Chapter 18

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Nuo!? Again!”

When we transfer, we appear right before Carlos-san again.

“We have just talked about the happenings so far to Bard and others.”

“Alright…… had Gais and co. awoken?”

“No, not yet…… how did it go?”

“Yeah, everything is all right…… everyone, hear me out! Right now, the rescue unit is making preparations to return, so we will transfer in a little bit…… but, before that, I have a request.”

“What is it, Chase?”

Leone-sama asks on behalf of everyone.

“Yes…… I think that everyone understands, but this time’s escape was possible only thanks to this child.”

Everyone nods to Chase’s words.

“However, this child’s power is special…… if this child’s power becomes known, danger will approach her…… therefore, I would like to ask you to pretend that we were saved by cooperation from a magician who we coincidentally met.”

I was surprised by Chase’s request.

“That’s certainly…… did you let the rescue unit know?”

“No, we only spoke to the person in charge…… he too agreed.”

“I see…… I agree with Chase! How about everyone?”

When Leone asked to confirm, everyone nodded.
I don’t know whether the children understand, but it will somehow work out.

“Everyone…… thank you very much.”

I conveyed my gratitude and bowed my head.

“We are the ones who should be saying thanks…… I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Well then, we will transfer ten minutes from now on, so please rest until then.”

Everyone was happy and smiling at each other, so I told Chase before it’s too late.

(Chase, can I for a little?)

(What’s up?)

(You see…… I think of parting ways once I transfer everyone.)

(That’s…… already decided?)


(I understand…… in that case, I will give you the information and map of the Dianes Republic.)

Saying such, he handed me a paper.

(Thank you, Chase.)

(That’s my line…… thanks.)

After Chase had patted my head, we returned to Selena-san and others.
Since the time has come, I had everyone join hands and make a circle, and talked before transferring to the place.
I decided to convey my thanks to Carlos-san through telepathy.

(Carlos-san, thank you very much about the skill.)

(Don’t worry about it…… I’m thankful as I could only wait for death if not for Jouchan…… well, it will be difficult after returning to the country, though.)

I felt guilty after hearing Carlos-san’s last words.

(Uu, what to do about Prime Minister-sama……)


I hesitated whether to speak about the Prime Minister matter, but I was told by Chase, so I decided not to speak about it in the end.

(Umm…… Carlos-san…… I’m sorry.)

(About what?)


I pretended not to hear and transferred us.
Because we have safely transferred, everyone was surprised and thanked me when I conveyed that we will be parting here, but Will burst in tears.

“No! I want to be with Oneechan! Uwa~n.”

“Will-kun!? Don’t cry.”

Chase spoke to Will refused to part while crying.

“Will…… O, Oneechan has a place she wants to go, so don’t trouble her…… in the first place, this child is younger than yo――ouch!”

When I look in surprise at Chase who suddenly shouted in pain while remonstrating Will, Selena was stamping on his foot.

(Uwaa…… looks painfull)

“Chase, don’t say something unnecessary! Will, Oneechan won’t go with us, but it’s not like you won’t meet her again.”

“Gusu…… really?”

He asked while looking at me, so I powerfully nodded and answered with a smile.

“Of course! It wouldn’t be possible immediately, but I will contact you if you calm down, okay?”


When Will’s crying face turns into a smile, Chase handed me a paper.


When wondering what it is, he explained.

“It’s our contact address…… write letters and send them there.”


While happily grinning, Chase spoke to me via telepathy.

(I will tell you this just in case, but contact us via telepathy if something happens! I will do that too…… I will inform Selena, so if you have something to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us! Also, make sure not to expose the telepathy to Will, okay! If you don’t, it will be incessant…… Also, be careful of getting kidnapped! Your face is fine, so you will sell right away! Understand!?)

(I, I understand……)

When I took a step backward from Chase’s vigor, Will was looking at me in wonder and Selena was happily smiling.

“Well then…… see you again.”

When I said that and tried to transfer, Carlos called out to me.

“Wait a moment Jouchan. What did you mean earlier?”

“Umm…… that’s.”

I took a glance at Chase, he was grinning at Carlos.

“Carlos-san…… my condolences.”

“Ha? What do you mean!?”

“Well then, goodbye!”

I transferred to run away.
At that time, I have a feeling I heard Carlos’ voice coming to a halt and Chase’s laughter.

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