Chapter 98

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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School Festival ~ Girl ~
After rescuing Gai, Felice and the rest had inquired about the details.

“While walking, I suddenly got carried on a shoulder and my voice didn’t come out, so nobody noticed.”

“Something like that would usually make quite a ruckus, so some kind of magic or magic tool must have been used.”

“Miguel Oniisama said she’s talented after all.”

“Nevertheless, the type of people like that Mob? are anywhere, aren’t they?”

“Albert-sama, it’s not Mob but Bob.”

“But, he turned pale in the end.”

“The standing of a Ducal House is higher than that of a Count House after all.”

“What, what? What are you talking about?”

When Albert briefly explained, Gai apologized once again.

“Just because I got abducted…… you have experienced something unpleasant because of me, I’m sorry.”

“It couldn’t be helped this time.”

“Right, right. It was vis major, so it’s not Gai’s fault.”

“It will be fine if you are careful in the future.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

Gai’s spirit returned, so the four enjoyed their time at a food stall.
After receiving communication from Claude and going towards the meeting place, they glanced towards the loud voices they heard and saw one girl encircled by another two girls.

“I won’t acknowledge you participating in the resistance war! Even though I’m better than you, why did a commoner like you get chosen!”

“You must have done something dishonest, didn’t you? Otherwise, someone of a low-birth like you wouldn’t get chosen.”

“Withdraw from your match right now!”

It appears that a girl of a lower social position than them was chosen to participate in the resistance war and they are trying to obstruct that.

“Uwaa…… they have situations like these too? What do we do?”

“There’s no need to do anything. This is their problem.”

“But Olivia, we don’t know what those girls might do?”

“Shall I go?”

“You are a servant. It will escalate into an unnecessary problem.”

While Felice and the rest were whispering while hiding, the girl spoke up.

“I can’t abstain from the match. If you were more talented than me, would there be a need for me to abstain from the match? Is that all you wanted to say? Keeping you guys company is just a waste of time, so I will excuse myself. Please don’t come to be to me with such nonsense ever again. I’m not as free as you guys are after all.”


((((Wi, wicked tongue.))))

The girls were lost for words after hearing what the girl said expressionlessly and started gathering their magical power.

“How dare you…… die! Flame, burn down everything! Fire Arrow.”

“If you die, you won’t have to abstain anymore! Wind, seize that girl! Wind Bind.”

“You guys, just how foolish are you?”

“Not good!”

“Feli, wait!”

Seeing the assaulted girl producing magical power, Felice transferred between the girls.


“Space-time Barrier.”

The girls were startled by Felice’s sudden appearance and startled even further because they were blocked by her barrier.

“Everyone, this is as far as you go. You have gone too far!”

“A child!? Just what are you doing! Step back!”

“I don’t know how you defended against us, but we won’t show mercy even if you are just a child.”

The moment the girls showed hostility towards Felice, bloodthirst filled up the surroundings.

“Just try giving her a single wound…… and you will be the ones to die.”


“Seriously, you get Feli to protect you and won’t even say thanks?”

The two girls let out frightened voices, but Albert for lost for words in a different way.

“A, a child!?”

“A, a child like that, such bloodthirst……”

“I will let you off if you leave from here right away. If not, I will play with you.”


Seeing the wicked smile on Albert’s face, the two girls ran away.
Witnessing that, Felice spoke up.

“Al, you overdid it.”

“They were hostile towards you, so they deserved it. Nevertheless, I let out quite a lot of bloodthirst, but to stay composed through that, she’s something.”

“Yeah. The magical power she let out a while ago was also incredible, I’m glad I made it in ti…… me?”

“What’s wrong, Feli?”

Felice didn’t answer Albert as she looked at the girl who was fixedly staring, she didn’t even budge when Felice pulled on her clothes.

“Yep. She fainted.”

“So she wasn’t composed~”

“Of course she didn’t! Gai, I will spread a cloth, so you carry her over.”

“Got it.”

“Albert-sama, please contact Dannsama.”

“Tousama? …… He will be angry.”

“I’m also angry.”


Thinking about what will happen from now on, Felice and Albert sighed.
At that moment, the unconscious girl woke up and raised her body.

“Ugh…… I-”

“Have you come to?”

“You guys are?”

“I’m called Olivia.”

“I’m Gai.”

“I’m called Shelly. Umm……”

Shelly’s gaze fell upon Felice and the rest, so she decided to introduce herself.

“I’m Felice.”

“I’m Albert.”

“Thank you for before…… is fine to say, right?”


“I wonder? Were you intending to kill the two?”

“No! I, I have…… I can’t control my magical power when I get worked up. That’s why I always restrain my emotions, but I wasn’t able to do that when I got attacked…… even though I can’t approach that person like this.”

“So that was the reason for the expressionlessness~ Even though Shelly-san is so pretty, it’s a waste.”

“P, pretty, you say…… I’m just some poor commoner, I wouldn’t be able to enroll if not for the scholarship, I’m poor.”

“You said poor twice.”

“Al, shh~”

“I’m expressionless because I was told “you are troublesome when you laugh, so stop laughing” by a friend. I was also taught to speak as a person of high status, but I always get scolded.”

“”””………… Can that be considered a friend?””””

“Anyhow, thank you for stopping me. I have to prepare for the afternoon, so I will excuse myself here.”

Shelly smiled a little, bowed her head and ran off.

“Her friend, is a girl, right?”

“It should be. Shelly-sama is pure or what to say…”

“Girls are scary, aren’t they~ They took off my clothes too. Wouldn’t it be better to tell her the next time we meet? I feel it would be bad if she kept a noble company like that.”

“Indeed. First of all though, keep it a secret from Tousama you three.”

“Albert-sama, did you perhaps not contact Dannasama!?”

“I did. I just didn’t tell him the reason we will be late.”

“Al, it would be better to tell the truth.”

“That’s right. Won’t you get needlessly scolded when it gets exposed later?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. As long as you guys don’t speak.”

“Hou…… what will you do if it gets exposed?”

“At that time, I will have Feli persuade Tousama with tears. He’s weak against Feli’s tears after all.”

“I see. I understood your thoughts well.”

“That’s goo…… d?”

When Albert looked in front, he saw Felice and Gai trembling and rattling and Olivia shaking her head.
When he stiffly turned around, there stood Claude with a smile on his face. His eyes weren’t smiling though.
Behind him, Samantha was uncomfortably laughing and Riley who was shaking his head just like Olivia.

“H, hey Tousama. This is………”

“Indeed. Getting involved with the second son of a Count House and releasing bloodthirst towards girls was unavoidable, so it can’t be helped. However, not telling the truth is a different story.”

“Ugh…… why do you know?”

“I heard about the first incident from Miguel. The second one I saw myself when on the way.”

“On the way, you say?”

“I felt bloodthirst, so I hurried over to form a barrier, so it wouldn’t leak out.”

“Eh? It was just a bit, you know? That much is not serious, isn’t it?”

“There’s no way your “just a bit” could be considered not serious!”

“I’m sorry~!”

In the end, Albert got scolded by Claude.
After the light lecturing, they headed to the dining room to have lunch.
Miguel and Nathan reserved seats while waiting in the dining room.
They sat down and waited. Riley and Olivia served the lunch when the dishes were carried in.
During the meal, they talked about Shelly.

“I know about her. She should be the top student of the 2nd year of the junior section. I have never spoken to her personally, but there was noise about her being a commoner at the entrance ceremony.”


“Seriously, all this stuff about nobility and commoners is just stupid. Participants of the resistance war are chosen by ability. If they have spare time to pick a fight, they should have accepted the results and devote themselves to practice instead.”

“Still, for that child to ready her magical power in time after the sudden attack of her opponents…… she’s something.”

“Even if she’s talented, she will make lots of enemies if she continues talking like that. It would be better to teach her quickly.”

“I could speak to her.”

“Nathan Oniisama is a no go.”


“Because Nathan Oniisama is cool, Shelly will get hated for a different reason if you talk to her. Miguel Oniisama also mustn’t talk with her for the same reason.”

“I’m happy you think I’m cool.”

“What do you mean?”

The men tilted their heads in puzzlement to Felice’s words, but Samantha and Olivia nodded powerfully.

“I don’t understand well, but how about asking a girl then? Look, what about the girl who has stri――mugu.”

“Al, just what are you talking about in a dining room? Consider the place.”

“Mugumugu…… puhaa, I’m sorry.”

Albert was about to say something uncalled-for, but Miguel swiftly blocked his mouth.

“I don’t think that fellow would easily accept? She would want to bargain.”

“In that case, we should just lend Gai to her.”

“Don’t decide on you――mugu.”

“Gai, you are a servant. Know your place.”

“Mugu…… gusu.”

Not wanting to sell himself, Gai was about to protest, but Riley covered his mouth.
At that time, the entrance of the dining room became noisy.
Claude and Miguel who realized the cause behind the uproar frowned, while Nathan and Samantha quietly smiled.
The noise gradually approached and they saw the familiar people, so everyone stood up.
The cause of the uproar was Evan and rest of the royalty.

“Claude, Samantha, you came too.”

“Yes, we were invited by our sons. His Majesty was able to come too.”
(You, I hope you finished your work.)

“It’s Adam’s last game, so I came to see.”
(Isn’t it fine! It’s his last after all!)

“Indeed. It’s Miguel’s last as well.”
(As if it would be fine!)

Claude and Evan skillfully communicated while talking out loud.
Samantha and Andria talked peacefully with each other.
The children were talking normally as if having a conversation between students.

“Grace-sama came too.”

“Yes, I intend to enroll the next year, so.”

“Adam…… sama is also participating……?”

“Don’t attach -sama so unpleasantly. I’m appearing in the sword contest. Dylan too.”

“Al, think of it as an honorifics training and do your best.”

“Are you saying he’s unable to use honorifics with me unless he does his best!?”

“Hello pile of bones…… Gai, you were brought along too.”

“I still don’t know what’s what. Al and owner Feli decided it would be better not to separate yet.”

They still have things to talk about, but Evan and the rest haven’t had lunch yet, so the conversation came to an end.
Felice and the rest were in the middle of eating too so they resumed eating, but Samantha had a proposal to make.

“Hey, it’s about Shelly-chan, I spoke about her with Sister-in-law. Isn’t this where “Sayo” shows up?”



Felice and the rest froze for a while after hearing Samantha’s proposal.

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