Chapter 101

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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School Festival ~ Mock Battle VS. Sayo ~
The girls decided on their roles after a short discussion and started attacking.
Katie began the attack.


An explosion occurred just in front of Sayo and a cloud of dust obstructed her vision.

“””Fire Arrow.!”””
“””Wind Arrow!”””

Furthermore, magic arrows flew towards Sayo.
Moreover, wind increases the power of fire when united.
The attack hit Sayo directly and a loud thunderous sound resounded.
The participants looked vigilantly at the place Sayo stood at, but Sayo’s figure wasn’t there when the cloud cleared up.

“Where is she?”

“Your backs are completely defenseless.”


Sayo who suddenly appeared behind Katie kicked her flying.
It’s not important, but Gai was making a triumphant pose at this moment.
Shelly and the rest of girls ran towards Katie who fell down, so Sayo pursued them.


The ground under the girls’ feet turned into sand and their bodies started sinking down.
Among the panicked girls who couldn’t get out but could only wait for their bodies to sink, Shelly activated magic.

“Dark Mist!”

(As expected, only Shelly-san is able to move.)

The surroundings were enveloped in a dark mist, nothing was visible.
While Sayo was on guard, attacks came from all directions.
While defending against the attacks with a barrier, Sayo blew off the mist.


The mist cleared up, but the power of the magic was so strong the girls got blown away and fell down too.
When Sayo looked at where the quicksand was, she found that the sand was frozen over.

(They blocked my vision and froze the sand to escape in the meanwhile, huh…… in that case.)


Before the girls could attack, Sayo made her body float and suppressed the girls from the air.

“Water Arrow.”


Sayo’s magic has been obstructed with a barrier that Katie made in the spur of the moment.
However, the impact of being blown away hasn’t disappeared yet and she couldn’t deal with Sayo’s continuous attacks.


Shelly and the rest of the girls put themselves on guard against the attack, but they were quickly disappointed as it was only an attack to make them cold, so they decided to wait up the magic in order to preserve their stamina for the counterattack.
However, Shelly and the rest weren’t able to attack.
That’s because the lower parts of their bodies wouldn’t move.

“Why!? My legs won’t move!”
“No way!? My legs are frozen!”
“I see…… thatWater Arrowjust now was……”
“Anyhow, we have to melt it!”
“I will-!”
“Hurry up!”

They tried to melt the ice in a hurry, but Sayo couldn’t wait for them as she extended her right hand towards the girls.

“This is the end, isn’t it?”

Sayo’s right hand was clad in lightning which gradually became stronger.
The girls who saw that closed their eyes.
However, Rufina’s voice resounded before the lightning was fired.

“We have a winner! Everyone, please give a round of applause for our participants.”

A sparse applauding resounded from the audience which was silent since the beginning of the mock battle, it gradually grew louder until loud cheering arose.

“The girls’ swordsman mock battle will begin after ten minutes break.”

With Rufina’s voice as a signal, Sayo treated Shelly and the rest of the girls.
The pain was gone instantly, and although they were surprised, the girls showered Sayo with thanks while moving.
Sayo looked at Shelly’s state and she was relieved to see that her heart seemed to be more open than before the match.

(It would be nice if this became a good opportunity for her.)

While the participants of the swordsman division were holding a strategic meeting, Sayo who returned to Al’s side heard some rustling sounds.

“What are you guys doing?”


“How suspicious.”

“Your next opponents will use weapons, so you need a measure against that, right?”

Sayo and the rest stiffened after Adam’s remark for a while, but Dylan swiftly grasped Adam and shook with him.

“Elder brother!? What happened to you!”

“O, Oy! Stop shaking with me! What happened to you!?”

“I mean, for Elder brother to say something so appropriate! You did not eat something weird today, did you!”

“As if! You, just what kind of eyes do you look at me with!?”

“Ha! … I’m sorry, Elder brother. My true opinion came out unconsicously.”

“””It’s such kind of eyes.”””


“You guys……”

Sayo was not able to say “I thought so myself” indeed, so she just laughed to mask her thoughts.
Just at that time, it was time to go, so she returned to Rufina.
On Sayo’s hand, a black glove that wasn’t on her hands until now was equipped.

“Well then, the mock battle will now start…… begin!”

Two people swung their swords at Sayo immediately after the battle begun and an arrow pursed her right after she jumped back to open up a distance.
When Sayo jumped right to avoid the arrow, a sword approached her as if predicting her movements.
Everyone thought Sayo would get cut.
However, Sayo received the sword with [tie_tooltip text=”Sickle spear.” gravity=”n”]kama-yari[/tie_tooltip] that appeared in her hands before anyone noticed, and she calmly took distance after pushing the sword away.

“Just when…… from where?”

“Does she not use only magic?”

The girls who stopped moving because of the unexpected situation weren’t able to continue attacking.

“Those fellows haven’t noticed that Sayo didn’t use magic even once since the beginning of the match.”

“…… Seriously, what’s wrong with you, Adam.”

“Did you hit your head?”

“Elder brother, get a grip!”

“I’m fine!? Dylan, the words you speak are strange!”

“Eh? …… Ah, I see.”

“Look, if you don’t concentrate on the match, you will instantly lose when going against me.”

Adam and the rest started watching the match seriously because of Al’s words.
The girls resumed attacking Sayo in order to feel out her moves.
One of the girls with a sword closed the distance between them and jumped to block Sayo’s spear while another girl thrust her rapier.
The girls who were thinking “it will work this time” were shocked once more.
Sayo defended against the rapier with a small shield.


“You mustn’t stop moving.”


As soon as Sayo laid her hands horizontally, the shield broke into pieces and an arrowhead which immediately got released appeared in its place instead.

“No way!?”
“What is that!”

The girl was able to avoid the arrow by a hair’s breadth, but blood oozed from her cheek as the arrow grazed her.

“Close combat is no good. Let’s switch to long-distance attack.”

The three girls with swords withdrew and the two girls with the bows started attacking.
When Sayo was evading the arrows while paying attention to the three swordsmen, their swords and a rapier began shining.

(Is that perhaps?)

“””Air cutter!”””

Three slashing attacks flew towards Sayo.

(As I thought! If possible, I would prefer not to use magic, but…… it’s a sink or swim!)

Sayo suddenly raised the spear in her hands horizontally and threw it towards the slashing attacks.
Then, the slashing attacks disappeared upon the collision with the spear.

“Ohh~ I did it!”

“””Something like that is possible!?”””

While Sayo and the three swordsmen were surprised, the other three girls moved.
They approached Sayo all at once.
Everyone held daggers in their hands as they simultaneously slashed at Sayo.


When Sayo dodged by a hair’s breadth, she pushed out her left hand towards the three girls.
That arm was equipped with a rapid-fire crossbow, but because the girls never saw such weapons, they stopped moving in spite of being in the middle of a match and tilted their heads in puzzlement.

“This is a rapid-fire style crossbow and it can shoot arrows consecutively. If I shoot right now, I would hit everyone”


Hearing Sayo’s words, the girls difficultly turned towards Rufina.

“…… The match is over! Everyone, please applaud our participants!”

Once again, an applause was heard from the silent audience until it gradually turned into big cheers.
Sayo returned to Al after treating the girls.
The next match starts in ten minutes.

“Good job, Sayo. How was it?”

“It’s easy to use. Withdrawing and depositing were also smooth.”

“I see. By the way, Sayo…… it was a close one at the end, wasn’t it?”


Sayo let out a strange voice at the words Al whispered close to her ear and begun sweating.

“…… I, it was on purpose?”

“Hmm~…… so it was on purpose~ hee~ I see~”

“Ugh…… I’m sorry!”

Sayo tried to deceive him, but ended up apologizing to Al who fixedly stared at her.

“Seriously, I have to tell Austin to train you more intensively.”

“Uu…… which reminds me, Miguel-san and others are…?”

“N? In the middle of a strategy meeting.”

“I see.”

While the two chatted, Rufina and Dyson approached them.

“Sayo, good work. Really, you have surprised me.”

“She was careless in the end, though.”

“Still, you were incredible.”

“I was worried about your weapon.”

“You equipped it before anyone noticed, right? Is that perhaps from that glove?”

“Correct. Al came up with it and cooperated with our friend to make it.”

Sayo took off the glove while talking and showed it to the two.
The thimbles and the wrist of the glove were made from metal and four transparent stones were fitted in them.

“Are these magic stones?”

“Transparent magic stones are “space-time” if I’m not mistaken, correct? …… So it’s like that”

“This…… is better you don’t show off too much.”

“I know. Only my friends and family know about it.”

“…… If you know, why did you use it in the match?”


“Researches and firms came to see the school festival as well. They lost their cool about that glove and the weapons.”

Sayo and Al saw Katie standing silently in a remote place.
Katie was staring at Sayo as if she were her prey.
Then, the two’s eyes moved to Claude in the audience.
Claude was watching the two.
When their eyes met, a faint smile appeared on Claude’s face, so the two quickly averted their gazes as a chill ran on their backs.
After talking with the two for a while, Al and Dyson left towards the center.

“Al, do your best (at holding back).”

“Yeah. I will do my best (holding back).”

First match is a magic match, so Miguel and Nathan are among the boys.
When Al faced his opponents, Miguel and Nathan opened a communication with him.

(Al, I have a request.)

(What is it? That request?)

(When attacking Elder brother and me, could you use about the same power that demon used?)

(That demon, you say…… the reason for that?)

(We were about to be killed without being able to do anything. No…… if not for Feli, we would have died.)

(We have been training a lot since then. However, we are uneasy whether we really learned something.)

(We can’t stay weak forever. I don’t want to make our family sad anymore)

(…… Got it. I will try.)

Apparently, Miguel and Nathan were regretting since being attacked by that demon.
Al took their feelings into consideration and decided to answer their request.

“Well then, the boys’ magic section’s match will now start………… Begin!”

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