Chapter 26

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A field with no other buildings was spreading around the church, I could see people here and there.
The nostalgic and quiet scenery recovered my mood.

“Feli, I can see the building.”

“Really! What was the name of the store again?”

“If I’m not mistaken it was…… Calming Pavillon. It seems to be an inn.”

“Hee~ how nice.”

Since it was our first time in the city, we looked for the store while asking people for the way.
It wasn’t just humans in the city, there were also Beastmen and many races I saw for the first time.
When we asked for the way, everyone was really kind, so we arrived at the store in no time.

“This seems to be the place.”

“There are so many customers…… do they have vacant seats?”

“Anyhow, let’s take a look.”

When Al entered, the voice of a lively girl greeted us.

“Welcome! A table for two?”

“Yes, do you have vacant seats?”

When Al asked with a smile, the girl’s face turned red, and she froze in place.

“Umm…… are you alright?”

“Ha!? I’m fine! We have vacant seats. Come this way please!”

The girl led us to vacant seats in a panic.

“I wonder what’s wrong with her.”

“…………… Thickhead.”

“N? Feli, did you say something?”

“Nothing! Let’s quickly sit.”

When Al took a seat, the girl brought a menu and a long-legged chair.

“Here! Your companion can use this chair! And here is the menu, please call out when you decide on your order.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you very much.”

The girl bowed and went to the counter.
Because she prepared a chair for a child without being told, I thought that she was an attentive girl.
We looked at the menu, but this is my first time eating at a store in this world, and Al hasn’t ordered food for over three hundred years, so we couldn’t quite decide.

“Al…… what kind of dish is this?”

“Not sure? Shall we ask for a recommendation?”

“Let’s do that.”

“Excuse me~”

When Al calls out, the girl from before comes.

“Yes! Have you decided?”

“Actually, we have just arrived in the city today. Do you have any recommendations?”

“In that case, our Orc meat steak and vegetable soup set is popular! It’s 8 coppers per person.”

8 coppers would be 800 yen in Japan,
1 copper = 100 yen
1 silver = 1000 yen
1 gold = 10000 yen
It goes like that.

“Hee~ Feli, would you like to try that?”


“Then, can I ask for a set for two?”

“Yes! We can half the share of your companion, you know? The fee will be halved as well.”

“That’s very kind of you. I will ask you to do that then.”

When Al answered while admiring the store’s service, the girl’s face reddened.

“Then, please wait just a moment.”

When the girl left, we talked about our schedule.

“What shall we do after eating the meal?”

“Let’s buy the necessary things. I have no change of clothes, we also need ingredients and seasonings. Tableware, kitchen utensils…… at least that much?”

“I understand the clothes, but…… is Feli perhaps thinking of cooking?”

“Yes. I have cooked in my previous life, so I should be fine.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, Feli’s body is now that of a four years old child, so I thought whether it wouldn’t be possible.”

“Ah!?…… That’s right. Are you able to cook, Al?”

“I think so?”

I recalled Al’s meals during the travel and dropped my shoulders.

“Haa~ If I were an adult…… if we were to eat outside, I don’t know when we will run out of money…… right!? With that skill, I just might manage.”

“Did you think of something?”

I told Al who was watching me while smiling.

“I have the Transformation skill. Wouldn’t I be able to cook if I used that to turn into an adult?”

“Hee~ it’s rare for a human to have that skill.”

“I have copied it from Chase before.”


“Is that so…… from Chase.”

I wanted to continue the conversation while wondering why Al stressed Chase’s name so much, but I couldn’t

“Yeah! From Chase………… ah!?”

Al was looking at me and laughing, not worrying a bit about me who went completely pale.

“What’s wrong? Your face turned white…… fufu.”

“Al…… did you perhaps know?”


Al feigned ignorance and asked.

“While walking a little while ago, you were trying to say something when I was thinking of forgetting something, didn’t you! You knew about Chase, right!”

Right, I have forgotten to contact Chase.

“I thought it would be better to remember this by yourself…… sorry.”

“Uu…… even though it was fine to tell me…… they are definitely worried…… he will be angry.”

“Well, let’s deal with that after the meal. It’s here.”

When I look towards the direction Al is pointing, I saw the girl walking towards us with food on a tray.

“Thank you for waiting! This is the Orc steak and vegetable soup. It’s hot, so please eat carefully.”

Saying such, the girl returned.


“First of all, let’s eat.”

“…… Yes.”


When I thought of eating the steak first and looked at it, it was cut into child bite sizes.
I’m really impressed by this kind of store.
The steak was tender with no bad smell, so it was easy to eat. It was delicious.
There were many vegetables in the soup, and it also tasted good. I happily ate while being watched over by Al who finished eating earlier.

“”Thank you for the meal.””


After finishing eating, we went to the counter where an auntie with a good build stood.

“Excuse me, we would like to pay.”

“Alright! Two people, it will be 1 silver and 2 coppers…… I have not seen your faces before? Travelers?”

“That’s correct. This food was really delicious, you also pay good attention to kids. We will be sure to visit again.”

“Thank you! Come by anytime!”

“Yes. Umm, where could we find a children’s clothes shop?”

“In that case, go straight to the right after leaving the store. There’s a shop called Lumina.”

“Thank you very much.”


After bowing to the auntie and leaving the store, we searched for the clothes shop first.
While advancing on the path recommended by the auntie, the cheeks of the women on the streets would turn red when looking at Al, and they would whisper to each other, but the person himself didn’t notice and just continued looking around for the shop.
I felt somewhat gloomy, so I grasped Al’s clothes.

“Feli, what’s wrong? Are you tired?”

“…… It’s nothing. Ah! Isn’t that it?”

The shop I point at has “Lumina” signboard attached to it.

“It’s Lumina, isn’t it? Let’s enter.”

When we enter the shop, there were many children’s clothes lined up, there were adult clothes as well, but only a few.

“There’s quite a lot, isn’t there? What kind of clothes does Feli like?”

“Something easy to move in? But, there’s so many, so I’m troubled.”

I decided to have Al lower me and look around.
While the two of us were wavering, a refined, elderly man addressed us with a smile.

“Welcome. What kind of clothes are you looking for?”

It appears he’s the shopkeeper here.

“I would like some clothes for this child. But the person herself would prefer something easy to move in..”

“In that case…… how about something like this?”

While asking such, he holds out a blue one-piece dress with white lacing around the chest.

“These clothes are made from light materials, and Ojousama’s hair is a beautiful silver color, so I think the colors would go well together.”

(I, I was called Ojousama……)

“Hee~ how about it, Feli?”

“Umm…… let’s take that then.”

“Then, this and clothes from the same materials…… could you choose five of them, please? Also, could I ask for three sleep-wear clothes, and matching shoes?”

“Certainly. Please sit on those chairs and wait for a moment.”

We decided to wait on the chairs we were guided to.

“Al is not buying any clothes?”

“I can change my clothes when transforming. Let’s get just Feli’s clothes for now.”


A short time later, the shopkeeper returned with the clothes. I liked each and every one of them, so we decided to purchase them all.

“Well then, it amounts to 6 silver.”

“Yes, is this fine? You really helped us out by choosing. Thank you.”

“It was nothing. I will be awaiting your next visit.”

We bowed our heads and walked out of the shop.

“What an extremely polite person. Al, shall I put the clothes in the item box?”

“Let’s do that.”

I store the clothes in the item box, and then we decided to purchase food.
While walking around, we found a bigger building than the other buildings,『Malaika Company』was written on its signboard.

“Al, it’s Robert-san’s store! It’s big, isn’t it?”

“Hee~ what to do? Want to take a look?”


When we were about to enter the Malaika Company, a voice called us from behind.

“Oh, Fearfal-sama, Felice-sama.”

When we turn towards the voice, Robert was there.

“Hi Robert, are you just returning?”

“Yeah, I had lunch with Austin-dono and others. What about you two?”

“We found your store while looking for a store to buy food and seasonings, so we thought of taking a look.”

“In that case, you are just right. Our store also deals with seasonings, and if you’d like, please accept the food from our travels. It’s still fresh, so there won’t be a problem.”

“We would feel bad.”

“We won’t be consuming it, so please take it by all means.”

“…… Then, we will gratefully accept.”

“Thank you very much, Robert-san.”

“No, no, please enter inside.”

We received food from Robert, and we were also able to get salt, pepper, soy sauce, and miso.
There are apparently only a few stores dealing with soy sauce and miso, so I think it was really good that we found the Malaika Company.
After thanking Robert, we walked towards our house…… is what we were supposed to do, but I transferred us from a back alley.
Thus, the time has come at last.

“Now then, I will put the baggage in order, so you are free to contact Chase, Feli.”

“…… Yesss.”

I decided to contact Chase just as Al said.

(Ugh~ why did I forget, stupid me!)

(Cha, Chase, can you hear me? …… Chase-sa~n.)

While thinking ‘There’s no reply, is my timing bad?’ Chase answered.

(You, what were you doing until now!!)

As I thought, he’s angry.

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