Chapter 116

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Can I have a word with you? (Side Story)
Hello, I am Robert.
I am president of the Malaika Company that operates in the Dianes Country.
I was also the schoolmate of His Majesty Evan-sama and the Prime Minister Claude-sama.
The first time we met was in the second year of junior high school.
I have enrolled in school to assist my elder brother who was an heir to the company Father has built over the years, but this elder brother of mine… his brains are slightly off, so I had to clear up after his mess every single day.
Moreover, the son of a merchant and a commoner like me didn’t have a good time and made no friends.
And so, one day after school, I, who have lost my patience went to a storehouse people don’t usually approach, where I exploded.

“That shit of a brother! You are such a ×○△#○ of △×□☆! And the stupid nobles too! Those guys are △×□#——! … Haah~ haah~… fuu~ that was refreshing~”

“That’s a good thing.”

“That’s definitely not the case. My daily life won’t change. I will have to clear up the mess after my incompetent brother until the day I die. Or until he dies.”

“Hmm~ you should just leave a fellow like that on his own, no?”

“As I said, I am… I am… eh!? Who might you be!?”

“Who, you ask… fu fu fu… I am Evan.”

When I looked around restlessly, I saw a boy leaning against the wall.
That was my first meeting Evan-sama.

To be honest, I thought “Is this fellow’s head alright?” but the other party was a prince so I couldn’t say it out loud.

“You are Robert, aren’t you?”

“Eh!? Ho, how do you know my name…”

“The fellow that seldom praises others said that you show a great promise, so I remembered you.”

(You didn’t have to remember it now.)

“Who might have said that? I am happy to hear that I show promise, but I am the second son, you know?”

“Is it a bad thing to be the second son?”

“The eldest one succeeds the Household. A second son like me is not even taken into consideration. Therefore, you are better off forgetting my name.”

“Robert, you… are an idiot, aren’t you~”

“Idi-!? W, what is it, all of sudden!”

“I am a prince!”

“I am aware!”


“When I graduate, I will become an adventurer! Or rather, I have already registered!”

“An adventurer!? B, but, you will have to aid the first prince after graduation, no?”

“Don’t care! That is not what I desire!”

“You are a prince, okay? Saying that it’s not your desire, that’s just irresponsible.”

“I certainly am a prince. I understand my obligations towards royalty. However, that’s why I want to see the world. That’s why I will become an independent adventurer that keeps in touch with the country.”

“The world…”

“I want to see the world and do something about the things this country is lacking.”


“Indeed. Well, it’s still very vague to me. That’s why you should think about it too.”

“No, going around the world…”

“I did not mean that!”

“What Evan is trying to say to you is to abandon the life of clearing up the mess after your elder brother and think about what you really want to do.”

“Right, right, you understand me after all Claude… huh? Am I having hallucinations? Say Robert, there isn’t anyone except you and me here, right?

“Errr… he appeared behind you when you were giving the passionate speech.”

“Shit, even though I used the secret passage to get some privacy, yet he already found me… then, see you around, Robert!”

“You think you can escape!? How could you register as an adventurer on your own! You are going to get lectured by Lewis!”

My first time meeting with Claude-sama ended without a conversation and with him chasing after Evan-sama.
After that, I somehow got entangled with Evan-sama and I changed the way I think and live as the time I spent with him and Claude-sama passed.
There were some problems, but I, the second son of a merchant has become the president of our company.
I am grateful for meeting those two.
However, let me tell you something.
Although I have become a merchant, I am no handyman of yours.
Evan-sama, don’t visit me occasionally while incognito.
Claude-sama, even though you were by Evan-sama’s side to stop him in the past, haven’t you pushed too many responsibilities onto me after meeting Felice-sama and Albert-sama?
The last time at the school festival too.

“That magic tool was made by Al and Sayo so it’s not for sale. When you visit the Malaika Company In the future, you may ask Robert it.”

This is my first time hearing about this, though?
Thanks to that, I am receiving inquiries regularly.
I feel that something about this country is changing little by little since Felice-sama and Albert-sama came.
Evan-sama might have not been able to accomplish his dream of seeing the world, but I feel that his second dream of wanting to do something about the things this country is lacking is being accomplished step by step.
Claude-sama, please pay attention so the two don’t overdo it.
Somehow, I feel that your senses for lecturing have been paralyzed recently.
I know that you are satisfied, but there are no ten-year-olds that can defeat A-rank and even S-ranks in combat, alright!

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