Chapter 114

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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To me, they are… (Side Story)
Yo, I am Gai.
I was fused? united? with Kou in isolation all this time… but well, it has been several hundred years since we met for the first time.
After he died and left me in solitude, I was able to obtain someone important again.
Of course, the first on the list is Felice.
To me, Felice is something like a daughter. Anyhow, she’s someone I want to unconditionally cherish, protect and bring happiness to.

I also cherish Albert who mistook my feelings for love and beat me unconscious, but there’s no way I wouldn’t consider him a friend.
Besides, I want him, who has suffered from the same… no, from even more loneliness than I, to find happiness.
And yet, despite finally becoming aware of his own feelings, he wouldn’t tell Felice about her “bruise.”
Felice doesn’t seem to mind it anymore, so he’s acting suspiciously all by himself.
Even though he’s much older than me.

It’s amusing as an onlooker, but with the two’s difference in enthusiasm, he became quite pitiable.
Felice is still under impression that Albert is going to leave once he finds his mate.
Things like these cannot be told by others, so I’m thinking of observing them for a while longer.
The others have the same thoughts, but unlike me, they find it completely amusing.
Still, this country’s bunch are all too softhearted, this is coming from me, but I’m quite worried.
They haven’t changed the way they treat me even after finding out that I was a Demon Lord, they didn’t even blame me for the incident with Liverte.
There were at least two people who talked about smashing and cutting me apart though.
Well, I thought it was only a matter of fact and since my body currently has no human powers, I agreed. But, conversely, it was very difficult to make my hands to not feel pain.


I am grateful to others as well, not only Felice and Albert, so I plan on lending them my strength if needed.
Whoops, let’s leave it at that today!
Albert who couldn’t speak his mind to Felice is coming here to vent out his anger!
Usually, I would retaliate, but I think that keeping silent at a time like this is the way to go.
Even if he usually uses annihilation attacks against me.
Aren’t I kindhearted?
Of course, when the two realize their mutual feelings… I believe they will, I will tell Felice everything and laugh while pointing my finger at him… from behind Felice!
For that moment, please do your best, Albert!

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