Chapter 115

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Things that change and things that don’t change.
I’m Adam.
Up until now, I have lived as the first prince without worries.
I myself believe that I was blessed by family and friends.
But, I felt unsatisfied in some aspects.
I, who had such thoughts had a new encounter.
Albert and Felice.
At first, I was uncomfortable. I felt that they were too cheeky or that they acted too mature for their age.
But, I also felt that Uncle, Miguel and the rest cherished their relationship with them.
And above all, Nathan’s beloved Miguel!
That Nathan who will use any means necessary to remove those who have thoughts of using Miguel!
Therefore, I wasn’t particularly concerned and looked at them as my younger friends.

That did not change even after knowing their circumstances.
Rather than concerned about Felice being a reincarnated person, I was furious at the Bailey Household’s treatment of her. And rather than being shocked about Albert being a Kokuryuu, my feelings of consent were greater.
I mean, try thinking about it.
I thought he was four when we met for the first time.
Being saved and protected by that four-year-old… to be honest, I thought I lost to a four-year-old.
Dylan probably had the same thoughts.
That fellow hates to lose more than me.

Therefore, I came to the conclusion that losing to a Kokuryuu is only natural.
But, being only protected would be vexing and shameful of me, so I put more effort in studying and training than before.
Especially when Miguel and Nathan’s life were in danger, I started practicing even more from anxiety.
Well, I do raise problems on purpose once in a while to take a breather.
While spending our days like this, we heard that Albert’s… and mainly Felice’s training has started, so the four of us came to look.
We watched her with warm smiles at first, but we gradually lost our smiles during the kidnapping incident.
Eh? Isn’t the strength of her magic too strange!?

“You think so? But, Al and Gai could do even more, you know?”

You can’t take them as a reference!
Why is she flying in the air?

“It apparently feels quite nice.”

It certainly looks comfortable, but can you fly just by thinking about it!?
The rock she hit just now has scattered into small pieces though!?


“That’s because she’s clad in magical power. Normally, she would only manage to crack the rock.”

Nono, isn’t her strength incredible for her age!?
Why is no one surprised! Is this normal? Am I the strange one here!?… It was only reasonable for me to think such.
Getting accustomed to things is frightful.
Recently, no matter what Felice does it ends up with “Because it’s Felice.”
At last, those two got the same treatment as Felice.
By those two, I mean Albert and Gai.
Those two apparently fight constantly.
I don’t know the reason, but after the ninth time, Gai has apparently stopped fighting back.
I asked Uncle about this, but he patted my head after how many years.

“You will surely experience this someday as well. Miguel might be the first one, though.”

So I was told.
I am going to experience this someday?
Surely he does not mean that… I will have to receive those attacks too!?
Not possible! Notnotnotnotnot possible! I will definitely die! … Wait? He said that Miguel would be the first, right?
Panicking, I went to look for Miguel.
He was having tea with Nathan and Dylan.

“Miguel! This is not the time to be leisurely drinking tea! You are going to die——”
“Bufu!? Cough, cough… just what are you talking about!”

I am too busy to explain, so I will leave Miguel and others with this!
See ya!

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