Chapter 118

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s register!
Four years have passed since Felice and Albert started their practice.
Anyone could see that the two who met in the morning as always were full of excitement and wearing different clothes.

“Finally, this day has come.”

“You have worked hard, Feli.”

“You too, Al.”

“Of course, I have perfect control over my strength now!”

“I have also become able to show strength similar to other children!”

“Alright! Let’s depart then!”



Gai stopped the two who were going to leave from the room vigorously.

“Gee~ what is it?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Where are you guys intending to go?”

“”The Adventurer’s Guild.””

“As I thought… look here, didn’t Claude tell you yesterday that he has something to give you before you guys leave? He told you to meet him at the practice grounds, no?”

“”…… Ahh.””

“Geez, I bet you were thinking about today and did not even hear him. Hurry up, let’s go.”


“That was a close one~”

When brought to the practice grounds by Gai, there wasn’t only their family, but also Austin and others who were teaching them.

“Oh? Those clothes of yours do look adventurer-ish.” (Austin)

“It suits you well.” (Lewis)

“So this day has finally come.” (Blake)

“I have brought you the things I promised.” (Meison)

“”Things you promised?”” (Felice & Albert)

While Felice and Albert were looking puzzled, Meison took out weapons and armor from his item ring.

“Here, use this for the time being. You will stand out if you use the things you usually use.” (Meison)

“Thank you very much.” (Felice)

“Thanks.” (Albert)

The two promptly wore the armor.
The armor was made out of leather, so the two were happy that it’s “light and easy to move in.”
They also looked at the weapons, but while hesitating over which one would be good, Austin and Blake choose for them.

“This sword should be good for you, Albert.”

“Yeah. Thanks, Austin.”

“You should be good with a bow and dagger, right Felice?”

“Thank you very much, Blake-san.”

While ascertaining the feel of the weapons, Lewis spoke to the two worriedly.

“Are you not forgetting anything? Do you have your identification papers?”

“Yes, we have them. Mo-”

“We are good. Mo-”

“… Mo-?”

“”Mo… we got the money too!””

“… Albert? Felice?”

“Isn’t it just fine? I would also want to call you ‘Mother’ after being asked something like that.”


“Ow, owow! Don’t pull on my ear!”

(Thank you, Evan!)

(Thank you very much!)

Barely escaping thanks to Evan after nearly saying the taboo word, the two turned towards their family in relief.

“Be careful, Al, Feli.” (Claude)


“Please, don’t do too many unreasonable things.” (Samantha)


“Niicha, Neecha, whele to?” (Rihito)

“”We are going to work~””

While patting Rihito’s head, Miguel and others spoke to Felice and Albert as well.

“If I remember correctly, you want to register at Branca which is close the Trust Kingdom, right?” (Miguel)

“Yeah.” (Albert)

“You have ended up choosing somewhere far away.” (Miguel)

“There are many people who know that we are nobles in the Capital, after all.” (Albert)

“Moreover, they are from the Faust family~ it would certainly raise a ruckus. The same thing happened with us after all~” (Adam)

“Well, you are a prince so it certainly would raise a ruckus.” (Albert)

“It’s as Albert said, Elder brother. Why did you have to talk about registering as an adventurer all of sudden.” (Dylan)

“My elder brothers, you are going to get hit… lectured by Okaasama.” (Grace)

“Naturally. When that happens, we should just take it without saying a word.” (Adam)

“But, Father has also registered on his own, no?” (Dylan)

“Evan wasn’t the eldest son¨after all. He was scolded for five hours straight by Lewis after that though.” (Claude)

“Ueeh~” (Adam)

“Well, enough of that. Al, Feli, I will give you this.” (Claude)

“”What is it?”” (Felice & Albert)

What Claude gave to Felice and Albert was a crest of the Faust Household in the form of a pendant.

“This is proof that you are people of the Faust family. Use it if you judge its necessary.” (Claude)

“But…” (Felice)

“Wouldn’t that be causing bother for Tousama…” (Albert)

“I know that you guys won’t use it thoughtlessly, so you won’t be a bother. You hear? If it’s really necessary, use whatever you have at hand.” (Claude)

“”Yes.”” (Felice & Albert)

After the two wore the pendants and hid them under their clothes, the two bowed to others and left. Claude and others saw them off until they couldn’t see their figures anymore.
Amongst the group, Gai who saw that had something to say.

“No… they will be back by the evening, right?” (Gai)

After making a face of surrendering to those who were seeing Felice and Albert off as if they were going on a long journey, Gai chased after the two.
The two were waiting before the gate, so when Gai caught up to them, Albert was making a dissatisfied expression.

“You are too slow, Gai.” (Albert)

“Sorry about that.” (Gai)

“Everyone’s here, let’s depart.” (Felice)

“”Yeah~”” (Albert & Gai)

The three transferred in the vicinity of the town of Branca.
The place they transferred to was a forest near the town, and the three decided to hold a meeting before going.

“Gai, you are currently rank C, right?” (Felice)

“Yeah, I am being pestered to sit for a promotion exam, but Austin told me that if I want to party up with the two of you, I will need to stay a C-rank.” (Gai)

“Why did he ask you?” (Albert)

“He was worried if you guys went alone, no?” (Gai)

“”Ehh~”” (Felice & Albert)

“Rather than that, what about the setting?” (Felice)

“Master and servant.” (Albert)

“Oy, stop it.” (Felice)

“Wouldn’t a little brother and little sister chasing after their adventurer elder brother be fine?” (Gai)


“Siblings with Gai? … No way.” (Albert)

“Youu…” (Gai)

“Gee~… then, how about childhood friends from the same village? Gai looks to be in his teens anyways.” (Felice)

“Hmm~… if it’s like that.” (Albert)

“You have been quite rude since a while ago! For whose sake do you think I am meddling with humans as an adventurer! It’s to be your deterrent from 80%!” (Gai)

“You are the rude one! I have perfect control over my strength! I have no need for a deterrent!” (Albert)

“That’s enough! Stop fighting!” (Felice)

“”……”” (Albert & Gai)

Albert and Gai who were glaring at each other in silence shook their hands with Felice’s next words.

“I will register by myself if you don’t stop.” (Felice)
“”We aren’t fighting.”” (Albert & Gai)

Their hands were filled with strength, but Felice nodded in satisfaction and the three left towards the gate of the town.
When they presented the identification papers to the gatekeeper, his sluggish posture had a complete 180-degree turn as he straightened his back and saluted.
The three continued towards the Adventurer’s Guild with wry smiles.
They were stared at by the other adventurers when they entered the guild, but they queue up at the reception desk without minding. They quietly advanced through the queue.
At the reception desk, there was a stern-looking uncle with a cute beastman woman with bombastic proportions next to him.
Once again, they matched the eyes of the stern-looking uncle.

“Your business?” (Uncle)

“Yeah… these two came to register.” (Gai)

“”Hello!”” (Felice & Albert)

The uncle’s mouth loosened a little seeing Felice and Albert greeting him without being afraid, but his frown immediately returned back.

“Your ages?” (Uncle)

“”We are ten.”” (Felice & Albert)

“No problems there then. It’s three copper coins for a person. Fill this form and bring it back to me. You can find pens over there.” (Uncle)

“”Yess~”” (Felice & Albert)

Felice and Albert handed the coins to the man, and then they looked where he was pointing at. It was a desk with child-like stools.
There was only the names and occupation to fill up on the form they received, so they looked at Gai.

“”Just this?”” (Felice & Albert)

“Not only that. There’s a verification of identification papers and measurement of your ability next.” (Gai)

“Won’t the settings we came up with be meaningless then…” (Felice)

“Not necessarily. The guild’s staff members will be aware of your social position, but no one else will. Al, are you using the ‘Concealment’ ring?” (Gai)

“Of course. I am worried that the measurement device will break.” (Albert)

“It didn’t break when I used it, so it will be fine… probably.” (Gai)

“”Probably, you say…”” (Felice & Albert)

After filling out the forms, they brought it back to the man.

“Let’s confirm. Your name is Albert, occupation is Swordsman.” (Uncle)

“Yes.” (Albert)

“Next, Felice, occupation is Magician.” (Uncle)

“Yes.” (Felice)

“Alright, take out your identification papers.” (Uncle)

The man who looked at the identification papers acted as if nothing has happened, and took out a transparent plate.

“This is an ability measuring device. Touch it one by one.” (Uncle)

“Then, I will go first.” (Felice)

When Felice touched the plate, the plate made a sound and a card appeared.

“That’s your Adventurer’s card. It’s needed when accepting requests, so make sure not to lose it. Reissue costs three silver coins.” (Uncle)

“Yes.” (Felice)

“Next.” (Uncle)

“Yess~” (Albert)

When Albert touched the plate, an Adventurer card came out uneventfully.
While the three were feeling relieved, the man was looking at them strangely, but they secured their cards without noticing that.

[Felice] Adventurer Rank E
Age: 10
Lv. 1
Occupation: Magician
HP: 2,856
MP: 15,685

[Albert] Adventurer Rank E
Age: 10
Lv. 1
Occupation: Swordsman
HP: 5,624
MP: 24,385

Additionally, skills, titles, and divine protections were also recorded on the card.
The numerical values of their HP and MP were obviously strange, but there wasn’t anyone to point that out.

“Erase everything except the name, adventurer rank, and occupation.” (Gai)

“”How?”” (Felice & Albert)

“It will vanish when you trace it with your finger. Trace it again if there’s a time you want to show it.” Gai)

“”Done.”” (Felice & Albert)

“Are we registering a party?” (Gai)

“I don’t think there’s a need to form a party today.” (Albert)

“I am fine with that too.” (Felice)

The three moved to the request board to accept requests.

“E-ranks can only accept E-rank requests. You rank up after completing ten of them. From Rank D, you can accept request one rank above your own rank.” (Gai)

“Hmm~ Let’s see, E-rank requests are… carrying bags.” (Albert)

“There’s also cleaning and weeding.” (Felice)

“E-ranks can do only odd jobs.” (Gai)

“Say, Feli. Things like these, we will be able to finish by today, no?” (Albert)

“Seems like it. Which are you taking?” (Felice)

Choosing several requests from the board, they went to the receptionist uncle again and presented their cards with the requests.

“”We will take these, please.”” (Felice & Albert)

“Ten of them right from the start, huh. You are taking the requests too… doesn’t seem to be the case. Here, the receipts. Have these signed after you complete the requests.” (Uncle)

“”Yes.”” (Felice & Albert)

“I will take this one.” (Gai)

When Gai presented his Adventurer’s card and a B-rank request, the uncle looked at him dubiously.

“… Are you going to let those two alone?” (Uncle)

“It’s their job to finish the requests they took. They have no need for a guardian.” (Gai)

“Hmm.” (Uncle)

Felice called shyly to the uncle who averted his gaze.

“Umm~” (Felice)

“What is it?” (Uncle)

“I am Felice.”

“I’m Albert.”

“My name’s Gai.”

“… I’m Dirk.” (Uncle)

“Please treat me kindly.” (Felice)

“”Best regards.”” (Albert & Gai)

“Strange fellows. Do your best to not die.” (Dirk)

“”Yess~”” (Felice & Albert)

Dirk waved his hand at the two who replied to him cheerfully. The three then left from the guild.

“What request did you take, Gai?” (Felice)

“Ogre subjugation.” (Gai)

“Won’t you finish immediately?” (Albert)

“I can’t accept A-rank or S-rank requests, after all~ I would also like to accept requests that are suitable for me.” (Gai)

“Then, contact us once you are done, okay?” (Felice)

“Yep. Let me repeat myself, don’t get yourselves in trouble.” (Gai)

“Yess~” (Felice)

“Yes, yes.” (Albert)

The two split up with Gai to complete their requests.

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