Chapter 49

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Platoon Captain, Trapped 2
My limbs unnaturally slowly move, and they head towards Okusama’s and Wirbel-sama’s room.
Somewhere in my hazy head, I hear an angry voice telling me to stop.
However, without being able to stop my legs, I advance like walking through a swamp, but I’m definitely approaching the destination.

I grasp the handle of the sword in my hand. What do I intend to do from now on? Is it not something that can’t be undone?
“Kill” a voice resounds in my head.
No, no, no! Someone, someone stop me, please!
Please, someone, kill me… please… before it’s too late…
I grit my teeth so much that a taste of blood spread through my mouth.


My pair of legs that moves against my command came in contact with something.
When I lower my gaze to my feet… light? No, this is a panda…
A black and white mysterious creature we found in the mines was there… right, Sacred Beast-sama was there.

I can feel the warmth spreading from the area where Sacred Beast-sama touched me, even though I shouldn’t be feeling anything in my legs.
That warmth became light and spread throughout my body in every nook and cranny as if gently embracing me.
And then, the haziness in my head miraculously disappeared, and the light went out at the same moment, leaving only the warmth behind.

“N? I… what was I doing?”

I gave instructions to Carl, and after that… did I just doze off while standing?
Falling asleep while thinking, have I become too lax?
I don’t really think that would be possible, but because a comfortable warmth remains in my body, I might have really fallen asleep for a moment.


“N?… Panda, no Sacred Beast-sama?”

Looking down, there was a black and white animal looking towards me with both its hands raised.

… Does it want to be lifted up?
While hesitating, I felt something like an obligation which didn’t allow me to oppose for some reason, so I lifted Sacred Beast-sama up in my arms.
Something warm spreads through my arms into my body from its fluffy body.
Comfortable. Gentle. Loving. And, forgiving.

“Thank you very much.”

For some reason, words of thanks left my mouth and tears started rolling down my eyes.

“Platoon Captain, is something wrong?”

While staring at each other, Berta-dono approached from the front.

Whether surprised by me holding Sacred Beast-sama in my arms and talking to it, her undestroyable composed facial expression is unusually looking at us in surprise.
A smile unexpectedly forms on her lips that were unconsciously slightly rounded open.


So cute… n? No, that’s not the case. No, it’s a fact that she’s cute, but I shouldn’t have planned to think of such a thing.
Right, my planned thoughts should be… in the first place, what are “planned thoughts”? … My head is in chaos.
Umm, she is… strict, but a kind woman. Fumu, these thoughts should be safe? I think. All right, let’s go in this direction.
She is… right, with her good taking care of people and wisdom, she would make a fine wife… wi, wife!? No, no, no, no. W, why am I?! What is happening!?

“Are you all right?”

She calls out worried to me who’s doing a hundred expressions.

Yeah, what a gentle, pleasant to hear voice. If I could listen to this voice for the rest of my life, I would be able to spend my life happily.、
When returning from work, “Welcome home” she would greet me with a smile, I would gently spin her around as her soothing voice would heal me. She would be the reason to return home, the person to risk my life for…
Ha! W, what am I thinking? I’m not a frivolous young man, this is not like me who is often called a blockhead! Well, being called such is not making me happy, though.

I can’t think straight when looking at Berta-dono for some reason.
When averting my gaze, I met Sacred Beast-sama’s eyes. It looked at me with its big eyes and tapped on my shoulder. Is it comforting me? Or rather, trying to calm me down?
Although it’s a Sacred Beast-sama, my stupid heart has been seen through this no matter how you look at it little animal, so I quickly push it into Berta-dono’s arms.
Most likely, Sacred Beast-sama used its mysterious powers and make me feel this confused. That must be probably it! It has to be it!

“B, Berta-dono, t, today is good weather, isn’t it?”

“Ha? Is that so?”

Berta-dono looks at the cloudy sky from a window and unclearly nods her head.

Uu, of all things, why did I have to talk about weather!? I have appalled Berta-dono!!
The mysterious power should have escaped when I separated from Sacred Beast-sama, yet the chaos in my head is not settling.
Moreover, my heart is throbbing, and I’m short of breath.
Looking at Berta-dono holding Sacred Beast-sama, I imagine her holding our child. Our child!? This is bad, I feel like I’m hearing my heartbeat resounding around the corridor.

This moment feels like an eternity. I feel conflicted by the contradicting feelings that I for some reason don’t want to lose and want to escape from this place.
I want to look away, but my eyes can’t help but meet hers. Then, my temperature suddenly rises, and my face turns bright red.

These symptoms…

“Be, Berta-dono! I’m sorry, but I suddenly remembered a business I need to take care of, excuse me!”

Deserting under enemy fire is disgraceful as a knight. However, I can’t help but be frightened by this situation.
Even a great hero would falter because of the flower garden in his head.
If it can’t be called temporary and if I lose it after obtaining it, my heart might collapse.

I was trapped by fate.

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