Chapter 19

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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After parting from Chase and others, I have transferred back to the basement. There’s still something I have to do.
Although I feel lonely, I renew my feelings and think about the future.

(It’s almost dawn…… it’s only a matter of time when they discover that the beastmen escaped and I’m worried about the magic tool Chase has mentioned…… what are they planning by summoning monsters? …… I don’t know what I can currently do, but even if it’s information.)

At that time, footsteps approached, and the door got unlocked.


The one who opened the door and came in is the head maid.
The air around her is somehow tingling.

“You are awake…… it’s food. Eat up.”

The head maid left food on top of the table, but she kept on staring at me without leaving.

“…… Yes.”

When I approach the table in order to eat while finding it strange, I collapsed under a heavy impact.



(What!? My cheek hurts.)

When I look at the head maid, she raised her hand overhead.

(She’s going to hit me!? Perhaps, just a little while ago too! Barrier.)

At the same time I create a light Barrier around my body, the head maid’s hand landed on me.

――Bashi! Bashin!

“It didn’t go smoothly because you are here! The beastmen escaped! What will I say to Dannasama when he returns tomorrow! It’s your fault! Because Seth was here, because that man acted faster than me, I wasn’t able to do it! That man is not here anymore! I can do it again! Vanish! Disappear! Be gone!.”

The head maid kept on hitting me as if going mad.
After feeling satisfied, she left the room.

I slowly raised up and placed my hand against my cheek.

“That hurt…… gusu……”

Actually, only the first hit connected, but my heart hurts so much I spilled tears.

(Chase was really protecting me…… this is not the time to be crying, huh…… I have to gather information and also learn more magic.)

I wiped my tears and started acting.
At the night of that day, I concealed my figure and walked along the hallway.
The soldiers were apparently searching for the beastmen, so I feel a bit relieved that there are only a few people left.
After advancing further into the mansion, the nearby door opened and a child came out.

(Haa! That startled me…… a girl? What a cutie.)

The child who came out had silver, close to white hair and big violet eyes, a really cute girl.
Because the girl started walking, I followed after her and arrived in front of a room with a large door.


“Okaasama, please open…… Okaasama.”

The door slightly opened and a beautiful woman appeared.
Her hair and eye color are the same, so she must be the girl’s mother…… and probably also mine.
Because the child was invited inside, I anxiously slipped inside, and the woman gently asked the child after placing her on her lap.

“What’s wrong, Elizabeth. Did you have a scary dream?”

“No…… I can’t fall asleep.”

“Then, let’s sleep together today, okay? Otousama is returning tomorrow, so we have to greet him with a smile, okay?”


The woman leads the girl into the bed by hand.

“Now then, good night…… my cute Liz.”

Saying that, she kissed the girl’s forehead as she fell asleep.
I transferred outside, but I couldn’t move. I have tightly clenched the boiling feelings in my heart.

(I know this feeling…… this is envy…… I’m envious of that girl…… and also wrath.)

I’m envious of that girl who receives affection that’s not given to me, and at the same time, I’m angry at my parents.

(There’s nothing I can do even if I think about it…… I have to concentrate.)

After pulling myself together and walking down the hallway, I heard voices.
When I looked at the direction of the voices, I saw the soldiers.

“At any rate, how did the beastmen escape? There was a locking spell cast, right?”

“How should I know…… either way, the guys in charge of them were disposed of.”

“Ah~ Feudal Lord-sama will be in a mad mood, won’t he~”

“Indeed…… but, if I’m not mistaken, that thing arrived tonight, so wouldn’t it be a little safe?”

“That thing, are you serious…… is that alright? It’s dangerous, right?”

“It’s apparently safe because it has a slave collar…… besides, we are currently going into that thing’s room, you know?”

“Geh! This is that thing’s meal!?”

Because I was interested in the two’s conversation, I followed them and arrived at a huge door.
Because the soldiers opened the door with a tensed expressions, I followed them inside.
The room was dark, and there wasn’t a single window.


When I look towards the metallic sound I heard, there was――
An enormous creature tied up with several chains.


The creature menacingly looked towards us.

“Hii! Oi, let’s go!”

“Y, yeah!”

The two left in a panic, but I couldn’t move.
That’s because the creature was looking here――at me.

(It sees me…… moreover, this is…… this is a dragon.)

Right, there was an enormous dragon.
Before I knew it, it was looking at me bloodthirstily.

(Child of a human…… who are you?)



(I’m…… how should I say it……)

(Fumu…… looking at your status would be faster.)


Saying such, the dragon went silent.
After a while, it talked again, but I was startled by the contents.

(I see…… born as a twin, an existence to be erased, how pitiful…… moreover, reincarnated from a different world, how unusual.)


(Because I saw your status…… Child of a human, I have a request.)

(Request? What is it?)

(Let me out of here…… in return, I will listen to one of your wishes.)

(…… What are you going to do after getting out of here?)

(Naturally…… I will kill the impudent humans.)

The atmosphere turned tingly, and a cold sweat flowed down my back.

(…… I understand. However, could you wait until tomorrow?)


(There’s something I have to obtain by all means. But I can’t obtain it now because it will arrive tomorrow, so I would be troubled if you went on a rampage now.)

(I see…… fine…… don’t forget, I will reward you.)

(Yes…… then, I’m going.)


I transferred to the basement and sat down.

“Haa~ that was nerve-wracking. So dragons are that big…… my magic wasn’t effective, and my status was seen through.”

My heart is still pounding, but I decided to sleep to prepare for tomorrow.

(Which reminds me, that child…… Elizabeth was really cute, wasn’t she…… I wonder if am I also that cute since we are twins…… Roy-san said that I’m adorable, Chase also said that my face is fine. Let’s make sure tomorrow~……)

I gradually became sleepy and soon fell asleep.
The next day, as soon as I woke up, I decided to confirm my appearance.
I made it bright with Light and released magical power while imagining a mirror.
Doing that, a big, round mirror floated before me.

“It’s here! Name…… Mirror should be fine…… lemme see, lemme see..”

When I took a look, a cute girl with slightly purplish, silver hair, slant eyes and big deep blue-colored pupils, reflected in the mirror.

“Hoeh~ this is the current me, huh…… but, as I thought, I’m malnourished.”

After briefly checking myself out, I waited for the meal to come, but nobody came.
She probably gave up on me because they are busy to greet the feudal lord, so I decided to eat the emergency rations Chase gave me.
It’s my first time eating dried meat which was inside, so I timidly tasted it.

――Paku――Gashigashi, gashihashi

(Salty! …… it’s hard and difficult to chew…… but, it would be a waste not to eat it…… uu~)

I somehow finished eating one, but my jaw was hurting too much, so I finished a meal by drinking water I created with magic.
I became sleepy as I kept waiting, but I finally heard footsteps.


And then, the head maid walked in.
Her expression was of happiness I never saw in her before.

“You are awake. Today is the long-awaited day. We will now move to the ‘forest,’ so put this on.”

What the head maid handed me over were handcuffs, shackles, and a collar.


Because I was silent in surprise, the head maid took it from me and made me wear it.
In awfully good humor……


“Now, it’s done…… it suits you very well. You will be useful to Dannasama at last. Be honored…… I will tell you just in case, but that collar is called a slave collar, which won’t allow you to go against orders. Come along obediently.”

I walked with my head hung down, but I couldn’t walk well because of the shackles.
When we reached the stairs, the head maid put a mantle on me.

“Because I don’t want to see your appearances, wear this on you.”

After I patiently endure and follow after her, we reached outside.
There, many soldiers, a gorgeous carriage, and one small cart were waiting.
Because I was put on the cart and covered with a cloth, I watched through the gap and saw a man walk out of a door.
The man is tall with a firm figure, his face looks a bit fierce, his hair is violet and his eyes deep blue.
Following that man, the younger sister I saw yesterday and mother holding a boy came out.
The boy has the same hair and eye color as the man.

(Most likely, that man is my father and that boy the little brother)

Father turned towards the family and smiled.

“Then, I’m off.”

“Yes…… be careful.”

“Otousama, have a good day.”

Father stroked the little sister’s and little brother’s heads, kissed mother’s cheek, boarded the carriage, and we departed.
I was biting my lip while sitting in the cart.
After a while, the cart stopped, and I was put down.
When I stood up, a man with unkempt hair and father got off.

“Ooh~ is this the experimental body? Then, let’s start right away.”

Saying such, the man made me hold something like a lamp and tied a string around my body.
Father seeing that kept silent.

“Now then, all’s done. All that’s left is Diego-sama’s command, and the experiment can start! If this succeeds, we can go to war~”

“I see…… with this, I can finally dispose of the pest…… this is order, ‘after walking inside the forest for a while, there will be a cave. After arriving there, pour magical power inside the magic tool you are holding.’ That’s all.”

When I begin walking in accordance with the order, several of the soldiers followed after me.

“The guard gentlemen, make sure to step back immediately after the magical power is poured in or you will get swallowed up~”


The soldiers replied to the dismayed warning.
After keeping on walking, I saw the cave and was about to start pouring the magical power inside, so the soldiers ran back.
A short time after pouring magical power inside, I heard several cries and footsteps.



And then, monsters of various kinds appeared and rushed towards me.

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