Chapter 102

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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School Festival ~ Mock Battle VS. Al ~
With the start as the signal, Miguel and others began to move.
There was already a trembling person among the participants.
Although Al was smiling, his eyes were cold and no emotions could be read from his face.

“What’s the matter? Are you not coming? I will attack then. For your information, I’m not as kind as Sayo. I will aim for a hit right from the start. If you don’t want to get hit then evade……”

“Everyone, set up a barrier!”


The moment Al moved his hand, Miguel gave instructions and was somehow able to avoid being hit, but the power was stronger than Sayo’s, so the crater was also larger, and the strengthened barrier around the audience got cracked once again.
When Al was about to attack again, the academy staff gave a stop.

“Please excuse me! The barrier’s strength is at its maximum! Al-sama, could you restrain your power please?”

“I don’t mind, but…… what about you?”

Al asked Miguel and Nathan.

“”Let’s continue as we are!””

“No, as I said the barrier is――”

With Miguel’s and Nathan’s words, the eyes of the other participants were filled with strength.
When the staff wanted to stop him, Al spoke up.

“If it’s barrier then there’s no problem…… Sayo!”


Sayo whose name was called out took out a rectangular box from her pocket and she shouted as she threw it above Al and the rest with all her might.

“Absolute Barrier, unfold!”

The box Sayo threw suspended in the air and split into four smaller boxes, each releasing a rod-shaped thing which pierced the ground, creating a 50m large square barrier.
Al’s voice resounded in the assembly hall which fell into silence.

“This barrier won’t be perturbed by my attacks. Now then, let’s continue.”

“Elder brother……”

“Yeah…… Al’s and Sayo’s lecturing just increased.”

“It’s the usual, though.”

“Anyhow, let’s focus on the match. Everyone, let’s move according to the strategy. Scatter!”

With Miguel’s signal, the boys divided into pairs and started attacking.

“”Wind Bind!””
“”Fire Lance!””
“”Wind Cutter!””
“Continue firing!”

When Al’s movements were sealed by wind, he got hit by a large explosion of fire and wind.
Al’s figure disappeared in the dust, but Miguel and the rest kept attacking.
After about one minute, Miguel and the rest stopped attacking and cautiously waited for the dust to settle.
Once the dust settled, what Miguel and the rest saw was an uninjured Al.

“As expected……”
“This much is not enough, huh.”

Miguel and Nathan were calm, but as expected the rest of the participants were shaking.
Al released magical power from his body and flicked off the wind binding.

“Not good~ that wasn’t good at all. To not leave even a scratch on me who didn’t form a barrier. Hey, do you really want to………… die that much?”

“W, we will get killed!”

The participants were scared silly by Al’s cruel smile and bloodthirst and weren’t able to move.
When Al took a step towards them, Miguel and Nathan blocked his way.

“…… Looks like you guys are able to move. Shall I keep you company?”

“I understand that the current us can’t win against you. But……”

“We haven’t shown the results of training to you just yet.”

“Come then. But, that person won’t be able to take it, so I will keep you company for just one strike.”

When the two looked towards the audience because of Al’s words, they saw the anxious Samantha holding her hands as if praying.
The two turned back to Al, started working on their magical power, and released their last attack.


Miguel’s lightning and Nathan’s flames formed a vortex and attacked Al.
While the two were concentrating on the vortex, Al appeared before Nathan and pushed his hands towards Nathan’s heart.
After Nathan was sent flying after receiving the attack, Miguel who was the next target barely dodged.
Miguel immediately rushed at Al with a sword made of lightning.

“Good going. Is that your new magic?”

“I made it after considering close combat. But, I wouldn’t consider it a magic since it only keeps the shape.”

“I see. So you used that to defend against my attack?…… Nathan.”

“Yes, just as you taught us, we had a go at stronger imagination.”

Nathan who was sent flying was standing behind Al with a shield made of wind.

“Excellent. It’s getting interesting.”

“”You haven’t seen anything ye――””

Forgetting about the one strike rule, the two’s bodies collapsed backward when Al was about to attack again.
Al hurriedly supported the two and was confirming their state, Dyson ran over.

“Are they all right!?”

“They are fine…… it seems they exhausted their magical powers. They will wake up after resting for a little.”

“I see. The match is over! A grand applause for our participants please!”

Among the resounding applause and cheering, Al opened a communication with Claude and Samantha.

(Tousama, Kaasama, the two collapsed only because they ran out of magical power. They will be fine once Feli heals them.)

(I’m glad. Are you all right too, Al?)

(I’m not injured, so I’m good.)

(That too, but I didn’t mean that. Attacking the two…… it must have been difficult, right?)

(…… Yeah. But, I understand their feelings, so. I’m fine.)

(Sorry. They couldn’t normally ask you in the child form as you are their “little brother” but seeing you in the “wanderer Al” form, they probably couldn’t endure.)

(They became stronger. They absorbed the knowledge and properly put it into practice.)

(Still, they made it difficult for you, I will properly scold them later.)

(You don’t have to! But, instead, I would be happy if you could…… be more lenient when scolding us~ just kidding.)

(This and that are different matters.)

(I thought so~)

The barrier was dispelled, so Al carried the two to Sayo.
A short time after Sayo cast her recovery magic, Miguel and Nathan woke up and lowered their heads to Al.

“I’m sorry. Al.”

“I’m sorry for asking you for such request.”

“Raise your heads! It’s something you two had to do as older brothers, right? You two properly became stronger and you will get even stronger.”

“”Thank you.””

The time was up after the two said their thanks, so Al moved to the center with the same glove as Sayo had on his hand.
Sayo threw the box once again to establish the barrier and Dyson gave the signal to start the match.

“Well then, the swordsman mock battle will now start…… Begin!”


Adam cut down at Al simultaneously with the signal, but Al easily caught the sword in his hand.
The other boys were taken aback and Dyson massaged his glabella while muttering: “Was there a meaning to the strategy meeting?”

“Adam…… is this your strategy?”


“No! Actually, Dylan was supposed to go first, I should be next, and if it didn’t go well, three others would keep you in check with their bows while the rest attacked you up close! But, I couldn’t hold it anymore after seeing the previous match!”

“That’s nothing to brag about, alright? Moreover, you even told me your entire strategy.”

Al pushed Adam back while feeling exhausted.
Adam who lost and was pushed back tried to immediately jump at Al again, but he got caught by the nape of his neck.


“Al-dono! I’m truly sorry, but could you wait a moment please?”

“Ah, yeah. Go ahead.”

“What are you doing, Dylan!”

“What am I doing?…… that’s my line! Elder brother, this is a team match, isn’t it? It’s not an individual match, right? We did have a strategy meeting, didn’t we? Right now, what did you do? It seemed to me as if you attacked alone and exposed our strategy, though? Based on all that, what do you think you should be saying?”

“……… I’m extremely sorry.”

Being told off by Dylan, Adam who finally understood lowered his head towards the other boys.
After that, they rebuilt their strategy and resumed the match.
Three people scattered and attacked with bows, so as Al was cut down the arrows with a sword, Adam and Dylan jumped at Al and slashed.
Al took out another sword and received the two’s attack.

“I thought so before, but your strength is great, isn’t it?”

“I don’t want to be told that by someone whose complexion didn’t change a bit after receiving our attack.”

“You are losing your confidence.”

After talking for a bit, another swordsman came attacking Al’s back.

“Air Cutter!”


Al who was using both of his hands to block Adam and Dylan could only receive the attack to his back.
Adam and Dylan were cautions about Al jumping away, but seeing the uninjured Al smiling at them, they put more strength into their swords.

“The strategy was good, but you can’t hold back against me. An attack like that won’t leave a scratch on me. Or perhaps, was it everything you got? If that’s the case, that would be extremely…… boring.”

“Don’t take us…… lightly!”

“Elder brother!?”

The sword which Adam slashed at Al was lightly repelled and Adam’s body got lifted after being caught by the neck.

“You don’t learn. Have you already forgotten what Dylan said? You are the leader, right? To be provoked by something of such extent, how foolish.”

“Gu…… I-”

“You are certainly the strongest one here. But not cooperating in a team battle is fatal. Do you understand?”

“Yeah….. I understand…… Dylan!”


Dylan attacked Al from the right side and another boy attacked the left hand which was holding Adam.
Al released Adam from his hand and jumped, but after he avoided an arrow that was aiming at him, Adam’s attack approached.

“Air Cutter!”

“Errr~ was it like this?…… Air Cutter!”

Al had a go at Adam’s “Air Cutter” and somehow managed to replicate it.
A slash more powerful than that of Adam’s flew out and directly the boys directly.

“I can do it if I try, huh~ easy, easy.”

“…… As if that was possible―――!”


Adam rushed from within the dust at the carefree Al, but he easily blocked him.
Dylan also sprang out and threw a knife to Al’s side, but Al retreated by recoiling off of Adam’s sword.
Looking carefully, the two were completely worn-out and the rest of the boys behind them have fainted.

“Listen! Air Cutter is not something anyone can do! You have to acquire it through training and comprehension, only a handful people in the academy are able to use it! And yet, why can you use it!”

“Hmm…… because it’s me?”

“I wonder why? Even though it has incredible persuasiveness, I can’t accept it.”

“Anyhow! The match has just begun!”

“I would like to continue, but that person is about to jump in any moment, so we have to end it in the next strike?”

“”That person?””

When they looked where Al was pointing at, they saw Andria at the royalty special seats wrapped in a turbulent aura while continuously trembling, with her right hand grasping Evan and Grace clinging to her left arm.
Her eyes were saying: “What are you doing! How disappointing! I don’t mind switching with you! No, rather, switch with me!”

“That is…… dangerous.”

“Let’s do it immediately! We have no time!”

“Let’s end it in a single hit…… come!”

Adam and Dylan took their stances and concentrated.
Adam was the one who moved first.

“Judgement Vacuum!”

When Adam stepped forward and slashed, a headwind vigorously gathered in the place and pulled Al towards it, collapsing his posture in the process.
Dylan didn’t overlook that and made his move.


Dylan instantly appeared above Al and slashed downwards.
An ordinary man wouldn’t be able to see his speed and would get cut for certain.
With his movements restrained, it seemed that Al wasn’t able to avoid and has been cut, but his body vanished into mist.

“Wha!? An afterimage…… Dylan!”


Al reappeared before Dylan who fainted after receiving a fist to his abdomen.
Soon after that, Al appeared in front of Adam and drove the palm of his hand into Adam’s chin.

“Gaha! …… Sh…… it…… won’t lose next time……”

“I will look forward to it. Still, I was a bit surprised by this Judgement Vacuum and Flash. I hear it takes longer to learn than Air Cutter…… he isn’t listening. Dyson!”

“The match ends here! A grand applause for our fighters!”

Among the shouts and cheers, Sayo ran over and cast recovery magic onto the boys.
Once everyone was healed, they turned towards the audience and bowed.
When the participants returned the waiting rooms, Sayo and Al changed into their children forms in Nathan’s room and walked to Claude after waiting for Olivia to pick them up, but they couldn’t advance through the crowd.

“Please introduce the two to us by all means!”
“Was that magic tool made by them?”
“I want to buy it!”
“More than that, our house wants to employ them!”
“I won’t let you steal a march on me!”

The two understood that the people were looking for them, so they were nervous about what to do, but Albert’s face flashed as he pointed his right hand.

“Al, what are you doing?”

“I thought of putting everyone to sleep.”

“You mustn’t Albert-sama. It will cause an uproar.”

“Then, shall I make them disappear?”

“It will cause an even bigger uproar, so you mustn’t!?”

“But, Tousama and the rest are troubled.”

“What do we do?”

“If you are worried about Dannasama and Okusama then they are fine. See, Gai has come.”

As Olivia said, Gai approached while avoiding the people.

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