Chapter 15

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Completing the First Stage
The magician――I take off the hood and smile at Chase and Carlos.

“Fu~ it somewhat went smoothly, didn’t it!”

Then, Chase looks at me with tired eyes and sighs.

“You…… haa~”

Carlos clapped on his shoulder while holding back his laughter.

“Kuku…… yeah, it went smoothly.”

When I tilt my head to the side, finding the two’s behavior strange, Lyle comes and approaches Chase.

“Captain! Carlos-san too! Please, properly explain this! Suddenly appearing in front of us, letting the five go to request for the aid, disappearing again, telling us through telepathy “no matter what happens now, pretend to be calm and composed,” I understood that Gais and others had betrayed us, but just what is going on!?”

“C, calm down, Lyle.”

Chase tried to calm down Lyle, but then Roy approached with a smile on his face.

“That’s right, Lyle. Captain and co. will give a proper, convincing explanation. For example…… for example, the reason for making this little, adorable child doing something so dangerous…… right, Captain?”


Chills ran through my back even though that smile was directed towards me.

(Hii! His eyes are not smiling at all…… Chase is…… ah, he’s subtly trembling…… is Roy-san fond of children? He’s worried about me…… nevertheless, there are many good-looking people among the beastmen, aren’t there?)

Lyle has a short hair and a refreshing, athletic feeling, he’s a wolf person just like Liam. Roy is a pretty person with a shoulder-length hair tied behind, he’s a fox person like Chase. Ethan is a black panther, Carlos a white tiger. Leone is a lion.

(Still, they look so mofumofuably pleasant~ I wonder if it’s no good to touch them.)

While thinking about such things, Chase spoke to me.

“O~i, may I a bit?”

“What’s the matter?”

As I trotted over, Roy dropped on his knee and bowed his head.

“Once again, I’m Roy. Thank you very much for your cooperation during this matter.”

“Ah, please raise your head!”

When I was feeling flustered, Lyle came and lowered his head too.

“I also want to express my gratitude…… thank you.”

“Umm, it’s really alright.”

When I was troubled, not knowing what to do, Carlos came to the rescue.

“Oi, oi, leave it at that. Jouchan is troubled, you know?”


First of all, we spoke about Chase’s and my negotiations, the search for the hidden room, about everyone’s medical treatment and about the doubts of a traitor.

“What to say……”

“That’s quite extraordinary, so what happened next?”

“Ask that this fellow. We have moved as this fellow said, after all.”

When Chase says so, the two turned their gazes towards me.

“U~mm, you see――”

Let’s go back in time a little――

“Everyone, please gather up for a little.”

When I say so, the beastmen gather around me.

“In case the five who went to request aid are connected to the traitor…… at worst, it’s likely that the aid won’t come.”


Unrest ran through the beastmen, but Chase and Carlos agreed.

“Certainly…… if I were in their position, I would pretend to go for the help and make up excuses that the aid can’t come…… what do you think? Carlos.”

“Yeah, it will be probably like that…… say, Jouchan. Do you have any ideas?”

“Yes…… but, in order to succeed, the cooperation of everyone here and the six people outside is necessary.”

“Say it! I want to return back with everyone…… for that reason, I will cooperate with anything!”

“Leone-sama…… alright.”

When I looked around, everyone was nodding, so I explained the plan.

“First, as planned at first, Chase and I will go towards the meeting place. If possible, I would like to secure a safe, spacious place on the way. After joining up, we will leave behind few people while the others will go request for aid. Then, after returning to this room and transferring everyone to the safe place, and after confirming whether the five who went to ask for the aid returned, Chase and I will go towards the meeting place once again, and obtain information regarding the traitor from them…… how about it?”

“It certainly is a good plan, but there’s a problem, Jouchan.”

“I know…… in order to hear the information, we have to do it before the relief aid the five went to get arrives…… it’s a game against time…… therefore, Chase.”

“Yeah, let’s hurry…… Leone-sama, everyone, I understand your anxiety, but this is the only chance we have…… won’t you entrust this to us?”

Everyone powerfully nodded while looking at us.
Then, Leone-sama said.

“Thank you both.”



At that time, Will pulled on Chase’s clothes and called out to him.

“Otousan, are you going?”

Chase got on his knees and patted Will’s head.

“Yeah, I will definitely return…… let’s return to our country with everyone.”

“Yeah! Otousan, Oneechan too, be careful, okay?”

“…… Ou.”

“Thank you, Will-kun.”

(He said Oneechan! Will-kun is so cute~ I want to mofumofu him~ I should ask him when this matter ends――)

“Oi…… we should go.”

Chase spoke to me, interrupting my thoughts.
When I looked at Chase, he was looking at me with a tired expression.

(No way…… were my thoughts exposed!?)

“R, right! Then, let’s go…… Stealth…… Transfer.”

While everyone was surprised at our disappearance, I immediately warped us out of the room.
At the same time we left the room, I extended the scope of Search that I have been using all the time in order to grasp the location of the five people.

(Chase, the five are still slightly far away and they are not moving, let’s hurry up without a delay.)

(Alright! Here, hold on tightly.)

Saying such, Chase crouched and piggybacked me.

Because we have safely left the mansion, I tried asking Chase.

(Say, are we perhaps entering the forest?)

(Yeah, although I say forest, this is not the “Magic Forest,” so it’s relatively safe.)

(Ah! Chase, stop!)

Chase immediately stopped and cautiously looked around.

(What’s wrong? Is there something around? I don’t feel any signs, though……)

(Sorry, that’s not it…… can you go over there for a bit?)

After I point with my left hand while saying, Chase moves there.
When we advance a little, there was an open space location with a little pond.

(How about making this place the evacuation site?)

(Let’s see…… there’s water and the surroundings are easy to see…… but, that being the case, they would be in plain sight.)

(In that case, I will use my barrier. Furthermore, they won’t be visible if I use Stealth.)

(That, huh…… it should be fine then. Okay! Let’s move them here.)

Because we have decided on the evacuation site, we began running towards the meeting place.
After a short while, we have seen beastmen, so I used The Mind’s Eye to confirm just in case, but only Chase’s comrades were among them.

(There they are…… undo the magic.)

(Alright…… dispel.)

“Everyone, sorry for making you wait!”

When Chase calls out to them, everyone gets surprised.


“Eh? Since when?”


Someone shouted in a loud voice during the ruckus.

“Be quiet!! Captain isn’t able to speak!!”


(So loud! My ears……)

I covered my ears to keep the voice down.

“You be quiet! Bard!”

“Ha!! I’m sorry!!”

(Haa~ He’s not listening…… is this person a musclehead?)

“Haa~…… I wonder why you are the vice-captain.”

“I’m honored to receive your praise!!”

“I wasn’t praising you……”

Chase muttered exhaustedly.
As for me, I repeated Chase’s words.

(Who is the vice-captain? Surely not…… is it this muscle――this person?)

“…… Eh!?”

(This person is the vice-captain!? Normally, it’s a person who supports the captain, so wouldn’t a composed…… he has the captain effect no matter how I look.)

Because I unconsciously ended up shouting, everyone noticed me.

“Umm…… Captain.”

“Yeah, let me introduce you…… this is the cooperator I have talked about.”

Because Chase lowered me down, I took off my hood and bowed my head.

“How do you do! Please treat me well.”

I raise my head because there was no reaction. Everyone was looking at me with their eyes wide open.
I tilted my head and looked at Chase.



Chase ignored the subtle mood and gave instructions.

“Ah~ There’s no time, so I will have yo do as instructed without asking any questions, listen well! I have a suspicion that Gais and others who went to request aid betrayed us…… therefore, Lyle and Roy will stay behind while others will immediately go to request aid!”


“Cap, Captain!”

“No questions! There’s no time, so hurry up! Take a different route, so you don’t bump into those guys!”


The four people prepare in panic and start running.

“Roy and Lyle stay behind, follow us, so those guys won’t notice you」


“Alright! We will temporarily return.”


Because Chase looked at me, I grasped his clothes.



“Nuo!? That was so sudden, don’t surprise me like that, Jouchan.”

It appears we have transferred right in front of Carlos.

“So? How did it go, Chase?”

“I gave out the orders…… all that’s left is for everyone to escape and wait for those guys.”

“I see……”

Carlos’s, Ethan’s, and Liam’s eyes were glittering.

“Well then, let’s go. Everyone, please join your hands and form a circle.”

A circle was formed as instructed, but everyone looked uneasy.

“Don’t worry. It will be over in an instant…… if you are scared, close your eyes.”

When I say so, everyone but Chase closed their eyes.
Right, everyone except Chase.

“Carlos, Ethan, Liam…… you are guards, aren’t you?”


“…… Then, we are going…… Transfer.”


We have transferred to the evacuation site.

“Everyone, please open your eyes.”

What everyone saw after opening their eyes was a different scenery.

“Have we really go outside?”

“That’s right, Leone-sama.”


It appears everyone can’t contain their excitement.
I immediately form a Barrier and used Stealth, so they would be invisible to the surroundings.

“Oi everyone, I understand that you are happy, but lower your voices.”

Everyone abided by Chase’s caution.
I have confirmed the target’s situation, but because they weren’t moving yet, I explained to everyone that they can’t be seen from the surroundings and decided to rest for a while.
The children fell asleep and adults rested their bodies while sitting.
I confirmed using Search again.
There, Chase approached.

“Is there a movement?”

“They are not moving yet.”

“Then, lie down for a bit…… if you take out the map, we will watch it.”


Because I was reluctant when Chase told me to rest, he lifted me up and started walking.

“Waa!? Chase?”

“I’m telling you it’s fine…… take out the map.”

I took out the map in front of Chase.

“Will it stay even if you are not conscious?”

“Yes. If set like that.”

“Then, do it.”


I changed the settings at once.

“Selena, let this fellow rest with you.”

“Yeah, of course…… come next to Will, your head here, place it on my lap.”


While bewildered about my current situation on Selena’s lap, she gently stroked my hair, gradually making me lose my consciousness.

――Suu~ Suu~

“Is she asleep?”

“Yeah…… even though she’s still so little…… rest even if for a bit, okay?”

Selena’s face was full of affection, but her voice was somewhat sorrowful.

“…… I’m leaving her to you, Selena.”

After a short while,

“Oi…… wake up please.”


When I open my eyes, Chase was looking at me.
I raised my body and asked.

“Did they move?”

“Yeah…… can you go?”

“I’m fine. Selena-san, thank you very much.”

“Don’t worry about it…… you two, be careful, okay?”



We have gone to Leone-sama and others, told them what’s going to happen from now on, I transferred the two of us to the forest’s entrance, casted Stealth just on myself, and run towards the meeting place.

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