’m currently in the Royal Capital of the Dianes Republic. I don’t have any injuries, and I’m okay.)

(Are you really okay…… rather, the Royal Capital? You got there quite fast, didn’t you?)

(People I met on the way gave me a lift. I arrived today.)

(Are they trustworthy? Are they with you even now?)

(They are very kind people, so it’s okay. They have now returned to their homes.)

(Wait a second, are you alone now!?)

(I’m not alone, Al is here.)

(…… Who’s Al?)

(U~mm…… a guardian?)

(Why the question mark……)

While talking and thinking of Al, he approached.

“Feli, can I join in?”


Al sits next to me and starts the telepathy.

(How do you do, Chase…… I’ve heard about you from Feli.)

(You are…… who’s Feli?)

(It’s this child’s name, I have named her ‘Felice.’ I’m Fearfal…… a Kokuryuu.)

(Ko!? It’s a joke, right……)

(It’s the truth…… I was careless and got caught by the Empire. I was carried in on the next day after you guys have escaped, Feli has rescued me.)

(…… Wait a moment, by the next day you mean…… you have not escaped!?)

(Uu…… there was something I was worried about, so I returned to the mansion.)

(Worried about? Could you explain properly…… Felice.)

(…… Yes.)

After that, I’ve talked about the magic tool, Al, Evan and others whom we met on the way, and about our current situation.
Chase who listened to the end sighed.

(Haa~ What an unreasonable…… I’m not in the position to say this, but don’t try doing everything alone. Please at least consult with us.)

(I’m sorry.)

(Fearfal, do you plan on staying with Felice from now on?)

(That’s my intention. Feli saved me, and above all, I want to be by her side.)

(I see…… Felice, contact me when the things are decided).

(Got it…… what happened to Chase and others after that?)

(We have safely returned thanks to you. The traitor and his cooperators were caught, but the commotion is still there.)

(Say, Chase, was Carlos-san all right after that? Did the Prime Minister-sama―――)

(Stop it! I don’t want to remember……)

(A, alright.)

(They, I’m ending the telepathy? Don’t forget to write letters to Will, okay?)


Because the telepathy ended, I looked at Al and asked him a question.

“Was it alright to tell Chase that you are Kokuryuu?”

“There’s no problem. He wouldn’t speak thoughtlessly.”


Because I’ve finished reporting to Chase, I decided to make the meal.

“Then, I will try to transform, watch me.”

“I’m watching.”

(Alright! As I thought, an image…… I might as well make it my grown-up figure…… n~)

I have the rough outline of the image, so I tried the skill at once.



My body got wrapped in smoke, and I wait for the smoke to clear up with my eyes closed.
After a while, because my field of vision was higher when I opened my eyes, I thought I succeeded, so I looked at Al, but he was stiffened with his eyes wide open.


“Al…… what’s wrong? Did I perhaps fail?”

My voice also slightly changed.
There’s was no reply, so I decided to look in the mirror.


When I look at the large mirror I made, a girl of about 15 years reflected in it.
The hair reaching to the waist, long limbs, stature of about 160cm…… the face is somehow similar to that person (Mother).
The clothes accordingly enlarged to match my body growth, so there’s no problem.

“You are Feli, right?”

Before I noticed, Al was standing beside me at a distance closer than usual.

“Haa! …… That’s right.”

Then, Al touched my cheek and said while smiling.

“…… You’re beautiful.”

“!? …… Thank you.”

I became embarrassed, but because Al wouldn’t separate his gaze from me, my heart started throbbing.


At that time, a loud noise resounded around the room.

“…… Pu…… haha…… Feli……”

“…… Don’t laugh!”

The echoing sound was the cry of my stomach.
Al tried to endure, but because he failed, my face turned red and tears of embarrassment gathered in the corners of my eyes.

“I’m sorry Feli, don’t cry…… fufu…… I’m hungry as well, so can you make the food? I will help you out.”

I’m certainly hungry, and Al who doesn’t hold back won’t repent no matter what I say, so I decided to make the meal.
Today, we have bought a lot, so I will grill the meat Al hunted before with salt and pepper, make a salad from the veggies we got from Robert-san, and onion soup. I have asked Angela-san how to use the cooking magic tools before, so I have Al cut the ingredients, and we steadily finish cooking.

“I’m sorry Al, I could do only something so simple. I will make something proper tomorrow.”

“Don’t mind it. It looks delicious.”


By the way, there’s no chair for children, so I eat while transformed.

“Al, about the rooms, I would prefer the attic, may I use it?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Thank you. You use the room next to mine, okay?”

“……… Alright.”

There’s was a pause between his reply, but I didn’t mind it.
After the meal, we do the dishes, I then return to being a child, clean my body with magic, changed my clothes and went to sleep.

At that time, in the Royal Palace,

“I sign and sign, but it doesn’t end…… shit! Those fellows hurriedly returned on their own…… there’s no way I can finish all of this…… in the first place……”

There was a man surrounded by a mountain of documents talking to himself.

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