Chapter 96

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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His Treatment
Because the “Drops of Rejuvenation” restored Gai’s body, Felice and rest decided to check whether there were any other abnormalities.

“Gai, have your memories returned?”

“…… I’m the mighty Demon Lord! Prostrate before me, you ignorant people!”

“Yeah. They haven’t returned.”

“Nevertheless, for flesh to be made out of bones. That’s the effect of the rejuvenation, right? Did it work because he’s a living magic tool?”

“The bottle said so. However, I’m glad it didn’t hit anyone except Gai.”

“If it was someone other than Albert, they would disappear. Well, he can go out normally like this.”

“I looked at him withThe Mind’s Eye, but apparently it’s not a complete human body. His heart and other internal organs are missing and the magic stone is still in his head.”

“Let’s expe…… examine him when we return.”

“Right now, you wanted to say experiment, didn’t you? Oy, don’t avert your gaze, Albert! What do you intend to do to me!?”

While Gai was questioning Albert, Miguel and rest came over.

“It has been noisy in here since a while ago, was it Adam again?”

“He doesn’t learn, does he?”

“Elder brother, have some restraint.”

“Oniisama, you mustn’t cause trouble.”

“You guys are rude!? It was me though!”

The four who entered the room while severally reproaching Adam couldn’t answer to his protesting.
That’s because of the unfamiliar youth in front of them.

“”””Who might you be?””””

“What are you saying? It’s me, it’s me! It’s Gai!.”


After explaining the situation to the bewildered four, they grasped the situation although shocked.
For the time being, they decided to return to the surface after sorting out the room and making a list of items.
They returned to the royal palace and explained the situation to Evan and rest after bringing over the two dead-looking dwarves.
Lewis got angry at Adam’s careless conduct and Gai was dragged away by Claude.

“Adam! It’s fine since it hit only Gai, but if you don’t pull yourself together now, you will end up like Evan in the future!”

“Hey! What do you mean by that!”

“You guys return home. I want to expe…… examine him for a little.”

“Gyah! These birds of a feather! Stop it, don’t pull me!”

“It will be fine. I will be gentle.”

“Doing what――――!”

“Well, what to say…… alright, dismissed!”

Dylan and Grace who were watching Adam get scolded returned to their rooms on Austin’s signal while Felice and Albert were waving their hands to Claude and Gai.

“Let’s return then. Uncle, thank you very much for today.” (Miguel)

“Thank you very much. I want to see Aunt and Rihito too, so we will come for a visit next time.” (Nathan)

“I wanted to do it too though~ See you Austin, we will be in your care tomorrow, Master.” (Albert)

“Thank you very much. Please take care of us tomorrow.” (Felice)

“Ou! Be careful on your way home.” (Austin)

“We will be going too. Uncle, thank you very much.” (Dylan)

“Ojisama, thank you very much.” (Grace)

“Don’t mind it. Take a good rest. See you Lewis, I will go home after dropping by Claude’s.” (Austin)

Adam who had been left in the room got lectured by Lewis, then Andria barged in and lectured him physically.
Felice and rest returned home. Claude and Gai didn’t come back even at dinner time.

“That person forgets about the time once he’s absorbed in something. I will contact him later.”

“Gai is a calamity after all. Which reminds me, how long is your break this time?”

“Unfortunately, we have to return tomorrow.”

“Is that so?”

“Don’t make such a face, Feli. Today, we came to give you this.”

“What is it~?”

“We have one for Albert too.”


“What is it, what is it?”

While feeling down that her brothers had to return tomorrow, Nathan handed her an envelope.
Miguel gave the same envelope to Albert who was sitting beside her.
When the two opened the envelopes, there was a card and a paper in each.
When Felice read the paper,

~ Written Invitation ~

Felice Faust-sama
On this occasion, our Radius Royal Academy would like to invite you to the junior-senior high school festival.
Please bring the enclosed card on the appointed day.

Such was written on the paper together with the date and reception place.
Albert’s paper was the same.

“”School festival?””

“School festival is held every year, but outsiders aren’t normally invited.”

“The Academy Resistance War that is held once every three years will be held this year. The school festival is the preliminary encounter for determining the members of the resistance war.”

“Therefore, each year the resistance war is held, people who don’t attend the academy will receive an invitation, but the number of people is limited. One or two people per student is the rule.”

“Father, Mother, Albert, and Felice, that’s four. Of course, servants can be brought separately.”

“Hee~ that sounds fun.”

“Resistance war, is it a fight?”

“We compete in intellect and art in addition to sword and magic.”

“How nostalgic~ Otousama did not just win the resistance war in magic, but he was also the overall winner both in his junior and senior years. Miguel was also the champion in his junior years, so will both siblings be champions this year?”

“Mother, you are too hasty. There are more excellent students than us.”

“Although you say that, you two have no intentions to lose.”


“I have no intention to lose if I’m to participate. First is the school festival though.”

“Do your best Miguel Oniisama, Nathan Oniisama. I will cheer for you a lot, okay?”

“I will be cheering as well.”


The peaceful dinner finished and Claude and Gai didn’t come back even when it was the time to go to bed. They showed up only during the morning lesson.

“”Welcome back. Good morning.””

“I’m home. Morning Al, Feli.”

“Erm~ is Gai all right?”

“His eyes are dead.”

Gai stood at attention without moving an inch in front of Felice and Albert.
Recognizing the two, Gai’s eyes gradually moistened and he embraced Felice with swift movements.

“Boo~hoo! It was scary~!”

“Wha!?…… T, there, there.”

“Gai! Don’t hug my Feli! Separate from her!”


Felice was patting Gai’s head in comfort even though startled, but Albert couldn’t permit that, so he flung Gai away.

“Al, it seems that Gai had a difficult time.”

“You have to teach him what’s good and what’s not early.”

“Oh~…… Gai, are you okay? …… Huh? He fell asleep.”

“He didn’t sleep yesterday. I will tell you guys what I have learned about Gai today. You are Gai’s owner after all, Feli.”

“”…… Yess~””

((He didn’t sleep, you say…… even though you were the one who didn’t allow him to sleep.))

While looking at Claude dumbfounded, they listened to his explanation about Gai.

○Gai’s body might look like a human’s, but the insides are without a change and he still functions as a magic tool. Using the magic stone as a nucleus, the magic element and meals he absorbs are converted into energy while he moves and sleeps.
○When attacked, the exterior gets scratched or peeled off, but the bones do not get damaged. The exterior can be repaired with healing magic.
○The reason behind Gai’s shabbiness at magic is most likely because the attribute of the hero is light while the attribute of the Demon Lord is darkness. Or perhaps, he just forgot how to use it.
○After obtaining a body, he became able to cry.

“This is what I understood from yesterday’s research. We will surely find out more if we experiment on him again.”

(He bluntly said “experiment”.)

(I want to join in next time.)

After that, Claude dragged Gai away, Albert running around and Gai clinging to Felice in tears could be seen over and over again.

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