Chapter 25

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Royal Capital
Approximately ten seconds after the gatekeeper’s signal, I heard an unfamiliar voice.

“Good day! This is the Royal Capital of the Dianes Republic, Lucent. I’m the teleport gate’s gatekeeper, the name’s Nero. Is there no mistake in your place of arrival?”

“Yes, it’s correct.”

“Then, I will please ask for the licensee.”

Hearing the gatekeeper’s words, Austin got off the carriage and handed him his identification papers.
When the verification of identification papers finished, Austin returns, and the gatekeeper confirms the number of people with the recording magic tool in his hands.

“Seven people and one animal, there’s no mistake. Please, go ahead.”

Because the carriage started moving, I asked Lewis what was on my mind.

“Lewis-san, why did the gatekeeper on this side knew the number of people?”

“That’s you see, your magical power has been recorded with a magic tool at the gate, yes?”


“The information recorded by the magic tool at the gate was automatically forwarded to the place of destination.”

“Automatically forwarded…… that’s amazing, isn’t it?”

(Is it similar to a mail I wonder?)

When I admire, Evan began speaking proudly.

“In fact, the ones who came up with the mechanisms of this carriage and the teleport gates were the royal magicians of our country! I have brought up this country to cross over the differences between races, join forces and improve the living conditions of everyone. There are still things to improve, but――”

“Evan-sama! That’s enough of that story, right?”

“What are you saying Lewis, there are still a lot of things to say, you know?”

“No, it’s enough…… haa~”

Lewis who stopped Evan from talking any further sighed in exhaustion, and others also were shaking their heads and shrugging their shoulders.

(Al, is Evan-san perhaps seriously big shot?)

(That’s right. Well, don’t mind it. The person in question hasn’t formally introduced himself yet after all.)

(…… Un. I will pretend I didn’t hear anything just now.)

(Now then, shall I turn back into human form soon?)

“Umm, can Al turn back into a person now?”

Because Lewis nodded to my question, I lower Al on the floor, and his body starts shining.
Al who became human sat next to me, picked me up and place me on his lap.
Then, after a while, the carriage stopped, and Robert peeked inside.

“Everyone, we have arrived at the temporary place of stay.”

When I get out of the carriage, what I saw was a white, two-story building with an orange roof encircled by a wooden fence.
When guided to the front room by Robert, Evan and others also follow in.

“Why are you following us in, Evan?”

“That’s because I’m concerned even if it’s Robert’s recommendation.”


In the end, everyone walked inside.

“Please enter. Firstly, when entering the first floor from the entrance, you will immediately arrive in the living room with a kitchen right next to it. From the entrance, there’s one room on the left side and toilet on the right side.”

I see and confirm while guided by Robert.
There is no furniture in the room, but we are free to use it.
I was surprised that the toilet was flushable, so when I asked, I was told that it’s currently used only in this country.
In fact, I was really happy about the toilet because I had a hard time in the basement, but I got disappointed because there’s no bath.

“Well then, let’s go on the second floor. The staircase is next to the kitchen. There are two rooms on the second floor of which one is an attic. Both of them are good rooms exposed to the sun, so please be at ease.”

There was a desk, chair, bed, and a closet in each room.
Because I have ĺonged for an attic since the old days, I decided to consult Al when assigning the room.
Lastly, we were shown to a splendid and quite spacious backyard, making a kitchen garden here seems to be possible.
With the explanation over, Evan and co. will have to return, so we decided to part ways for now.

“Well then, we will be returning. We will make a decision as soon as possible, so wait for me please. Also, I will give you this, so go and buy anything necessary.”

“We will gratefully use it. We will properly repay you back. We will be causing you trouble, but please take care of us.”

While Al is talking with Evan, I thank Austin and others.

“Thank you very much everyone for teaching me many things. Angela-san, your meals were delicious.”

“Thank you…… I’m helping out in a nearby church, so if anything happens come and find me, okay? I will also come to visit.”

“I mainly do requests, so if you need something, don’t be shy and come to the guild.”


“I’m mostly the same as Austin.”

“As for me, if I’m not doing requests, then I’m at my smithy. If you need weapons, armor, or any necessities, I will make them for you.”

“I, unfortunately, need to accompany Evan-sama for a while, so there probably won’t be many opportunities to see each other.”

“Lewis! What’s with that ‘unfortunately’!”

“We will finish as soon as possible and come to see you, so don’t push yourself, okay?”

Evan was feeling down because Lewis ignored his tsukkomi, so I called to him.

“Umm, are you all right? Thank you very much as well, Evan-san.”

“Felice! You are the only one who worries about me!”

Evan was about to embrace me, but Al stopped him.

“I wonder what you were doing…… Evan.”

When Al asked in a low voice with a smile on his face, Evan recovered and started rapidly talking.

“I, I wasn’t doing anything! You guys, we are returning!”

Thus, they boarded the carriage.
While others were getting exhaustedly in the carriage, Robert came to say his greetings.

“Are you really all right having a meal by yourselves? If not, I will come after sending Evan-sama and others back?”

“Thank you, Robert. There are many places we’d like to see, so we will go by ourselves. We also got the money from Evan after all.”

“Is that so…… if you need anything, please come by the Malaika Company. I don’t mind if you put out my name.”

After saying such, Robert told us the way to the town and names of the stores he recommended and then they left.

“They are good people, aren’t they? Al.”

“Looks like they couldn’t leave Feli alone. Now then, shall we go to the store Robert recommended us?”


Al began walking while carrying me as usual.

(I’m looking towards a meal in the Royal Capital~…… But, it feels as if I forgot something…..)


“Is something wrong? Feli.”

When I recalled and groaned, Al inquired me.

“I feel like I have forgotten something very important, but…… u~n…… no good, I can’t remember.”

“Is that perhaps, Cha……… well, you will remember before long.”

Al started saying something, but he couldn’t remember, so I decided to leave it.
Without being aware that I regretted not being able to remember, my head became full of food.
After walking for a while, we saw a certain building.

“Al, it’s a big building. Because it has a bell, is that the church Angela-san was talking about?”

“Looks like it. Huh? …… Feli, look over there. There’s a child looking our way from behind a tree.”

When I look where Al pointed, I saw a girl about the same age as me looking at us.
When our eyes meet, her eyes widen for a moment, but she immediately glared at me and ran away.

“Umm…… I wonder what was that about?”

“Who knows? I don’t understand what children are thinking about.”

“I’m a child too, you know?”

“Feli is a child, but you have memories from your previous life, so you are easy to understand because your thoughts show on your face.”

When I became sullen and looked the other way because of those words, Al burst out in laughter.

“Haha…… sorry, sorry, please don’t feel down, Feli…… fufu.”

“Al doesn’t have any intent to apologize, right! It was the same when I was hungry――――”

When walking while having such exchange, the girl from before appeared again, but I didn’t notice because I was too angry at Al.

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