Chapter 99

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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School Festival ~ Admiration ~
Felice and the rest who have been stunned by Samantha’s proposal quickly finished their meal and moved to a vacant room to have a proper talk.

“So? Why Sayo?”

“Actually, even though the applicants in the academy have been mostly nobles until now, there has apparently been an increase of commoners recently.”

“That is a good thing, but how is it related to Sayo?”

“It is, Miguel. The commoners started wishing to enroll into the academy after a certain pair of people appeared in this country.”

“I see, so you are saying those two are Sayo and Al?”

“Nathan, you are correct. The two are admired by commoners and those who diligently aspire to learn magic increased.”

“I understand your meaning, but that girl might not necessarily be one of them.”

“We will think about it when the time comes. For now, I don’t think there’s anything to lose if we try.”

“Hmm. I don’t might giving it a try, but it would be better to do when no one is around.”

“In that case, go to the participant waiting rooms. The rooms are private, so she should be alone in there.”


“I will go too~”

“It’s fine to go too, but don’t wreak havoc.”


After the two gave a cheerful reply to Claude, the same thing floated in everyone’s mind.

(((((((They will absolutely do something…… without a doubt.))))))

They wanted to meet with her before the matches began, so they transformed into “Sayo” and “Al” on the spot, and Nathan guided them towards the waiting room.

“This is her waiting room. I will wait in my waiting room, so call for me once you are done.”

“Thanks, Niisama.”

“See you later.”

When Sayo knocked, the door opened and Shelly turned up.
Seeing two unfamiliar faces visiting her, Shelly spoke up in suspicion.

“Umm…… who might you be?”

“How do you do, I’m Sayo.”


“And I’m Al.”

“Ehah? Sayo…… Al…… the wanderers?”


Hearing the two’s answer, Shelly fell backward, dumbfounded.
Sayo used Air Cushion right away, so Shelly’s body didn’t hit the floor, but she completely lost her consciousness.

“She fainted again.”

“Seeing her state, it seems Kaasama’s prediction proved right.”

After waiting for five minutes after putting Shelly on the sofa, she finally woke up.

“I…… when did I fell asleep? Nevertheless, what a good dream I had.”

“What kind of a dream was it?”

“What dream? That Sayo-sama and Al-sama were right in front of m……… n?”

Shelly didn’t know whom she was speaking with, so when she turned around, she froze with her mouth wide open.

“What’s the matter?”

“It, it, it wasn’t a dream!?”

“Calm down for a bit. We won’t be able to continue talking if you faint again.”

“Deep breath, deep breath. Look, suu~ haa~ suu~ haa~”

“Suu~ haa~ suu~ haa~…… I’m sorry. Umm, what did you want to talk about?”

“Before that, may I for a bit? Why are you attaching -sama to our names? We are just wandering people, you know?”

“You are not just ordinary wandering people! Al-sama has the power to burn a flock of monsters in an instant, and Sayo-sama is not only able to treat incurable illnesses and wounds in a blink of an eye, she also treats commoners without receiving any kind of compensation! To treat someone properly even if they aren’t nobleman, that’s unthinkable!”

“Erm, Shelly-san.”

“Please call me Shelly! There’s no need for honorifics.”

“She, Shelly, we did that because we had our purpose.”

“Even so!”

Shelly was stubbornly not willing to listen, so Sayo proceeded the talk to fulfill their purpose.

“I, I see…… err, so what we wanted to talk about with you.”

“Actually, we have seen your dispute and wanted to talk with you from our selfishness.”

“Is that so? I have let you see something disgraceful.”

“Don’t mind it. It’s just, why have you told those girls that they are “a waste of time”? Saying that would only anger the other party.”

“Eh? But, my friend told me that I would get punished if I don’t speak like that.”

“May I ask what you were told that time in detail?”

“Yes. That was when I enrolled into the academy.”


When I told my friend, Lily, that I would enter an academy because of my admiration for Al-sama and Sayo-sama, she told me she would take the examination together with me. Both of us successfully passed.

“I’m glad. I have passed. I also became a scholarship student, so I will be able to find a good job. It will make it easier for everyone.”

I have successfully passed, so I was showing my happiness, but my friend was trembling, so I spoke to her.

“Lily, what’s the matter? Ah! Are you crying because you are happy that you have passed? I was also able to pass.”

“…… You passed? I see, you have passed. Unfortunately, I did not.”

“Eh? …… Umm, I’m sorry.”

I immediately apologized and Lily had forgiven me.
After that, Lily taught me how to talk with others.
The first time I heard her, I asked whether it will not make others angry.

“Nobles are different from us.”

She replied like that.

(Recollection over)

Hearing Shelly’s story, Sayo talked with Al via telepathy.

(Feli, what do you think?)

(I can’t really say from this much.)

“Were you perhaps told by that girl to be expressionless as well?”

“Yes. If I’m not mistaken, that happened when I was eight.”


“Shelly, play with me.”

“What are you saying! Shelly will play with me!”


“Don’t fight. Let’s all play together.”

At that time, the boys were often fighting for some reason, so I was troubled.
When I consulted with Lily,

“The hell is that, are you boasting? They are fighting because of you. Do you still not understand that it’s bothersome when you laugh? If you don’t want others to fight then don’t laugh ever again.”

I was told such.
I have stopped laughing so the boys would fight no more.

(Recollection over)

“After that, the boys stopped fighting, but after a while, the boys started playing with Lily and stopped inviting me. I wonder why?”

“Why, you ask…… Shelly, just how did you become friends with that child?”

“Lily moved in when I was small. At that time, we played together because we were of the same age, but she suddenly told me “you are impudent” and slapped my cheek. Tousan told me that I have to answer a slap with a slap, so I hit her too. We became friends after that”

“”………… N?””


It took Sayo and Al quite some time to comprehend what Shelly just said.

“Sorry. How did you become friends from that?”

“Tousan said “you are friends only when you return the hit!” Was he wrong?”

“No, that’s…… your Otousan might have said so, but how do you feel about that?”

As expected, Al was lost for words.
Still, he understood that her friend was teaching her wrongly deliberately.

“Shelly, nobles are certainly different from commoners, but the general feeling is the same. If you talk with them like that, they will get highly offended.”

“Eh!? Then, until now, I have been…… what to do?”

The two spoke to encourage Shelly who was gradually turning pale.

“You just have to be careful from now on. Some people might have misunderstood you, so it would be better to talk with them.”

“Also, laugh properly when it’s time to laugh. I think it would be better that way rather than being expressionless.”

“Yes. I will have a proper talk with Lily.”

“Ah, un. But, if you press for answe――”

“Lily surely wasn’t aware that she made a mistake. At this rate, Lily might be troubled too, so I will tell her where she made the mistakes.”


When Sayo was lost for words, her shoulder was clapped.
When she turned around, Al was shaking his head without saying anything.

(We did what we came for. Rest depends on her.)

(Indeed. But, I’m worried.)

Sayo and Al achieved their purpose, so they said goodbye to Shelly and left her room.
Nathan whom they contacted was waiting for them and they went to Claude and the rest together while talking.

“How did it go?”

“We have conveyed that she made a mistake. But, I’m worried in a different way.”

“That girl, whether she’s too pure or too positive, she is not suspicious of people. It seems she was deceived.”

“That…… she has to notice herself. This makes me concerned too.”


While talking about Shelly, Al’s and Sayo’s names were called all of sudden.

“Are you perhaps Al and Sayo?”


When they turned towards the voice, the royal capital’s guild master, Rufina, was standing there.

“Long time no see. Rufina-san.”

“It’s been a while. Rufina.”

“It really has been a while. Oh my? This is.”

“How do you do, I’m called Nathan Faust.”

“How do you do, I’m the royal capital’s guild master Rufina. Faust, then you are the prime minister’s?”

“Yes, I’m the second son. Al-dono and Sayo-dono are our house’s guests, so I’m showing them around.”

Nathan made up a clever story, so Sayo and Al were relieved.

“I see. Still, you should have informed me that you have come to the capital. Everyone misses you, alright?”

“Ahh~…… we have arrived this morning and came here right away.”

“is that so? How long are you staying?”

“Erm, we have not decided yet.”

“In that case, stop by the guild for a moment please.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Umm! Rufina-san, why are you here?”

Sayo asked Rufina in order to change the subject.

“I’m here for the team mock battle that takes place after the matches are over. I’m in charge of the girls, and vice guild master Dyson is in charge of the boys.”

“”Team battle?””

Sayo and Al looked at Nathan.

“The resistance war consists of individual matches between three representatives of each year, and a six versus six team match between the junior and senior sections.”


“In truth, a staged-like six versus six would be better, but there is an audience this time, so we have to practice.”

“And that’s why Dyson and I came, but…… say, why don’t you two participate?”



Sayo and Al were bewildered by Rufina’s sudden proposal and Nathan seemed to be in thoughts.

“The abilities of you two are certain, I think it will be good for the students. You are wanderers, so you have a way of fighting, right?”


((Being wanderers is just a setting, though! We are just in the middle of studying the way of fighting too!))

While the two were inwardly sweating, Nathan who was brooding over something spoke up.

“Is Rufina-dono and others fine with that?”

“Yeah, I will speak with the people from the academy, so it will be fine.”

((No, no, no, no, it’s not fine.))

“I understand. However, these two are the guests of our family, so I will have to check with father.”


“Do that, please. Well then, I will speak with Dyson, so please excuse me.”

Sayo and Al tried to ask Nathan for the reason, but he was making a difficult face and didn’t answer, so they returned to their child forms on the way and joined up with Claude and the rest.
Nathan and Claude were talking about something with serious faces a bit further away.
Claude listened while frowning, but he nodded after heaving a sigh.
And at that time, Sayo’s and Al’s participation in the mock battle has been decided.

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