Chapter 117

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Family Meeting 2 (Side Story)
I’m Claude.
We are currently holding a family meeting in my office.
The topic of the conversation is my son Al and daughter Felice who are not present.

“And so, what happened to Al and Feli? Has Al perhaps finally opened up?” (Miguel)

“Elder brother, that’s not possible. They will have their ten years old debut party soon, so isn’t it about that?” (Nathan)

“No… something a bit troubling happened.” (Claude)

“”Troubling?”” (Miguel & Nathan)

“Actually, several cases asking about Al and Feli’s engagement arrived.” (Claude)

“That… did Al go berserk again?” (Miguel)

“Or did he perhaps go take care the other party?” (Nathan)

“… Gai has fortunately obstructed him from doing that.” (Claude)

“However, you did announce officially that Feli’s fiancé is Al, no?” (Miguel)

“It’s like Elder brother said.” (Nathan)

“Still, they must be desperate to form connections with the Faust family.” (Claude)

Only my children are unmarried in the Faust Household. Although there are Miguel and Nathan too, the older brother Miguel already seems to have a girl in mind, while the character of the younger brother Nathan is… anyhow, he doesn’t seem willing to listen at present.
I kept the engagement talks with Al and Feli secret, but I let them know in the end.
Feli was sulking with teary eyes, but I don’t know what Al would have done was it not for Gai.
We are going astray from the topic here.

“I have gathered you here to ask whether you don’t have any proposals on how to quickly settle this problem. Do you have any ideas?” (Claude)

“Let’s see… how about this? At the party——we do——and then——” (Miguel)

“As expected of Elder brother, what a good idea.” (Nathan)

“But, wouldn’t that be risky?” (Samantha)

“I don’t mind if the mansion gets broken a little. It will be fine as long as Gai takes care of it. Also, Riley and Olivia, and also… alright, let’s go with Miguel’s plan.” (Claude)

“Dear… you came to dislike thinking, didn’t you?” (Samantha)

What are you saying, Samantha?
That’s definitely not it.
I immediately talked to Gai and others about the plan.
As for Gai,

“I don’t really mind. It seems amusing.”

He was interested, and as for Riley, Olivia and the rest of the servants,


“No way! Not possible!” (Olivia)

“Please, spare us!” (Riley)

“Everyone, let’s write our last wills together.”

“I have led a short life.”

“Aren’t you fifty!? That’s not short! Even though I am only forty years young!”


“Hey, how about paid holidays?”


It was quite a ruckus.
I assured them that their lives weren’t in dangers, but all of them doubted me.
Anyhow, I had them cooperate in order to regain tranquility in our household.
I won’t recognize their rights to veto.
Having to persuade the servants until the party, there was a bunch who approached Al and Feli just as we thought.
Therefore, we put the plan into operation.
Miguel’s plan was this:

The party begins

We will ambush them

Al and Feli will repel us (they will be holding back)

(Al): “Someone weaker than Feli is out of the question.”
(Feli): “Someone weaker than Al is out of the question.”

The people will give up on the engagement talks

Something like that.
Well, the result was a success.
It was a success, but Riley and others were grumbling as if dying, and even Robert got angry at me for some reason.
Together with Lewis.

“Just what were you thinking! Why did you go all out! Felice-sama is still only ten years of age, you know? She’s totally conspicuous! You, who were supposed to teach her——”

I felt the same oppressive atmosphere just like during Lewis’ lecturing, but I let out what I was thinking unconsciously.

“Even though you were so obedient in the past, just what did change about you?” (Claude)

“It’s you! In the past, it was 90% of time Evan-sama’s fault, but it has been mostly you as of recent!” (Robert)

“I was the 90%!?” (Evan)

“I see, it’s Evan’s fault then. Apologize, Evan.” (Claude)

“Eh!? W, would it be better if I apologized?” (Evan)

“I said ‘in the past’ did I not! It’s fifty-fifty now!” (Robert)

“”I am sorry.”” (Evan & Claude)

Like this, Al and Feli’s ten years old debut party finished safely, and we were able to settle the problems regarding their engagement.

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