Chapter 39

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“Berta, protect Okusama and Wirbel-sama well. I’m relying on you.”

My father Rouven had instructed me before we set on the trip.

I would do that even if he didn’t tell me to.
Father works as a steward of the Flaksburb house.
He’s trusted by our the patriarch, Dannasama, and not only manages the house, but also helps Dannasama with business.

I have an older brother, but he left the house because he didn’t want to do the same job as Father, therefore, I have helped as much as possible with the matters of Flaksburb house since my teens.
Because of that, brother feels obligated to me, so he quite spoils me.
When I asked him the other day, he quickly fulfilled my request.

He has prepared Dieter.
The magic beast, Dieter, is a familiar with fast legs and high power.
After my Brother had become an adventurer, he started catching magic beasts, training them, and selling them as familiars.
Therefore, when Okusama thought about what to do about a guard, I immediately thought of Brother and asked him.

Right, Okusama…
As for why it was necessary to get Dieter as a guard, it started with Okusama’s crazy statement.

“I, do I look fifteen!?” I didn’t know what to think when I heard that.
After hearing her story, it appears that she wanted to falsify her age so she could enter a magic academy.
I was somehow able to make her give up on attending a school, but she was to learn magic in the Cooperation Union, so a secret guard was absolutely necessary.

It’s very joyous that Okusama who was avoiding magic got interested in learning, but I can’t rejoice when I think about the things Okusama causes when she becomes motivated.
Is there a bottom for Okusama’s magical power? Thinking about that makes me terrified… But, the utilization of Okusama’s magic makes me relieved.

With such magical power, Okusama would be able to do anything.
And yet, Okusama… Although I was frightened when she locked up the Sunlight Mansion in a strange dimension, I was just amazed in various meanings after that.

Well, Okusama is doing all that for Wirbel-sama’s sake.
To protect Wirbel-sama she embroidered his vest with magic, to make him happy she invented an iced beverage and made it snow.
It makes me want to sigh, but Okusama is doing her best in her own way. The direction she’s going in is obviously weird, though…

She’s coming up and using magic other’s can’t even imagine.
It can’t be said that it has efficiency, or that there’s a meaning to it… I feel strange thinking that such a person was afraid of magic.

Okusama has changed on a certain day.
She started speaking words of gratitude, never thrown a tantrum or said something selfish. No, in another sense, it felt like she plunged on the road with all her might, hit a wall, and flew to the skies, but the sorrow clearly disappeared from Okusama that day.

Okusama was previously hard to deal with.
Well, that can be said for every noble lady, but everyone has feared her tremendous magic.
Once when she got too agitated, the inside of the room was instantaneously broken to pieces, far from the furniture turning into rubble, it smashed into splinters as if she planned to draw blood. That time, I had troubles soothing the maids that didn’t want to work at the Sunlight Mansion anymore. I was also suffering in a similar way.

But, in such a disaster, the people weren’t even scratched.
Okusama’s magical power went on a rampage several times, but Wirbel-sama nor us, maids never got injured. In that sense, Dannasama believed Okusama.

Okusama was feared by everyone, but she wasn’t hated.
That’s probably because Okusama had no bad intentions deep down. When she said too much, she would cover up her mouth.
She seemed like a big temperamental child. Well, it was troublesome, though.

It’s just, now Okusama is just as troublesome as a little child.
This carriage… can count as one of them.

Okusama has improved the carriage, so Wirbel-sama can have a safe and comfortable journey.
But, the moment I got in the carriage, I was surprised by the difference between an ordinary carriage and this one.

It’s quite a large carriage so I knew the inside would be spacious, but to think she would remove the seats on one side… like this, the excessively shaky carriage will shake even more. Naturally, that’s what you would have thought.

But, that’s wrong.


“What is it?”

“It doesn’t shake.”

I take a seat on the seats and stare at Okusama who is relaxing on a soft and fluffy carpet.

“Wouldn’t you feel sorry for Wirbel if the carriage shook on such a long trip?”

When Okusama says in a pretending manner, the three years old Wirbel-sama gallantly says.

“Okaasama! I’m fine with shaking! Otousama said that discomfort on a journey is a matter of fact, so please let me know so I can help during the trip!”


Okusama put her hands on her cheeks and looks at the unwavering Wirbel-sama in front of her.

Okusama’s eyes are overflowing with affection, I can clearly tell that she’s thinking how adorable Wirbel-sama is.
I, who know Okusama’s previous self, am relieved that she’s learned how to show affection. Many people besides me probably think so.

Dannasama is one of them.
Not only from my father Rouven, even the patriarch of Flaksburb house, Dannasama said such words as “I think it will be difficult, but I leave it to you”.

“I think it will be difficult”… Dannasama sighed after he said that.
In other words, with the pure traveling safety, I guess there’s one more thing that I need to be careful about, which is Okusama.

Troubles caused by Okusama… Haa, this carriage hasn’t shaken at all since a while ago.
Just what did Okusama do to the carriage while thinking “I would feel sorry for Wirbel”?
She probably did something outrageous again. There’s no room for doubt.

Because I have become Okusama’s personal maid after the last rampage, I was told by other maids that I must have strong guts, but now, even stronger guts are necessary.
What has she done this time… just recently, I received such shock from Okusama’s magic I wanted to quit my job. A normal way of transporting trees!? As if!

A carriage that should shake is not shaking.
Did she do something again… I don’t want to think about it… m, my stomach hurts…
Does Okusama want to cause my premature death? If I am to die early, Okusama would be the cause without a doubt. Definitely.

When I unconsciously look at Okusama with reproachful eyes, Okusama presents me a plate with Swiss roll in panic.

Cake!! This is a supreme food!! I feel like I can do and endure anything with this!!
Okusama!! I will follow you anywhere!!

N? By the way, where did this Swiss roll come from?
It wasn’t in the carriage just a while ago? It’s not like she can make it in the carriage… how?

Staring at her fixedly, Okusama took one more Swiss roll for Wirbel-sama. I thought where did it come from…
Okusama stuck her hand into the wall and took out a Swiss roll.

While dumbfounded, Okusama looks at me and panics and does something even more outrageous.

Okusama! “Ah, tea is necessary as well” not! Also, please don’t retrieve tea from the wall! Second helpings of cake!? Something like that! I want it! I will eat! And as expected, she took it out from the wall! Geez, I don’t care anymore!

I don’t want to hear it, but I will hear it later!
I seriously don’t want to hear it from the bottom of my heart, though!

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