Chapter 16

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Unique Skill
It appears that the five who went to request the aid have returned while we were on the way.

(Chase, it looks like they have returned.)


The atmosphere around Chase got heavier, so I unconsciously increased strength in the hand that was grabbing Chase’s clothes.

(It’s okay…… it will go smoothly.)


While talking the beastmen came into sight, so Chase gave instructions to Lyle and Roy who stayed behind.

(Lyle, Roy, hear me out…… no matter what happens from now on, pretend to stay calm and composed and follow up after us…… alright!?)

(Ro, roger.)



(…… Chase…… it’s time to go.)

(Alright…… you move as according to the plan, okay?)


I transferred back to Carlos-san and others and told them about Gais.
Because the number of opponents is large, Carlos-san, Ethan, and Liam are needed too.
There won’t be anyone to protect the people left, but the Barrier is set up and if something really does happen, we will be contacted via telepathy and Transfer back.

“I see…… let’s go Ethan, Liam.”


Before we could leave, Leone-sama stopped us.

“Wait! I want you to take me with you as well.”

“It’s dangerous! Leone-sama.”

“I understand that…… but, I want to confirm it with my own eyes…… please.”

Carlos looked at Leone-sama with a strict gaze, but Leone-sama returned a serious gaze without pulling back.

“…… I understand. However, please follow our instructions at any time. Is that agreeable?”

“Of course…… thank you.”

Because they have come to an agreement, I transferred us near to Chase and others, and Gais just about to swing his sword at Chase.
Because Carlos moved before I could form a Barrier, I developed Space-time Barrier around the surroundings instead.
While Carlos was keeping Gais company, Ethan and Liam defeated the other four.

(The Prince’s guards are really strong, huh)

Gais tried using the other beastmen in confinement as a shield, but his telepathy didn’t go through the Space-time Barrier.
Because Lyle and Roy came to Leone-sama’s side, I decided to stand in front of Gais.
Because I saw panic when Gais’ telepathy didn’t connect, I have assumed it wouldn’t be possible for him to use the Prince and the families as his shield.
However, as Gais wouldn’t talk even as Leone-sama appeared, Chase and co. decided to send Leone-sama back, so they could interrogate them.

(Oi, you return as well.)

Chase gave instructions, but after thinking it over for a while, I beckoned Chase and Carlos over.
Because the two immediately approached and crouched down, I conveyed my thoughts.

(I will speak to you through telepathy, so pretend to be nodding.)

The two nodded.

(I also said it before, but we don’t have time. When it becomes morning, and they bring in the food, we will be exposed.)

(That’s right, but…… what do you want to do, Jouchan.)

(I will use my skill.)



(Chase knows it…… you have personally experienced it, in the basement.)

(?……… That thing!)

(What is it about, Chase?)

(Yeah, when I lifted up this fellow, I suddenly grew weak…… I later confirmed my status. My HP and MP decreased.)

(Wha, is that the truth!?)

(Anyhow, please follow up after me! Keep the calm attitudes, okay!)

Saying such, I approached Gais and others.

(What I’m going to use on Gais, and others now is the Life Absorption…… truthfully, I didn’t want to use this in front of Chase and others.)

I spoke to Gais without hesitating.

(First, I will have Gais faint…… the other four should confess.)

I reached my hand towards Gais’ forehead and activated the absorption to the very limit.
When Gais fainted, the four thought he died and started talking.
After that, I left it to the two, transferred to a place further away and thought again about what they said.


(It’s a convenient skill for me, but it would be scary for the other party, wouldn’t it…… because it sucks life…… Chase and others surely……)

Because I was about to cry, I bit my lip, but I didn’t realize that Chase and Carlos saw that.
Apparently, they heard from the four about the mastermind, so I made them faint just like Gais.
Even if they wake up, they shouldn’t have any strength for resistance.
Lyle and Roy asked about the happenings until now, so Chase talked, and I joined him.
After the talk had finished, Lyle and Roy looked at me.

“At any rate, to be able to use magic like that at that age.”

“That’s right. I heard it was a skill that made Gais and others faint, but what skill was that?”

I clogged to answer Roy’s question.

“Umm, that was……”

(What to do…… would it be better if I answered?)

At that time, a big hand gently stroked my head, and I opened my eyes wide at Chase who was smiling.

“Roy, prying into other’s skills is against the rules, you know?”

“It’s as Chase says, Roy. We were able to obtain information thanks to Jouchan…… that’s enough, right?”

I hung my head down again because tears were about to fall because of the two’s words.

(Even though both of them know about the skill……)

“Captain, Carlos-san…… you’re right…… I’m sorry about that.”

Saying such, Roy lowered his head, so I told him not to mind it.
While thinking of returning, I heard something.



When I looked around restlessly, Chase sighed deeply.

“Haa~ Why is that guy…… my head hurts”

The other three shook their heads with a good grief feeling.
It appears they know who that is.
When the voice approaches and becomes clear, I also got exhausted within my heart.

“Captain!! We have just returned!!”

Right, Bard and co. have returned.

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