Chapter 113

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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He has been acting weird recently. (Side Story)
Good morning.
I am Felice.
Currently, I am looking into a mirror in my morning outfit.
A few months ago, the Bailey Household’s Head Maid hurt my chest while talking to me and although it didn’t leave any marks, a few days ago when I was changing my clothes, I noticed that something akin to a bruise appeared on there.
I thought I might have crashed against something somewhere, but nothing changed when I used healing magic and even Restoration didn’t work, so I tried asking Olivia about it, but she didn’t seem to know either.
I asked Okaasama and others as well, but they had no idea either, so although I felt embarrassed, I had to ask Al.
But, at that time, Al was acting weirdly.
I thought he was pondering about the bruise I showed him, but his face suddenly turned red and he disappeared by transferring away, so I spoke to him via telepathy in panic.

(Al! What’s the matter? Are you feeling unwell?)
(I, it’s nothing! I just have to cool my head to calm down! Therefore, everything’s fine!)

The conversation was cut off from the other side.
Feeling increasingly lost, I tried asking Gai who was silent, but he looked at me with a gaze that seemed to be looking at his grandchild or maybe a pet. Anyhow, Gai was acting strangely too.
He told me that only Al could tell me about the bruise, so when I asked Al again when he returned, he disappeared once more.
After that, I tried asking him a couple of times, but he ran away each time.
Here, I thought of asking Otousama who is knowledgeable in magic and Lewis-san who has many experiences, but they secretly talked among each other.
After waiting for a while, they looked at me with the same gazes Gai did.

“Felice, that is something like a mark, so there’s no need to be worried.” (Lewis)

“Mark? What mark?” (Felice)

“The mark of being chosen. Did Al tell you nothing?” (Claude)

“I have asked, but he always runs away with a red face. Gai seems to know too, but he wouldn’t tell me.” (Felice)

When I unintentionally sulked, the two patted my head.

“Albert is currently climbing the stairs of adulthood.” (Lewis)

“He will return back to normal before long.” (Claude)

“Stairs of adulthood, is it? But, if I had to say then Al would already be a granpda… ha! Please don’t tell Al I said that!” (Felice)

“”Buha… granpda…”” (Claude & Lewis)


Even though I am desperately pleading with you, you are laughing too much!
Besides, Lewis-san too… gya! Chilly air is leaking from Lewis-san!

“T, thank you for listening to me! See you!”

I transferred away in a hurry to escape.
But, when I returned, Al was lying in wait this time, which surprised me.
Moreover, he seems to be angry about something?

“Al? What are you doing?”

“Don’t you think that would be my line? What are you doing, Feli? You are not showing your skin to other men beside me, are you?”

“… It was Otousama and Lewis-san, you know?”

“Although I feel reluctant, Tousama still barely passes, however, Lewis is not.”

“Eh~… but you wouldn’t tell me about the bruise!”

“That bruise is my pair… I can’t say it after all——!”

Al who was supposed to be angry at me ran away again.
Still, pair what, I wonder?
I couldn’t find out in the end.
Since it’s like this… let’s not mind it anymore~
It doesn’t look like it will harm me or anything.
That day, I decided I wouldn’t mind it anymore, but Al stayed strange as always.

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