Chapter 17

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Bard and co. have safely returned, but Chase asked Bard because he thought they returned too quickly.

“You, can’t you be quiet…… oh well, you have returned quite fast, did something happen?”

“Ha!! As a matter of fact, we have come in contact with the scouting party of the rescue unit!! The rescue unit is waiting on the rocky road that leads from here to the Kingdom!!”

“Really!? They have come quite close, didn’t they?”

“I was told that Prime Minister-sama had suspicions of traitors and immediately reported to His Majesty who sent out the unit at once!! It seems the traitors were caught after internal investigation!!”

“As expected.”

Chase who was praising Bard for a job well done stiffened with his next words.

“Also, I have a message for Captain and Carlos-sama from Prime Minister!!”


(Hee~ the Prime Minister looks like a sharp and able person…… nevertheless, Carlos…… sama? Even though Lyle-san and others call him ‘Carlos-san’.)

When I wondrously look at Carlos, he was shaking…… Chase too.


“First, Captain!! ‘Although I told you to wait until we unravel as much as details as possible and then you plunge straight into the enemy’s trap in spite, how pathetic! Prepare yourself for re-training once you return!’ That’s it!!”

Chase turned pale, and his eyes died.

(He came on his own!? But, Selena-san and Will-kun were among the abducted people, he would be worried.)

“Carlos-sama!! ‘How pathetic of you, the Prince’s Captain guard to let an abduction happen within the castle! I will re-train you when you return too! Prepare yourself, my stupid younger brother!’ That’s all!!”

Carlos too turned pale with his eyes dead.

(Is the Prime Minister a scary person…… he even called Carlos-san a stupid younger brother……… stupid younger brother…… younger brother!? Carlos-san is the Prime Minister’s younger brother!?)

I was so surprised I unconsciously looked at Carlos-san a second time.
Since the rescue unit is nearby, I suggested that it would be better quickly join with others.

“Umm~ Shall I return and transfer everyone here? Or should I go to the place where the rescue units is, and then transfer all of you there at once?”


Bard and the other three were looking at me who made such a proposal curiously, but Chase and Carlos who recovered and Lyle and Roy seemed to be considering.

“Wouldn’t it be safer to take Jouchan there and transfer everyone at once? Chase.”

“Certainly, the injuries were healed, but there are children, so we would move slowly.”

“Then, who will take her? Captain.”

“First of all, the unit would be startled if everyone suddenly appeared without an explanation.”

“That being the case, Chase should be fine.”


“That’s right.”

“………… Well, you’re right”

Because they have come to an agreement, Chase turned his back towards me and crouched down.

“We are off, so you guys make sure to explain to everyone.”

After saying that, Chase started running.
Because there was something I wanted to say to Chase, I decided to say it now.

“Chase……… thank you.”

“For what? Hold tightly, so you don’t fall off.”


(I also have to convey my thanks to Carlos-san later.)

I tightly grasped Chase’s clothes.
After running for a while, the rocky road came to sight, so I used Search and there were beastmen reactions, so I told Chase.

“Chase, they seem to be under that big rock on your right-hand side.”

“Alright, let’s take a look…… make sure you are not visible.”

“Alright…… Stealth.”

I concealed myself just as Chase said.
Then, Chase fixed me on his back one more time and started running again.
A voice resounded when we got closer to the big rock.

“Stop! Who are you!”

“I’m the Captain of the Trust Kingdom’s Operative unit, Chase! I would like to see the person in charge!”

When Chase named himself, a man appeared.

“Captain Chase!? You were safe…… this way please.”

The man guided Chase to one of the tents.
When Chase entered, there was a man with a large build showing his back.

“Geeh!? Why are you here!”

“Good work. Return to your post.”


He sent the man who guided us back, slowly turned around and grinned after seeing Chase.

“That’s quite the greeting, Chase…… did Bard convey my message?”

“I only heard from Bard that you have returned to the kingdom! Why are you here!”

“Why do you think?”

As soon as the man approached Chase, he extended his hand, grabbed Chase’s head and put strength into it.

“That hurts!? Hey, wait a moment!”

“What’s wrong? This is the head that doesn’t understand people’s words, right…… huh?”

When even more power was put in, Chase couldn’t endure and shouted.

“I’m sorry!! I properly understand! Please, forgive me!!”

“Oh well…… we will continue later.”

When the man removed his hand, Chase sat down.


After watching Chase like that, he opened his mouth.

“What are you carefreely sitting for? Report at once.”

“………………… Haa~”

Chase sighed out, stood up and gave a report.


“I have a request before reporting.”

“What’s with that formality…… it’s gross.”

Chase continued with his mouth twitching.

“Everything you are going to see and hear, I want you to keep it for yourself.”

While being stared at by the man, Chase made a request.

“……… Fine. Speak.”

“Thank you very much…… you can remove it.”

“Who are you talking to?”

I removed Stealth as told.
Chase lowered me down, and I removed my hood after standing next to him.
The man opened his eyes wide in surprise.

“Since when was she here!? I haven’t felt any signs!”

“From the beginning…… Well~ I saw something valuable…… kuku.”

When Chase started laughing, the man narrowed his eyes and reached out his hand again, so he introduced me in a hurry.

“Wait! This fellow is Bailey’s Household’s daughter…… I told you to wait, didn’t I!”

When Chase spoke of my identity, the man narrowed his eyes dangerously, so I got frightened and hid behind Chase.

“Why is the enemy’s daughter here? If you don’t give me a reasonable answer, I won’t let you off, Chase!”

“I will speak, so calm down! Pull back your bloodthirst! She’s still just a child, you know!”

While grasping Chase’s clothes and trembling, the bloodthirst was removed.

“What are you misunderstanding…… that bloodthirst was directed at you, Chase.”

“Me!? Anyhow, listen…… this fellow certainly is the daughter of the Bailey House, but she was born as an existence to be removed, so she was confined in the basement all this time. Recently, she was experimented on with poison and drugs…… I got to know her skill when I was bringing her food, so I asked her to search for the hidden room in exchange for helping with her escape…… we were saved many more times with her skills and magic…… that’s why, everyone was able to safely escape.”

“…… That’s hard to believe.”

“You will hear the same no matter who you ask…… Prince and Carlos…… Carlos’, Ethan’s, and Liam’s severed legs have been restored by this fellow as well.”

“What!? …… I see, that’s why you requested that a while ago…… severed legs can’t usually be restored…… moreover, at this age.”

While silent with my head hung down, the man crouched down and placed his hand on my head.
When my shoulders jump in a startle, the man spoke while slowly stroking my head.

“Sorry for making you scared…… please, forgive me.”

When I raise my head in a surprise, the tears that I was holding back spilled when I saw the man’s gentle smile.

“Our country’s Prince, our brethren, and…… my stupid younger brother, I thank you for saving them.”

“Gusu…… stupid younger brother? …… Hiku…… Prime Minister-sama?”

“Ah, you know? Let me introduce myself, I’m Steven, the Prime Minister of the Trust Kingdom.”

“How do you do…… gusu…… I’m in the middle of deciding my name.”

“…… I see, let me know once you decide.”


Because I was still unsettled, Chase lifted me up and comforted me.
I have considerably calmed down after having my back tapped.
Steven who was watching said in ridicule.

“What Chase, looks like your children have multiplied…… If I’m not mistaken, Will is about the same age?”

“Shut up…… he’s two years older than this fellow, he’s six.”

“Now then, let’s continue now that we have calmed down.”

“Whose fault do you think it is……”

(I have been thinking for a while, but is it okay for Chase to be talking with the Prime Minister so casually?)

While pondering, Chase talked about the transfer.

“――That being the case, we will join up with everyone here.”

“She really is out of the norm…… I understand but wait for a moment. I will immediately make the preparations for return.”

When Steven said so and left, Chase looked at me with a serious expression and spoke.

“Hey, I have a request.”

“W, what’s the matter?”

“Don’t tell Carlos that this fellow is here.”




“That’s because a surprise attack just against me is unfair! I will let Carlos suffer as well!”


I was so shocked my words didn’t come out.

(Even though you were a reliable father just a little while ago…… children, huh……)

In the meanwhile, Steven returned.

“Right now, the preparations to return are underway, but if possible, rather than transferring directly here, could you transfer slightly further away?”

“That’s fine.”

“Why to do something so troublesome.”

“…… You don’t want to spread news about this child, right?”


“It’s like that…… Cha~s~e?”

Steven was amazed by Chase not being aware.
Chase explained in panic.

“I knew! Really!”

“Seriously…… then, I will leave it to you.”



We have returned to everyone.

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