Chapter 97

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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School Festival ~ Lost Child ~
One month after receiving the invitation to the school festival, Felice and Albert were riding in a carriage.
Samantha and Claude were in the same carriage while Riley, Olivia, and Gai who had servant work driven into him were in another carriage.

“I’m looking forward to it~ Oniisamas’ matches are in the afternoon, right?”

“That’s right. They should be making their rounds at the student council in the morning and helping the class.”

“Then, we won’t be able to meet?”

“That might be difficult. But, they have advocated stores and shops set-up by students, so I don’t think you will get bored until the afternoon.”

“Un! I wonder what kind of shops they have~”

While Felice and Samantha were having a harmonious conversation, Albert and Claude spoke with serious faces.

“Al, do you understand?”

“Erm, don’t attract attention, don’t make a racket, and don’t get rolled up into something troublesome. If lost, don’t move and get in touch…… right?”

“The academy is really large after all. If you stray from us, it will be easier to find you if you don’t move.”

“I understand that. But, getting “rolled up” is not something we can do about ourselves.”

“That’s true. But, you will be careful if conscious of it. I don’t mind if you use my name when the time comes.”


Another silly conversation later, the carriages arrived at the academy.
There was a long queue when they got off the carriage and went to the reception, but the clerk in charge worked fast, so they finished and went inside without having to wait too much.


“Fufufu…… well then, shall we go?”

“We will visit the Headmaster first. We will contact you once we finish, so let’s join up later.”

Claude and Samantha accompanied by Riley went off their way while Felice and rest looked around the shops.

“Olivia, what’s that?”

“That’s a student’s shop. It appears to be a magic tool shop.”

“Are those eggs?”

“They are monster eggs. Familiars hatched from eggs get emotionally attached more easily than monsters caught in the wild.”

“Hee~………… Feli, it’s a no even if you look at me with such eyes.”

“Felice-sama, it’s better to learn monster ecology and methods of monster raising first before getting a familiar.”

“…… Yess~”

“Ah! They have a skeleton. Look, it’s your comrade, Gai! ……… Where is he!?”


Hearing Albert’s words, Felice and Olivia looked at where Gai was supposed to be only to realize that he disappeared.

“I thought it was quiet since a little while ago, now that I think about it, have you handed the magic tool to Gai yet?”

“I didn’t.”

“It would be better to look for him.”

“I will contact Tousama.”

They couldn’t find him after searching for a while, so they decided to use Search to look for him.

“How is it?”

“He seems to be in that building.”

“That is a ridge with classrooms.”

“Why is he there? Let’s take a look.”

The three went to look for Gai.
When they entered the building Gai was in, the students were stealing glances at Felice and Albert even though they were busy.

“You two, please don’t separate from me.”


“Feli, which way?”

“Umm…… take right over there.”

“What are you bastards doing here!”

The moment they took the right turn Felice led them to, a sudden shout directed towards them stopped the three in their tracks.
Olivia promptly stepped in front of the two to protect them.

“One of our family’s servants got lost, so we are searching for him.”

“…… Oy, who told you that you can speak to me. A mere servant, how dare you to address me directly!”

“…… Please forgive me.”

The two boys behind the boy who shouted at Olivia were grinning, but Feli was making an angry expression and Al’s eyes turned cold.
After that, the two couldn’t endure the boy shouting at Olivia, so they stepped in front.

“Stop it already! Olivia just answered your question, didn’t she!”

“What, you brat! Don’t you know who I am!”

“I wouldn’t know. You just shouted without introducing yourself. It goes for you as well, do you know who you are speaking to?”

“Impudent! I’m Bob Dyner! The second son of Count Dyner!”



“It’s Bob! I don’t know which house you are from, but don’t think you can get away with opposing the house of a Count!”

When a disagreeable smile appeared on Bob’s face and Albert was about to open his mouth, a familiar voice came from behind Bob and others.

“What’s this racket about?”

“Wha!? Mi, Miguel…… sama.”

“You again? Bob. There’s no need for -sama, social status doesn’t matter within the academy after all. What is it this time?”

“Guh…… I didn’t do……”

“You shouldn’t lie. Weren’t you just yelling at us?”

“You said you wouldn’t let us off!”

“Shut up! You bra――”

“Al and Feli? What are you doing?”


Hearing the two’s voices, Miguel avoided Bob and others and walked to Felice and rest.

“You see, Gai got lost so we are looking for him.”

“Then, those guys picked a quarrel with us.”

“What is he doing, that pile of bones?”

“I have no excuse, Miguel-sama.”

“You don’t need to apologize. Can’t be helped, I will go with you.”

“”Is that alright?””

“It’s fine if it’s just for a bit. I’m worried about you two. Bob, thanks for looking after my little brother, little sister and our family’s servant. Excuse us.”

“T, then, they were the Faust House’s……”

After Miguel and rest were gone, three people with pale faces were left behind.
After that, Felice and rest were accompanied by Miguel, so nothing similar happened while they were looking for Gai.

“It seems to be here.”

“In here?”

“This is.”

“This is…… magic tool laboratory.”

“”Magic tool laboratory…… Gai!?””

When Felice and Albert entered in panic, they saw a girl straddling Gai whose clothes were stripped off.


While the two inside stared at Felice and the rest in silence, Miguel and Olivia covered their eyes and closed the door.

“”Sorry for intruding.””

“Don’t go―――! Save me―――!”

“No way! We have just begun!”

Because there was a call for help from inside, Felice and rest entered once more.
Gai shook off the girl and hid behind Miguel.

“What are you doing? Katie.”

“My, isn’t that Miguel? You are asking what I’m doing? Of course, researching a magic tool. Did you perhaps not know? What he is? He might look like a human, but he’s a magic tool! Moreover, he has self-awareness! The moment I saw him, I heard the voice of God telling me to research him!”


“You were hallucinating. This fellow is a human, our family’s servant. I will have you return him. You return to the student council.”

“”Student council!?””

“Human, you say? You can’t deceive my eyes! You know about my skill, don’t you? Are you still going to say that he’s a human?”

“It seems you didn’t hear me telling you to return to the student council.”

“I wonder what her skill is?”

“This fellow is human. And from the view of my Faust House, you don’t have the right to examine him.”

“Oh my, for you to use the name of your house…… I understand. I will withdraw this time. But, I won’t give up! One day, I will research him, examine him, and study him until exhaustion! Well then, gokigen’you!”


Before leaving, she looked at Gai with predatory eyes and gracefully walked away.
Felice and rest who saw that looked in a daze and spoke up.

“W, what a strange person.”

“Is she really a part of the student council?”

“Even though she might look like that, she’s very talented. It’s just she turns out like that when it comes to magic tools. Now then, we have found Gai, so let’s go outside.”

“Un. But before that…… Gai, I will give you this ring. It grants the Concealment effect”

“This ear piercing is capable of Communication, so use it if something happens again.”

“Albert, Felice, thank you!”

Gai immediately put on the ring and pierced his right ear with the ear piercing.
Of course, Gai neither bled nor felt any pain, but Felice and rest walked towards the exit after stepping away from him.
They have parted from Miguel who returned to his work after getting outside and carefreely headed where the shops were located without knowing they were walking right into a strife.

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