Chapter 14

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Why do you think? Gais!”


Carlos repelled Gais’ sword.
When Gais fell backward and heard groans, he turned backward at the four people and saw only Ethan and Liam standing.

“Even Ethan and Liam…… What’s going on! You should have been confined…… no, before that, why do you have your legs!?”

Carlos answers Gais’ question.

“That’s because we have naturally escaped! Besides, we all had legs to begin with, you know?”

“Stop bullshitting me! I have certainly cut off your――”

“Hou…… so it’s you that cut off our legs…… I hope you have made up your resolution.”

Carlos and co. approach Gais with their swords pointed at him.

“!? Shit…… don’t move! I have no idea how the three of you managed to escape, but I will immediately contact the mansion! Stop moving if you understand!”

Carlos and others stop and ask Chase while lightly laughing.

“You heard him, Chase…… what are you going to do?”

“Let’s see…… Gais, do as you please.”

Gais opened his eyes wide after hearing Chase’s words.

“Ha? I’m serious, you know! Do you now care what will happen to your family and the Prince!!”

“I told you to do as you please.”


(Oi, it’s Gais! Can you hear me! Three beastmen have escaped!)

There was no reply to Gais’ telepathy to the mansion.

“What’s going on!? Once more――”

“It will be the same as many times you try…… your voice won’t reach.”

Just as Gais was about to use telepathy again, a child’s voice interrupted him.


When Gais turns his gaze towards the voice, something small with a hood covering its face approached and stopped next to Chase.

“A child!? …… What are you! …… What did you mean just now!”

“Just what I said. There’s a special barrier around here, so not only will your telepathy not connect, even your voice won’t reach outside. I’m…… a magician who happened to be passing by.”

“Impossible!? I have never heard of such a barrier!”

“Then, give it one more try? …… Well, even if you were successful, it would be meaningless.”

“Meaningless, you say?”

“Yeah, that’s right. It appears you don’t understand the reason why Carlos-san and others are here…… do you think they escaped only by themselves?”

“…… Surely not!?”


At that time, someone approached Gais from behind.

“There really was a traitor…… I didn’t want to believe it.”

When Gais heard that voice, he slowly looked back.
Looking at the owner of the voice, Gais opened his eyes wide and called his title.


Lyle and Roy were by Leone’s side with their swords prepared.
Chase asked Gais in order to find out the mastermind.

“Gais, who is that ‘person’ you talked about a while ago?”


Gais didn’t answer, the silence went on.
Carlos who got tired of waiting hit Gais.


“Cut the crap out! That plan of yours has failed!”


Because Gais wasn’t talking even after getting hit, Carlos began talking about torture and Chase approved.

“That’s some loyalty you have there Gais…… but, it’s not like we can return to the country just like this, so we will make you talk with torture.”

“That’s right…… Leone-sama, please return. Ethan, Liam, I leave him to you.”


Ethan and Liam lead Leone away.
Leone was silent, and his face couldn’t be seen.

“Lyle, Roy, raise the four!!”


The two did as told by Chase, lifted up the four one by one and tied them with ropes.
Gais is restricted by Carlos.


“Now then, Carlos what do you think? Cut their legs off as they did?”

“That’s half-assed! First, we break their bones one by one, and then――――”

Gais and the four were shivered after hearing Chase’s and Carlos’ conversation, but they couldn’t escape with Lyle and Roy behind them.
At that time, the magician spoke to the two, so Chase asked in wonder.

“Umm~ may I for a bit?”

“N? What’s up?”

“Chase, Carlos-san too, we don’t have that much time for torture, you know? We don’t know when the guys from the mansion will notice.”

Gais and the four were relieved by the magician’s words, but Chase and co. weren’t.

“That’s right, but…… we can’t return to our country before knowing the mastermind.”

“It’s just as Chase says…… if we return now, Leone-sama will be in danger.”

“I know. Therefore, let’s hear the information without taking too much time. It won’t be late for sanctions after returning to the country, right?”

“But, how?”

“My, my, Chase, I have an idea. You two, come closer for a bit………”


Beckoned by the magician, the two approached and crouched down.
When the magician whispered something into their ears, the two nodded.
After a short while when the conversation finished, the magician approached Gais and others.

“Thank you very much for waiting. We have come to an agreement. Therefore, I will accompany you from now on.”


Gais and the four were startled by the magician’s words and alternated their gaze between Chase, Carlos, and the magician.
But, Gais immediately started grinning.

“Ha! What can a brat like you do? It seems you are good at magic, but we won’t talk no matter what.”

“No…… I will make you talk. Because……”

“Because what?”

“Kusu…… because everyone holds his life precious, right? Moreover, you look loyal to that ‘person’…… but, what about the others?”

“Wha!? …… Life, you say? What do you plan on doing!”

“Fufufu…… wahahaha.”

The tension of Gais and the four rises with the magician’s sudden laughter.
Although a child, the magician uses a never before seen magic, moreover, Chase’s and Carlos’s attitudes are composed, fanning the uneasiness of Gais and the others.

“What is funny!”

“Kusukusu…… I’m sorry. When I thought about what I’m going to do now, I just…… one question, how do I look to you guys?”

“…… Just an ordinary brat.”

“Then, that ordinary brat will now tell you her special skill. My special skill is not magic, you know?”

The magician approached even more and extended her little hand towards Gais.


“My special skill………. is absorbing the life of those I touch.”


An abnormality happened to Gais’ body when the magician touched Gais’ forehead.


“Wha!? My strength…… what is……”


When Gais feebly falls to the ground, the other four who saw that start screaming.


“Wait, please! I will talk!”

“I don’t want to die……… I don’t want to die……”


“You don’t have to be so frightened, I won’t kill you if you talk…… you will talk, right?”

Because the magician asked with her hand extended, the four repeatedly nodded their heads.
The four started speaking to Chase, but the magician threatened them again just in case.

“If what you said to Chase and others are lies…… I will have you confined to become my feed.”

When the magician said while reaching out her hand, the four immediately replied.

“They are not lies!”

“””That’s right!”””

When the magician looks at Chase and Carlos, the two nod, so the magician looks back at the four.
As the four were watching the magician, her figure suddenly disappeared, and a child’s voice resounded from the back.

“Then, good night for a while.”

The four’s consciousness fades, and they soon get swallowed by darkness.

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