Chapter 100

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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School Festival ~ Matches ~
In the afternoon, the resistance war matches have begun.
Three males and females from each year appear in the resistance war, so it’s a league match between six people in one group.

“When are Oniisamas appearing?”

“The swordsman matches are first, so there’s still some time.”

“If it’s sword, then Adam and Dylan are appearing, right?”

“Al, attach honorifics properly.”

“Ah, right!”

Just as Albert was cautioned, the surroundings became noisy.

“Dylan-sama~! Do your best~!”

“Dylan-sama! You are so cool!”

“Kyaa~! Dylan-sama~!”

As the participants from the junior sections appeared, the girls cheered Dylan on with high-pitched screams.

“Dylan-sama is crazy popular, isn’t he?”

“That child has a good face on top of having a gentle disposition, so he’s quite popular.”

“…… Gentle?”

Hearing Samantha’s words, Felice shook her head as she recalled how Dylan clutched Gai’s skull.
Albert looked at such Felice in wonder.

“What’s the matter, Feli?”

“…… It’s nothing~”

The match has seemingly begun while they were chatting as the boys brandished their swords.
There seem to be boys who are using weapons other swords.
As the matches progressed and it became Dylan’s turn, the high-pitched cheering resounded again.

“How strong Dylan… sama actually is?”

“Dylan and Adam have been receiving instructions from the Queen and from Austin since they were young. They have never lost in a school match.”


As Claude said, Dylan has defeated his opponent in one strike.
Because there weren’t any other people who stood out in the junior section’s matches, Dylan was chosen as one of the representatives.
Next, the senior section’s participants entered.


“Adam-sama! Please win!”

“Adam-sama! Look this way~!”

Adam seems popular just as Dylan.

“Does everyone suffer from a poor eyesight?”

“Al, Adam’s face is charming.”

“Feli, that’s not a follow-up.”


The senior matches finished quickly as well and Adam was chosen as one of the representatives.
Then, the junior section’s magic participants entered.
Both Nathan and Shelly were among them.
Here, there was much cheering for Nathan.
Felice and Albert raised their voices so they wouldn’t lose.

“Oniisama~! Do your best~!”

“Niisama~! Don’t lose~!”

Hearing the two’s voices, the up until now expressionless Nathan turned towards Felice and the rest with a smile and waved his hand.
The surroundings were surprised by Nathan’s reaction and started whispering among themselves while looking at Felice and Albert.
Another person who attracted attention in the magic matches was, as expected, Shelly.

“That child is Shelly?”

“Yeah. She’s the strongest among girls, isn’t she?”

“Yes, she would probably excel against everyone but Nathan.”

“Is that so? I can see that she has a high magical power, that’s it.”

“Right. However, the amount of Miguel’s and Nathan’s magical power increased with the method Al taught them, but that child’s magical power is higher than Miguel’s and Nathan’s before that. Moreover, she’s able to cast so swiftly that she can wait until her opponent’s action and react.”

“As I thought, Shelly is incredible.”

“But, her quick manipulation of magical power is sloppy. How would she turn out if she fixed that?”

“It…… would be better to draw her to our side quickly.”


Samantha informed them after they tilted their heads to Claude’s whisper.

“These matches are between the most talented students, right? That’s why, you may call out to them to draw them to your side.”


The female matches ended and Shelly was safely chosen as a representative.
Following that, it was the time for the male matches and Nathan was chosen as a representative after finishing his match in one blow.
When it was the senior section’s turn, big cheering for Miguel appeared, so Felice and Albert give it all so they wouldn’t lose.

“Oniisama~! Do your best!”

“Niisama~! Finish in no time~!”

Miguel who didn’t show any reaction towards the cheering turned towards Felice and the rest and smiled.
The surroundings whispered among themselves as usual.
In the match, Miguel finished in no time as requested by Al, and got chosen as a representative.
Katie was chosen as the female representative of the senior section and even in her match, the line of her sight didn’t leave from Gai’s figure, so he was trembling all over.
After all matches finished, there was an announcement “30 minutes break until the team mock battle,” so Felice and Albert stood up.

“My? Going already? Do your best you two.”


“Be careful.”


Felice and Albert went together with Olivia to Rufina’s meeting place and parted with Olivia after changing their appearances on the way.
In the meeting place, Rufina and Dyson were waiting for them, so after exchanging greetings, the two talked via telepathy while going towards the assembly hall.


(Feli, you have never fought against multiple opponents, so always use Search while constantly defending yourself.)

(Okay. Would it be better to lower the power of my magical power?)

(Right. I should be careful about holding back too.)

(Yeah! Right, the mock battle is divided in magic and sword matches, yes?)

(That’s what I heard, but there were people who used different weapons in the sword matches.)

(Then, how about trying out “that”?)

(By that, you mean that thing Meison made? Good! Let’s try it out!)


They arrived while talking and everyone aside from Miguel and Nathan were noisily bewildered by their appearance.
Shelly was noisy in a different meaning.

“Everyone, let me introduce you. These are wanderers Al and Sayo.”

When Rufina introduced the two “Then, those two are…?” and “No way!? They were so young?” resounded around.

“Yes. These two are Al and Sayo who are famous both among commoners and nobles. They came to the festival as the Faust House’s guests, so I decided to ask the two to participate in this year’s mock battle. Of course, the academy has given their permission. How about it?”

(Right now, she said we are famous among nobles, didn’t she?)

(She did~)

When Rufina asked about the two’s participation, loud cheering broke out after a short while of silence.
It appears they don’t have an objection.
There’s still some time until the battle, so the two left to Miguel and the rest.
Other participants were watching from the distance.

“Your matches a while ago, Onii… I meant, Miguel-san and Nathan-san were dominating.”

“You ended it in one blow~ Nii… ahem, we have trained together so I’m aware of Miguel’s and Nathan’s strength, but Adam… sama and Dylan-sama were a bit surprising.”

“…… Right now, you wanted to say “Oniisama” and “Niisama” didn’t you? Moreover, you make a displeasing face while attaching honorifics to my name.”

“Huh? Are you perhpas……”

“”I wonder what you are talking about?””

Sayo and Al feigned ignorance to Adam’s and Dylan’s doubt, but it had no meaning as their eyes were swimming around.
After looking at Sayo and Al with a tired face, Miguel explained the situation to Adam and Dylan via communication.

“To think that the day I would fight you would come.”

“It’s a precious opportunity. So let’s go all out.”

When the break ended and it was the time, the participants entered.
When Sayo and Al entered among the cheers, the silence fell until Rufina introduced the two, drawing a loud cheering which the two faces with wry smiles.
Because the mock battle is divided by gender and profession, Sayo stood in the center, surrounded by six girls from both junior and senior sections.
Shelly and Katie were among the members.
The participants were becoming overly tense.

“You are quite tense, aren’t you? Well, I won’t move as I please then. I’m an ordinary magician that can be found anywhere. I will show you one spell as an example. Lightning.”

When Sayo recited a chant, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky and made a crater 5m in diameter in the ground in a place further away.
There was a barrier set up around the audience, but they were able to feel the shock from the impact.

“See, this is the extent of my magic’s power. It’s normal.”

“””””…… That’s not normal!”””””

“As expected of Sayo-sama!”


While Sayo was being tsukkomi’d by all participants except Shelly, the academy personnel was working on strengthening of the barrier with Claude’s cooperation.
On the other hand, an unusual sight spread over at Al’s side.

“Sayo is so good at holding back, isn’t she~ It looks normal properly.”

“She is. The hole that she made at house was far bigger than this after all.”

“Even though she’s bad at holding back, she’s trying her best, isn’t she?”

“No, no, no, no, Miguel! Nathan too, get a grip! There’s no way that’s normal!”


“Your senses must be numb. A normal hole would have about 30cm in diameter.”

“Was that so?”

“Is that so?”

“I see~”

“”This is not good””

While Adam was unusually admonishing Miguel and others, the participants were not only feeling tension, but were shivering with fear.
However, they became even more fearful with next words of Sayo who misunderstood their state for tension.

“Well then, I will attack with the intention to hit next, so please properly avoid it, okay?”



At that time, the same thing floated in the minds of the participants.

((((((I’m going to die…… I will definitely die if I don’t avoid it!))))))

Although the girls incredible avoided the lightning, there was no end to it.

“Don’t just run around, attack me please! If you don’t, I’m going to keep attacking, you know~!”

Hearing that, the feelings of the girls became one.

((((((If she keeps attacking like this, I can say goodbye to my life! Let’s cooperate and defeat her!))))))

Sayo who saw the power dwelling in the eyes of the girls, stopped attacking for a moment and addressed the girls.

“Well then, I will get serious from here on out. Come at me…… with everything you’ve got!”

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