Chapter 95

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Hidden Room
After that, Felice and rest somehow managed to stop Albert from shattering Gai into fragments.

“What kind of place was the place you fell down from?”

“First was a path of flames followed by a snowstorm. Then, there was a crossroads, so I took the foggy path~ After that I advanced through a poisonous fog while surrounded by slimes and then a cave hole opened under me and I felt some irritating presences at my feet so I turned into a black dragon and scared them off..”

“A cave hole? Is it safe?”

“I have sealed the hole, so it should be fine.”

“I don’t think the problem lies there, but. Well, I’m glad you are all safe. By the way, Albert. Could you hand me that thing?”

Albert titled his head at Austin who held out his hand.

“What are you talking about?”


“You can’t deceive me. That thing.”

Austin pointed at the abdomen of Albert who was feigning ignorance.
When Felice and others directed their gazes at Albert’s abdomen, it began wriggling.

“Oy, Albert’s belly is!?”

“It’s moving!?”

“It’s wriggling!”

“Al, just what are you hiding?”

“I can generally imagine.”

“Is this perhaps…… that’s not fa~ir! Even though you told me that I can’t!”

“Haa~…… I understand.”

What Albert took from under his clothes was a slime.
It appears he snatched one on his way down.


“I will properly look after it. It’s okay, right?”

“That fellow is a poison slime, you know? If you want to keep it no matter what, you will let Felice make a familiar contract too, right?”

“Yeah, yeah!”

“Ehh~…… can’t be helped~ I will return it.”

“You will return it!? And here I thought I could finally make a contract~”

Albert who would give up on the slime rather than letting Felice make a familiar contract sprung to the ceiling in order to return the slime where it belongs.
Felice saw him off while feeling down.
When Albert returned, the depressed Gai guided the group and they somehow managed to arrive in the room.
Adam and others who came to the room for the first time timidly looked around, while Felice and Albert used all kinds of skills to search the room.

“I will go from right, so you take the left, Feli.”


Felice properly placed the things back to their original place, but Albert threw them one after another and Gai was catching them.

“That sort of disposition is not good.”

“Indeed. If I remember correctly, the things from here can’t be carried out, so let’s copy them.”

“Well then, I will look at the other side.”

Miguel and Nathan knew the meaning behind the two’s actions, so they began working to achieve their purpose.
On the other hand, Adam and rest who didn’t know what’s what inquired from Austin.

“Uncle, what are those two looking for?”

“N? Probably a hidden room.”

“””Hidden room!?”””

“Yeah, those two were looking forward to it after all.”

“I will search too!”

Adam ran towards Felice’s side while Austin and Dylan looked at him with lukewarm gazes.

((The way Felice treats him is far gentler than Albert after all~))

“What about you, Grace?”

“I’m curious about the hidden room too, but…… I want to look at the books.”

“I see. Then, let’s go together.”

“I will keep my eyes on Adam, so let me know if something happens.”


After that, Felice and rest examined every wall in the room, but they weren’t able to find the hidden room yet.

“It’s not anywhere.”

“Is it not here~?”

“Hey, isn’t it the door over there?”

What Adam pointed at was a door they couldn’t open the last time because of Gai.

“Adam, it’s a “hidden room” you know? It’s a room that is hidden.”

“I know that! However, there’s “Hidden Room” written on the door!”


Being told such by Adam, Felice and Albert carefully looked at the door.
Then, they certainly saw considerably blurred words “Hidden Room” written on the door.

“”………… Gai.””

“No, umm…… I, I was going to tell you, but you know……… I’m a scatterbrain after all! Hahaha…… haha……”

“You…… did you think you could deceive us with just that?”

“I really didn’t think the “Hidden Room” would be right in front of us. It’s not hidden at all.”

Scared by the nice smiles Felice and Albert had, Gai hid behind Austin.

“Well, it wasn’t on purpose, so forgive him. Rather than that, aren’t you entering the room?”

“We are, but…… oh well.”

“Key is…… huh? There’s no keyhole?”

“It also doesn’t move when pushed or pulled?”

The door didn’t open when they tried, so once their gazes drifted towards Gai, he pointed at the door in a panic.

“There’s something else written under the “Hidden Room” isn’t there? I wasn’t able to read it.”

“Yeah, there certainly is something. I can’t read it. What letters are those?”

“Isn’t this Japanese?”

“It really is! Let’s see “This door has no key. You must be wondering why it doesn’t open, right? I will give you a hint! I’m Japanese!” It says.”

“…… No idea. Uncle?”

“I got nothing.”

“I also don’t understand. Feli?”

“Door…… Japanese, maybe?”


Struck with an idea, Felice reached towards the doorknob and slid the door horizontally.

“””It opened!?”””

“As I thought, it was a sliding door.”

“To think it would move horizontally.”

“Is that all? I thought there would be some kind of a device since mechanisms were his hobbies.”

“It opened, so let’s go inside!”

When the five people entered the room, the lamps automatically lit up with fire and illuminated the room.
However, there was just a gorgeous sword displayed on the wall in the entire room.

“Nothing but a sword? Moreover, this sword is not genuine, is it?”

“How unexpected…… Adam, you can tell?”

“How rude!? Mother hammered knowledge about swords into me and I like it too, so I saw many of them.”

“Well, knowing the difference is a must. However, is this all?”

“It’s my first time here, how should I know?”

“Hey, hey, there might be some kind of a mechanism here.”

“If so, then it’s the sword. First of all, Gai, try removing it from the wall.”

“Why me!?………… Please let me do it.”

Gai wanted to refuse Al’s proposal, but he stretched his hands towards the sword immediately after being glared at.
However, the sword didn’t move an inch.

“It’s doesn’t budge, does it~ Maybe it moves horizontally again?”

“As expected that would be…… Hey, couldn’t those gems in the center of that pattern possibly be magic stones?”

“N? It is. So many magic stones.”

“Should I try touching it? Float.”

When Felice touched the magic stones on the surface, it emitted a pale light and something came out.

“Feli, step back!”

“Adam, you get back too!”

While being vigilant, the thing which came out of the magic stones took shape and a figure of a black-haired youth appeared.

(You did well coming here. I’m Shiranui Kou, the one who created this place. Don’t worry, the true hidden room is different. In the room, there are things I made and gathered. There are some things that would cause a calamity if mishandled too. I hope you will use them justly.)

“This person is……”

“Hee~ this projection is a mechanism too? Or is it a magic tool?”

“I’m looking forward to the things we find there.”

“Nevertheless, calamity causing things sound dangerous. Adam, I think you understand but don’t touch anything and everything.”

“Hmm…… he looks familiar.”

When everyone spoke their impressions, the youth mood turned serious.

(Let’s leave the formalities aside, I will tell you how to enter the hidden room. The magical power of the fellow who touched these magical stones has been recorded and will act as the key, so you won’t be able to enter without him or her. I have said it before, but use them as you please! You have to enjoy your life before anything! Everything else can be postponed! See ya!)

With such words, the figure of the youth disappeared.

“It was the same pattern as in the letter.”

“They were words from experience. I think I can understand him.”

“You are talking about using the things freely, right!”

“Adam, you be extra careful and, I repeat, treat everything with care. If we confirm there’s nothing wrong with it, then you are free to do as you please.”

“Yes, yes~”

“””He isn’t listening”””

When Felice touched the magic stones again, the wall with the sword slid horizontally.
When they entered, this time there were various things
Felice, Albert, Gai, Austin, and Adam decided to look on their own.

“Uwaa…… what a mess. It would be better to sort it out first.”

“You’re right~ Gai, do you have any empty shelves?”

“Hmm…… ah! Isn’t that a shelf over there?”

“There really is. Feli, make the things float. Gai and I will sort them.”


First of all, the three cooperated to tidy up.
Adam and Austin were searching while tidying up too, but Adam must have found something as his movements stopped.
Adam showed a purple bottle to Austin.

“Say, say, Uncle, how about giving this to Mother and Aunt Samantha?”

“Let me see?……”Drops of Rejuvenation” feel five years younger with one drop?” That sounds suspicious. You…… if you give them this, you will get killed afterward.”

“I’m going to get killed even though they will take it!?…… Let’s not give it to them and keep it as a trump card when there’s an opportunity.”

“You~…… Seriously. Have Albert appraise it.”

“Alright! O~y, Albert!”

Adam started running towards Albert.
However, this room was full of edged tools, not a place to run in by any means.
Just as one would expect, Adam fell over and the bottle that flew through the air got smashed against Gai’s head.

“Gya!? W, what is this!”

“Gai, are you all right!?”

“Adam, don’t run in this place.”

“Even we told you to be careful so much.”

“…… Sorry.”

Thinking he really made a mistake, Adam obediently apologized.
At that time, Gai’s body disappeared in bright light.

“Gai is shining!?”

“Hey! What was that bottle?”

“Drops of Rejuvenation, a miracle liquid that will make you five years younger with each drop”

“Make younger!?”

“One drop by five years, with such amount…… perhaps.”

Just when Albert got a bad feeling, the light finally settled.
And, what appeared was Shiranui Kou from the projection they saw a while ago.

“Ehh!? Is that Gai!?”

“Uwaa…… as I thought.”

“H, he, he has a body!?”

“The end result was…… excellent?”

“What’s going on? What happened to me?”

While Felice and rest were startled by the sudden events, Shiranui Kou (Gai) asked.

“”””It’s too difficult to explain, look in the mirror””””

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